Oaf - is an uneducated kid who embodies the nobility of the XVII century

Fonvizin comedy "The Minor" was written by the author for several years.First he read it to his family and friends, and then it became a masterpiece of literature.Perhaps comedy Fonvizin "Oaf," one of the readers are not left indifferent, because it carries a deeper meaning.

Talking names of heroes

Fonvizina Comedy is a very interesting and at the same time makes the reader think about how people behave and what lead them stupid things.It should be noted that the names of all the heroes of the comedy are saying Prost, Skotinin, Pravdin Starodum and so on. D. Prost - ordinary simpletons who do not shine with intelligence and are not educated.Skotinin - Uncle Mitrofanushka, which goes contrary to his nephew and his sister for his own benefit.Pravdin - a fighter for justice, a man who loves order and truth.Starodum - Sofia uncle who always listened to the views of all people, however, has always remained only when their thoughts and did not change their decisions.DI Fonvizin given all the characters sp

eak the names that immediately helps to understand and form opinions about a particular person in the "ignoramus."

Sofia want to marry

Oaf - is one of the heroes.So called son Prostakova - Mitrofanushka who did not like to study and thought that he did not need.Mother greenhorn really wanted to marry him to Sofia, which has an estate - she learned about it from a letter written to his niece Starodumov.Since none of their family did not know how to read, Pravdin sounded all that my uncle wrote.Starodum niece informs that it has become the heir of its property acquired in Siberia, which gives income 10 000 per year.

addition ignoramus, marry Sophia expressed a desire and Uncle Man - Skotinin.But it is worth noting that he did not liked Sofia, and its villages.

Meeting Sofia Milo

later Prost walked through the village the soldiers, the leader of whom was Milo.Here he met Pravdina, who was an old friend.Milo shared with a companion, which is already half a year apart with his beloved, because she became an orphan, and some relatives taken her to him.Unexpectedly, during his story Milo saw Sofia.Lovers were very happy to see each other.Sofia decided to tell him that Prost wants to give her in marriage to his unlucky son, Milo then became jealous.But, having learned ignoramus better lover girl calmed down.

Oaf - is uneducated and stupid son Prostakova

This man of sixteen.He - quite uneducated and stupid boy.Comedy Fonvizina "Oaf" expresses the author's attitude to the nobility.Son Prostakova not only illiterate and uneducated, but very rough.His mother hired him for teachers who have not been able to teach greenhorn at least something.He believed that he did not need to learn, rude and disrespectful to their teachers treated them.

Oaf - an image of a rough, uneducated and stupid child, what are the children of the nobility at the time.This boy did not need to absolutely nothing, he kept repeating: "I do not want to learn, want to get married!" This once again shows his attitude towards learning and life in general.

«Oaf" - a comedy, which Fonvizin wanted to show the degradation of the Russian nobility in those days.The boy, who does not want to learn, his mother, who always seek benefits for themselves.Skotinin, which did not have any feelings, and, as well as his sister, wanted to have only the best of everything, but nothing for did not.All the characters in the works show how the nobility was stupid, evil and uneducated.Oaf - a child who is brought up properly, and it is wanted to convey to his readers Fonvizin.