"Barankin, be a man": a summary of the chapters

very funny and at the same time very instructive story "Barankin, be a man!" Was created in 1961 by the Soviet writer Valery Medvedev.This wonderful story tells of the adventures of two friends - classmates and Losers Jura Barankin Kostya Malinin, who suddenly got sick one day learn.

«Barankin, be a man!" Summary works

all started with the fact that Barankin and Malinin got deuces on geometry.Warden class Zina Fokina on this occasion has developed a storm of activity.It was created evil wall newspaper, which is stuck on the faces of these two unfortunate boys with caustic inscriptions.

But this is only the beginning of work "Barankin, be a man!" Summary on revolves around demonstration meeting, to be exact - are not meeting, but a very serious conversation.That was not only heard about yourself and Barankin Malinin!As a result, we decided that on Sunday with newly appeared Losers will deal Excellent Mishka Yakovlev.With him they will solve the problem.And after all go to the school garden to pl

ant trees.The boy was embarrassed, but he was nowhere to go.At the end of the meeting we approach them the same annoying Fokine and says, "Barankin, be a man, to urgently correct Kostya deuce!»

first reincarnation

And then just fantastic events taking place in the work "Barankin, be a man!" Summary ofchapters tells of the ill-fated adventure in which our heroes are constantly barely lam from danger.

So, in the very first chapters Barankin Malinin and got a good thrashing.Barankin was so stunned and hurt that he no longer wanted to be a man.

And then come Sunday.And suddenly Barankin Malinin persuades by means of simple actions and spells turn into sparrows.And so it happened.Now the two of them sitting on a branch and think: "Here it is, a real carefree life!" Just not that she was and carefree.Seeing their prey, them chased a cat Muska, who wanted to eat them.Then they ran and even the old sparrow, which became them differently educate.After them began racing their neighbor Venka Smirnov with a slingshot.And then there was the sparrow-mother, who recognized them as their sonnies and forced them to learn to build a nest.Behind her flew himself Daddy-sparrow.And then they all of its large sparrow family rushed to fight with other sparrows for a birdhouse.

not want to be a sparrow, I want to be a butterfly

But the work does not end with "Barankin, be a man!" Summary him only part of the acute phase of their development.Disappointed with the sparrow life, the boys wanted to become butterflies.Again, focus on reincarnation have turned.Only Barankin became skits and Malinin Swallowtail.Now they were extremely happy of what will happily flit from one flower to another.

But then there it was, they immediately spotted a teaser - tailless sparrow.Barely having time to escape from that of birds, butterflies want to eat so that the flavor of the pollen from them dizzy.Then they heard footsteps and shouts, they were their classmates with shovels who are already chasing butterflies, thinking that it is harmful silkworms.Barankin Malinin and suddenly so wanted to see their friends, and not even knowing why, because the guys working at the site, and Fokine gave them any orders.But then for the butterflies and Barankin Malinin began to chase the bee.


Then even more difficult was the work heroes "Barankin, be a man!" Summary continued that they barely escaped from this terrible bees, ants suddenly appeared.And once our heroes wanted to be ants.But then the thought that ants constantly working and immediately perehotelos.But now Barankin wanted to be a drone.Suddenly swallowtail-Malinin asleep, Barankin simply could not wake him up!And then there's Fokin with the guys again appeared.Seeing the beautiful swallowtail, she wanted to put it in the stain.In general, just barely, but Barankin swallowtail rescued from Fokina, and they flew aimlessly, just to clear.Many have suffered these heroes, but continued its transformation.

Then they turned into ants, and then they opened this performance that they were frightened.They began to work from morning till night, until they ate the swift, and they again woke people.In general, a lot of things had to go through it and suffered a great deal to innocent children, until they realized that the best way to be a man.

That this story has ended and "Barankin, be a man!" Summary of the book shows that it is thanks to all these reincarnations and adventures of the boys formed a sense of responsibility for their work.Then they will not allow themselves to be lazy, and having fun doing all that they required schools and parents.