"The Captain's Daughter": meaning of the title of the novel, the main characters and plot

Probably everyone in the school read the novel ASPushkin's "The Captain's Daughter."Each student can answer who the author is, and tell the story works, "The Captain's Daughter."The meaning of the name of the novel will become clear after reading the title, but the title of the work is reflected in the plot.

human dignity and the honor of "The Captain's Daughter»

In the novel ASPushkin two intertwined storylines: the love and generosity.The heroes of the novel "The Captain's Daughter" reflect the essence of the human soul, show how good and bad intentions can play against the person and, on the contrary, to help him.After reading the novel, many think about the fact that the honor - one of the main qualities that must come first and be present in every human being.

Grinyov in the story "The Captain's Daughter" - the protagonist.It represents human dignity, honor and dignity, which he carried with pride and greatness.In order to give a clear description of the hero, it is necessary to recall the m

ain events taking place in "The Captain's Daughter."

trip to Orenburg.The first meeting with Pugachev

All major events in the story "The Captain's Daughter" takes place in Fort Belogorsk.Peter A. Grinyov went to Orenburg to the service by the counsel of his father, who wanted his son grew out of a real man.Grinyov hit the road with Savéliitch, but during the service road of the storm and the storm caught.However, the heroes of the novel are lucky because they met a stranger - "tramp", who showed them the way and brought to the shelter.In gratitude Grinyov tramp gave a rabbit coat and brought his glass of wine.The man bowed and thanked him Peter.

very exciting and at the same time is a touching story "The Captain's Daughter."The meaning of the name of the novel lies in its plot.

From Orenburg Grinyov was sent to serve in the Belogorsk fortress, the commandant of which was Ivan Kuzmich Mironov.He was an uneducated man, but from the rest of his distinguished kindness and honesty of the soul.Mironov has a wife - Yegorovna that takes all the military affairs as their own household.After a short time Peter A. was for their family family man, and he himself, without noticing it, very much attached to the family of the commandant.Masha Mironov - the captain's daughter.To her Grinyov also very attached, considered it prudent and sensitive girl.

Friendship Grinyova and Shvabrin.Love for the captain's daughter

should be noted that Grinyova service is not weighed down.The hero of the story was engaged in translation and writing poetry.At first, the service became friendly with Peter A. Shvabrin, who was the only person close to him by education and age.But they soon quarreled because Shvabrin criticized the "love song" Hrinova, which was devoted to the captain's daughter.Masha Mironov, he also touched and dirty comments about "her manners and customs."It soon became clear why Alexey himself led the way: Shvabrin declaration of love to the Mironova, but was refused.

heroes of the story "The Captain's Daughter" represent different good and bad sides of human nature.Shvabrin - hypocrisy and envy.For Grinyova friendship with him ended in failure.

Don Cossack Pugachev

In October 1773 Ivan Mironov received a secret message Emelyanov Pugachev, who along with his "criminal gangs" destroyed several fortresses.Soon have all learned about the robbers and feared his appearance.

Belogorsk fortress was taken after the first attack.The prisoners were taken to swear thief, and had died on the gallows first commandant of the fortress Mironov.Immediately after he was killed and his wife Vasilisa.A similar death was waiting and Grinyova, but Pugachev pardoned him.The next day, Peter A. learned that the stranger, to whom he gave the hare's coat, turned Ataman robbers.It was this act Grinyova survived his beloved - The Captain's Daughter.

meaning of the name of the novel can be understood after reading the product completely, because only then will the reader the true essence of the story and "The Captain's Daughter."

Captain's daughter remained in the fortress

Masha Mironov, the captain's daughter, stayed in the castle, as the priest's wife has given her for her niece.Grinyov repeatedly made unsuccessful attempts to travel to Orenburg to ask for help from the military commandant.Pyotr Andreyevich refused, and he again went to Fort Belogorsk.Hrinova on the way there was again detained rebels, and Pugachev could fulfill what did the last time.However, the thief, learning about the purpose of the trip Grinyova decided to let him go, and Masha Mironov.

Belogorsk fortress Peter A. Pugacheva by a robber relieve Mironov.Shvabrin decides to reveal to the chieftain deception, but he did not change his decision and let Grinyova.

Then Grinyova arrested, and at the trial he was completely calm and confident.Shvabrin stipulated Peter, and the latter was coming disgrace and exile in Siberia.However, it saves Maria Mironova, who asked the queen to have mercy on Grinev.

Nobody will be indifferent, "The Captain's Daughter."The meaning of the name of the novel lies in the major developments - saving Masha Mironova from the fate of her family.This artwork can not leave anyone indifferent, because the events in the novel, affecting the most important and exciting every human subjects.