I met with General Grinyov?

«Captain's Daughter" - a tale that will impress any reader.It covered such timeless themes as nobility, honor, love and betrayal.The story can be called a masterpiece of literature, because it gives an opportunity to reflect on the human qualities, actions and deeds of people in different difficult situations.About how Grinyov met with the general, you can learn by reading the novel "The Captain's Daughter."This moment is one of the most important in the work.

Feature Grinyova

In the story "The Captain's Daughter" Grinyov Peter A. was the protagonist, who is fully revealed to the reader, and showed his true character.The novel had a lot of difficult situations in which Peter behaved like a real honest and kind man who is not afraid to give his life and never asking for mercy.

When his father sent Grinyova the service, he told his son that he berёg his honor in his youth.Peter did not disobey his father and brought to the reader as a man for whom honor is paramount.But love made him to go against

the truth.

question of how Grinyov met with the general, became one of the most important in the story.From that, a decision was made by the general, depended on the fate of love with Peter and Masha Mironova.

Feature Shvabrin

Feature Grinyova is completely opposite characteristics Shvabrin.Alexey - angry, jealous and hypocritical people.When Peter arrived at the service, and Grinyov Shvabrin became friends because of common interests, education and age.But an end to their partnership has put love for two to Masha Mironova.Peter A. well communicated with her mother and father, became a mother for them and doted on Masha.The quarrel between Shvabrin and Grinyova occurred after Aleksei criticized the "love song" Peter to Mary.In addition, a traitor defiled Masha and hinted about her "dirty" and misconduct, as well as morals.

first meeting with Pugachev Grinyova

Grinyov several times in the novel Pugachev met with the robber.Their first meeting took place unexpectedly for both the path of Peter in Orenburg.Hrinova found the storm, and he did not know which way he should go to the right place.He met a stranger who offered to hold a man in a housing.In gratitude, Peter gave him a rabbit coat and treated with wine.

second meeting Pugacheva and Grinyova occurred when more severe circumstances.Pugachev captured Fort Belogorsk and executed its commandant Mironov and his wife.With them on the gallows he had to die, and Peter A., ​​but Pugachev remembered his noble deed and have compassion.

meeting with Gen. Peter.Military Council

Once executed the commandant of the fortress Mironov and his wife, their daughter Masha left the fortress because the priest's wife introduced her as his niece.Grinyov really wanted to save his beloved, but he knew that with this difficult task he can not cope alone.

about how Grinyov met with the general reader may find out only after reading the novel "The Captain's Daughter" in full, because in the brief descriptions of the events of the novel almost impossible to find.

Grinyov decided to seek help from the military generals to help him free Masha Mironov.Peter found him in the garden.The general was in a quiet mood, admiring apple and wrapped up their straw.He began to ask Grinyova about all the terrible events he witnessed.Peter told the general about everything, including about Mironov and his wife.The old man with compassion and empathy said he was sorry for the commandant of the fortress and Vasilisa, because they were very good, good and honest people.

Then Grinyova General asked, where is the captain's daughter.Peter replied that it remained in the fortress and now do not know what it can do robbers.To which the old man in love with the young man said, yes, he will gather a council of war, and they collectively decide what action to be taken.

At a council of war, General invited only all the major city officials, but did not call any of its officers.They were all men aged, and always preferred to take only passive solutions.At the request of Pyotr Andreyevich, they also did not respond.Therefore Grinyov remained without a general, despite the fact that only he was able to help a young man in love.

decision Pugacheva

From being met with General Grinyov, depended the fate of Masha Mironova and Peter himself.After the failure of the old man and the members of the military council, Grinyov Savelich and sent back to the castle to help the beloved.Along the way they are detained robbers of "gang" Pugachev lead to its chieftain and begin to question Peter.Grinyov honestly talks about his intentions, that wanted to liberate his beloved.

Pugachev clearly felt sympathy for Grinyova and promised to let Masha Mironov and himself.However Shvabrin once again showed his hypocrisy and malice, Pugachev told that Mary is the captain's daughter.But it is worth noting that the decision is not influenced chieftain, and he still let the lovers.

Because Shvabrin Peter began to suspect that he served as Pugachev and sentenced to exile in Siberia, but his happiness, Masha told the Empress about who is actually Grinyov, and she decided itrelease.

meeting with General Grinyova to some extent played a very important role.If he did not deny Peter, everything could have turned to another way: Masha and Peter could be executed.Therefore, in many ways depended on the fate of the lovers it is from this meeting.