Famous sayings from the comedy "Woe from Wit" A.

Alexander Griboyedov - the author of a remarkable comedy that everyone knows from school.Most memorable sayings from the comedy "Woe from Wit".During the reading of the work, they are perceived easily and permanently deposited in the memory.Aphorisms from the comedy "Woe from Wit" is always filled with psychological and acute problems.The man many years after reading the comedy can remember them.This article considers the quotes from "Woe from Wit" and explains their significance.

Characters Alexander Griboyedov known probably to everyone: FAMUSOV, Sophia, Chatsky Lisa Molchalin Skalozub etc.Each of them has its own individual character.Among other comedy released Chatsky.He is the only one who wants to live by their own laws and often misunderstood by society.Most of all stored quotes Chatsky."Woe from Wit" - is the greatest monument of Russian literature, which still causes much controversy and debate.

«Houses new, but old prejudices»

value of this statement is that often society lives, relyi

ng on old dogmas and views.If decisions are made on the basis of previous convictions, then someone from the youth they seem blasphemous, wrong, degrading personality, does not allow her to fully express its essence.Aphorisms from the comedy "Woe from Wit", like this one, allow to trace the ravages of old foundations and the previous system.

Chatsky this expression underlines its misunderstood, isolation from the world famusovskogo society in which flourish hypocrisy and pretense.

«Serve be glad fawn sickening»

Perhaps the reader most of all known statements Chatsky.Quotes comedy "Woe from Wit" rife with openness and sincerity.Chatsky expresses its own position is very clear and does not intend to hide its opinion on a particular issue.Most of all, the hero of hate hypocrisy and helpfulness advantageous with respect to the senior in rank.At every opportunity Chatsky gives truthful comments that can be regarded as the word of truth sane person.Aphorisms from the comedy "Woe from Wit", such as this note unhealthy relationships within the society of the early 19th century, where a thriving fraud, flattery, bad attitudes, discussions behind.

«Where do we select, fathers of the Fatherland, which we have to take for the samples?»

Chatsky incessantly seeking the truth in this world.He wants to see next to a trusted friend, colleague, responsible and honest person.Instead, he is faced with the ugly reality that causes him to finally give up on people.He often watches the older generation, Godea his father, but does not find a true role model.The young man does not want to be like any Famusov simply squandered his life, no one else even from the circle.The tragedy is that no one understands Chatsky, he feels lonely and lost among this "masquerade", which plays in society.This statement sounds like a statement of fact, and as a bitter regret.Perhaps the other sayings of the comedy "Woe from Wit" sink into the soul not as strong as it is.There is actually displayed implacable, almost revolutionary nature of the protagonist.

«Evil tongues terrible gun»

These words are pronounced character Molchalin.He gives the impression of a quiet, predictable, flexible, which in any case is ready to please others.But Molchalin is not as simple as it seems.He clearly understands the profitability of their behavior, and when the opportunity to adapt to changing social conditions.Helpful and always ready to obey, he does not notice how each day more and more lose himself rejects his dreams (if they had once visited), it is lost.At the same time Molchalin very afraid of what other people (maybe even from his environment) at some point will betray him, turn away, or a certain way laugh at his clumsiness.

«Ranks are people, and people can be deceived»

Chatsky deeply outraged by the way in the community receive high grades.All that is required from the person - to be attentive and helpful towards his supervisor.The attitude toward labor, abilities and talents, high aspirations - all this, in his opinion, it does not even matter.The findings, which makes young people very sad and disappointing.He just does not know how things might exist freely in a society that rejects all true and correct.

Quotes from "Woe from Wit" filled with vivid emotion.When you read the work the first time, involuntarily begin to empathize with the main character, with him marvel unhealthy famusovskogo society and worry about the overall outcome.