"The Captain's Daughter", AS

most famous Russian poet created not only superb lyrics, classics, but also prose, no less bright and interesting.The best works have long been part of the school curriculum.I entered it and the book "The Captain's Daughter" (Pushkin).Description of the plot, reviews and opinions of the readers of this work - in our article.

Distant former

plot story, called in some sources a historical novel, refers to the peasant war against the Empress Catherine the Great, organized by Emelyan Pugachev.However, this is not the main intent of the work.The author tells the background, introduces us to the actors.Neputevyi Peter Grinyov at the insistence of his father is sent to the service.Upon arrival, he met with Masha, the daughter of Captain Mironov.At the heart of the girl claims officer Shvabrin, in every sense of the negative character.Sudden attack troops Pugacheva leaves Masha without a family.Grinyov leaves, but promises to return, and decides to swear Shvabrin Pugacheva.Grinyov obsessed with Masha snat

ch from the hands of an opponent ...

Such first appeared in 1836. "The Captain's Daughter."Reviews of the readers were approving, as the author of a work perfectly reflected the social life, the life of the individual class representatives who appeared Grinyov, Shvabrin and other characters, the political problems of the country and, of course, a love affair.

main issues

modern readers, moving away historical events into the background, like longer fell torments Maria Mironova.With the departure Grinyova she literally was left without choice: Shvabrin violently forces her to get married, and somewhere deep down, she hopes to help Grinyova.Whom she prefers - smug officer or general soul Ensign?

Any review of the book "The Captain's Daughter" must mention about a love triangle formed between these characters.Follow its development is interesting for all the work.And one can understand the experiences of Masha, caught between two fires.

Real strongest

But while she languishes in expectations, readers parse the nature of its potential Knights.Grinyov, brought up in the tradition of his parents, is childishly naive.This gives it a charisma and charm.This gentleman, in his heart he is a noble man, but by the senses - a romantic youth.Reviews of the book "The Captain's Daughter" increasingly pay homage praise to him;the other can not be, because green - only positive hero.

Should hate Shvabrin antagonist?Probably not, because they are, whatever it was a man, too, was moving love.And with it the accompanying thing - revenge, jealousy, anger.He may still not fully spelled out the character, because it is difficult to evaluate the actions adequately.And even his betrayal, desertion to the Pugacheva and his team can also be justified - in this he saw his account.

language barrier

Many recognized that in school days have not read the work, as required by the program.A decade later decided to return to it.For what?Obviously, the reason may be one - a classic.And the name of the great Russian poet.

What is so difficult to understand "The Captain's Daughter"?Reviews of those who read it now and then trying to read, talk about the difficult language of the narrative.It is necessary to accept the style of the works written in the last century is different from the manner of writing of contemporary authors.Someone has difficulty in reading old Russian words and phrases evoked hostility to Pushkin himself.

naivete content

Reader's review of the book "The Captain's Daughter" tells about the comparison of the novel with a children's fairy tale.It met all the reality: there are not only negative characters, but the real villains, which according to the rules of the genre should perish;It has sharpened the princess, which will save the hero of her novel, parents protesting against the marriage, and after changing its position.And, of course, a happy ending, based on variations of "lived happily ever after."

Set predictable patterns adds poignancy.However, the love story seems naive in comparison with the really tough Pugachev uprising taking place around.The narrative is enlivened by details of the battle, but the question of whether in that case recommend to the work of children, remains open.

Reader response: the need for third party

If you recall the story, a love triangle formed before Emelyan Pugachev appeared in the book.His rebellion, he made havoc in the habitual way of life, which is reflected in all the main characters: relatives Masha died Greene escaped punishment and Shvabrin ready to join the ranks of the enemy.For what purpose Pushkin introduced a character that took place in real life?Reader's review of the book "The Captain's Daughter" describes him as a kind, handsome villain, though first image of Pugachev can scare.Some readers will draw a parallel with Pushkin himself - they say, does not suffer from modesty, the author identifies himself with it, thus appearing in the work itself.He is equally critical of him and justified.However, strong and powerful Pugachev, burst into the plot, significantly upstage colorless Grinyova.

Gift generations

"The Captain's Daughter" eventful.In a measure of dramatic and tragic somewhere, it covers different spheres of life: politics, society, family problems, relationship, clouded by the war.Any review of the book "The Captain's Daughter" say that with all the patriotism, to feel as well as possible, the center of the narrative is love.The product can not be called boring.Sometimes it brings a smile.Small in size, it is fully available to deal with it.