The wise sayings of great men of the person

Sooner or later everyone has a period in life when you want to learn a new stock of knowledge, power, wisdom, read a statement about the great people person.Laconic accessible form makes it easy to remember.They cite, they are the thoughts of many generations, without losing its relevance.If they can help someone to rethink values, so their creators lived life is not in vain.

Biblical wisdom

Bible - the source of wisdom.The book contains knowledge that can satisfy the spiritual thirst."Proverbs of Solomon" contains short aphorisms, which set out the moral precepts of Christianity.Contrasting the eternal values ​​of vices, parables have a huge impact on the formation of personality.
Nowadays, more and more concerned about material goods, forgetting the spiritual wealth.But not by bread alone does man live.

Without God there is no road from the threshold.Man is given according to his faith."Come, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest", - says Jesus Christ to everyone.Only

the Lord is comfort and calm.The Bible teaches: "Love thy neighbor as thyself," "Honor your father and mother", "Treat people need so, as we would like them to treat you."If all people lived by the laws of the Bible, the world would be a better place.

Folk wisdom says ...

How much wisdom in proverbs and sayings!In them lies the great truth, only the name of their creators unknown.So, the people who created them - great.
statements on work of great men say that work paints, teaches and nourishes all - makes us human.In relation to the work you can tell a lot about a person.Only levies laziness, success can be achieved.Hard work has always been admired, but laziness - condemnation.Folk proverbs reflect the relationship of man to work: "Who does not work shall not eat", "to be held in high esteem, we must work to love."

was also noted for a long time that any work will bring abundance and good fruit if it put the soul: "Any deal with love to do," "It's a hastily - made fun of."And you need to be accustomed to working with early childhood.

road to happiness lies through work

statements greats of the person expressing the historical attitude, transfer knowledge and wisdom.The thinkers of different times turned to the subject of diligence and professionalism.Voltaire said: "Labour is the life of man."

It is in many activities are saved on the hard feelings, grief, stress and despair.Cicero said: "Labour dulls the mountain."I. Herder described it as a healing balm and a source of virtue.Plunging headlong into the favorite work, you can escape from trouble.Shakespeare believed that it cures the pain.Voltaire called the work "deliverance from three great evils: boredom, vice and need."
All work rests on personalities.Not from office and its name depends on the result, and the person who occupies it.If you love your job, then, according to Gorky, even the crudest labor rises to creativity.You can not get anything without effort, that is so necessary for a full life - no food, no shelter, no pleasure.

never late to learn

Some people limited knowledge given in school.Other study life.Wisely said F. Dostoevsky: "Learn to read and ... Life will do the rest."

statements about education greats stimulate learning.Even in ancient times Aesop said: "Do not be ashamed to learn as an adult is better to learn late than never."

The fate of each have a mentor whose experience gives rise to life.The main purpose of the teacher - to teach yourself to extract knowledge from different sources.Head teacher of life - personal experience with errors, the ups and downs.

teachers to work was not in vain, the student must be willing to learn.According to Saadi, the student, "who learns without desire," like a bird without wings.

Tale - a lie.Yes it hint, good fellows a lesson

first concept of human values ​​inculcated in childhood.Statements about the tales of great men elevate their importance in shaping a child's personality.Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale separated from reality, he said that "a fairy tale - this one, and life is quite another."Clarissa Pinkola Estes said: "Fairy tales come to an end in a few pages, and our life goes on.We - multivolume editions. "

people - creators of their lives.Often the loved ones, especially girls, want life, like a fairy tale.But to meet the prince, it is necessary to make of himself the princess.Writer L. Lukashina clarified: "If a girl wants her life really was like a fairy tale, it should behave like a princess, and not as a dragon."This suggests that people are attracted to a person, look at him.If you do not like the environment, it is necessary to change it.But you should start with yourself.

There is a similarity with the reality of a fairy tale.Life is inherent in the struggle between good and evil.And the main battlefield - the man himself.But the reality is different from the fairy tale, it is full of surprises, which is not always good acts winner.Eight-year-autistic girl Sonia Shatalov gave an interesting definition: "Fairy Tale - this is life, invented soul when it does not fit reality."Maybe it will add the phrase sayings of great men of a man leaving his mark on history?

wise rhymes

By connecting form and content wise in the short quatrain statements greats poems are easy to remember, often cited.
Creativity Omar Khayyam everything is steeped in a deep truth.The poet exalts the dignity and ridicules the vices: "The soul of a person below the higher turn up their noses.He stretches his nose to where the soul is not mature enough. "

Wise philosopher recalls that the main rule of life - the law of the boomerang:
"Do not do evil - come back like a boomerang. Do not spit in the well - will be water to drink."
we have in life is what let go in peace.What we give is what you get.No wonder people close to wishful thinking that good energy and returned a hundredfold.
O. Khayyam gives life lessons, focusing on its transience.We should appreciate every moment.The main value of human - life itself.It is important to find out its purpose, to execute it, leaving a trace behind.

can select everything, you can not select home and mother

statements about the native land of great people makes you think every person on the most expensive on earth.Beautifully said this I. talc in his song "Pure ponds": "Each of us in the world there are places that for us dalyu years closer, more and more expensive."

After much wandering around the world begin to realize the true value of their homes.G. Freytag said: "Only in a foreign country will know the beauty of the native language, but there feel that this homeland."

love for his native absorbed with mother's milk.Children should be brought up by his own example.Montesquieu was convinced that it is impossible to teach the love for the Fatherland, if it is not the parents.

J. Kolas said that a man without a country a beggar.Napoleon called the first love of country dignity of civilized man, and Mikhail Sholokhov - a sacred duty.

Men eyed women

statements greats of the men are inextricably linked with the woman.Only together they are able to achieve the ultimate goal - happiness, extending the human race.

All talk of women sooner or later reduced to the topic of men.Just find your soul mate, you can find happiness in life.What is he, a real man, able to touch the heart of a woman, what is expected of him?It may be necessary to listen to the great women, to representatives of their brightest eras.Nobody knows better what a woman needs, but herself.

Akhmatova was sure that women do not like handsome men and heroes, and those who care for them.And do not be afraid to lose someone.Appointed destiny of man is not going anywhere."If your man, that even after leaving, he'll be back," - said Coco Chanel.

Effect of men on women's fate dramatically.Regardless of age and social status, a woman is always attracted to a man, tying him with their lives, hopes and plans.Khakamada supertsvetkom compared with a man who "lives in his garden, his own world, and that's fine."

Purpose men

Aphorisms and statements of great people transmit knowledge and wisdom.Nietzsche claimed that the man - a child who wants to play."House of the man - his castle, but only from the outside.Inside it is often children's room "- the words of Clare Boothe Luce.

Life is a game, every man sets her own rules.The main goal of the game - to realize his destiny.Build a house, plant a tree, raise her son, the man did not exhausted.It lies in service to God, family, people.This man is ready to take responsibility for someone's life.A clear definition of the man gave Chekhov: "This man is a husband and rank."

With the support of a loving woman a man is able to achieve success."Man is great on the ground and through the centuries, but every iota of his greatness has grown from a woman" - the magnificent words of Whitman, elevating the role of women.

Sayings of great people about the man, his priorities and values ​​in life, respect for people, labor, education, have absorbed all the wisdom of passing it to new generations.Rereading them involuntarily think about it, whether you are worthy to be called a man.

People - is a star.Some are small, barely noticeable, afraid to draw his attention to the fire.Other brighter their light looker and thoughts of others.And there are people very bright, as well as their lives.They emit light and heat, lighting and warming the lives of others.Sometimes this light is felt through generations, and even through the Millennium.
Maxim Gorky compared the man with the universe itself.But really, in each of us lies so deep uncertainty, sometimes life is not enough to open her horizons, constellations and planets thoughts wit.Only business man leave a trail of a comet, recalling it.