Lies good.

Probably all parents tell their children that lying - not good.No man wants his favorite child thought that you can lie.However, the parents never tell their children that there is a white lie, although many of them are themselves often use this method.It is impossible to say exactly good or lie in certain situations, because it is very common to hear the phrase "bitter truth is better than a sweet lie."

Lies good.Examples from the literature

Russian literature of the last century is full of examples of lies just good.This topic is relevant at all times, so many famous writers, too, affected and developed it.

Maxim Gorky wrote the play "The Lower Depths."It also touched on the subject lies in the blessing.The protagonist of the play Luke believed that "sweet lie" can make life easier for everyone.He said that it is not necessary to stun the person, "butt" of the truth.Luke tried to convince all the people around him, that sweet lie can help a person to believe in something better, and thereby cha

nge their lives.He believed that self-deception can help carry any difficulties easier.But it is worth noting that Luke did not deny that even the bitter truth sometimes say it's worth.In the play "The Lower Depths" you can often see the phrase that says Luke addressed nochlezhnikov and others living in the same way as they do, "Echo's people ... God!What are you going to be? "Despite the fact that the old man always strives for the best, clean, and well, he still spoke with sorrow about the sad life.

majority opinion lies about the good

Quote "white lie" is associated each with something their own.One might assume that a lie for the good - the only right decision in difficult situations.However, the other half of humanity can not agree with this view and argue that it is always better to tell the truth, even when it is very "bitter" and unpleasant than a lie for the good.

examples from literature to readers open our eyes to many things.Some people who read Maxim Gorky's play "The Lower Depths" can condemn Luka because he was giving false hope rooming house residents for a bright and happy future.But this situation can look on the other hand.Many people in the world today need the support of their loved ones, whether it is going to university, getting married, and so on. D. Good words often lead people to any actions that awaken in them confidence and hope for a good future.

«lie for the good - it's good.But only the one in whose benefit it makes »

Many wonder:" A lie for the good - good or bad? "This question can not give a concrete answer, because it depends on the situation and the motive.Everyone in their own estimates lies in the blessing.Examples of literature can help readers to take another look at the hype to understand its nature and form an opinion different from early in existence.

in "The Captain's Daughter" Pushkin is also common theme regarding the benefit lies.In this work, we can recall the many situations in which the main characters had to resort to deception to save themselves and others.Examples of the expression "white lie" in the "Captain's Daughter" occur several times, and the most striking of them is cheating Grinyova.He wanted to save Masha Mironov, who was his lover, and introduced a Woman Pugachev as a poor orphan.Grinyov Pugacheva lied to save his beloved, that is a shining example lies in the blessing.However, it should be noted that Grinyov never went against honor and lied when he found himself in difficult and dangerous situations for him.But if Pugachev found out that Masha - the captain's daughter, on her they could make fun of, beat and even executed.So Peter decided to lie for the sake of his beloved for her to stay safe and sound.

Grinyov and his white lie

examples from the literature often gives ground for thought and help to understand the true origin and nature of some emotions, behavior and actions.

character that is an absolute antithesis Grinyova is Alexey Shvabrin.For him there was no such thing as honor and dignity, kindness and truth.He often slandered Masha Mironov and slandered Grinyova.Lies Shvabrin can not be called a lie for the good, because his deception played a positive role only for himself, but not for others.

lie in the name of good and evil

in "The Captain's Daughter" there are several examples of lies.First - Grinyova lie for the sake of his beloved.The second - the lies and slander Shvabrin Masha Mironov, who brought others only trouble.Therefore, we can say that the lie is different: with good and bad intentions.

Is a white lie?Most likely, it is possible.Sometimes cheating can be for someone a lifeline, as in the work "The Captain's Daughter."However, if you remember the play "The Lower Depths", the white lie did not bring anything good, but only aggravated an already difficult situation.Therefore, we can say one thing: there lies the benefit only if it is done with good intentions.