Famous sayings about mom - quotes about the dearest person in the life of each of us

who gives us love and affection since childhood?Who suffers all sorts of tricks, whims and still forgive such behavior?Who, in spite of everything, comfort and support at any time?Of course, this is my mother.The one who gives life, warmth and love.There is no more of a loved one on this earth.That is why the utterance of the mother - the most numerous and touching.

Quotes of the great

I would like to talk about those phrases that belong to famous people.Quotes about mother greats formulated in a special way: they have love and wisdom and logic.They make us think and perhaps even something to reconsider.

Honore de Balzac, French writer, said one very correct phrase, and it sounds as follows: "A Mother's Heart - the abyss, in the depths of which there is always forgiveness."It really is.About this was discussed earlier in this article.The fact that the mother's love for her child is so boundless, that whatever act he has committed, she always forgive him and accept.That's only the phrase was sai

d reason.Such statements hint about my mother, that you should not use this quality.After all, people who love us, powerless in dealing with our sometimes not very good attitude.They are ready to close their eyes to any offense, however painful they may be.You can not use it.You have to understand that there is nothing worse than being hurt by someone you love more than life itself.

It is familiar to everyone

In general, all statements about the mother based on love girls and women to their children.Take, for example, a phrase said by Sophocles.Incidentally, the playwright lived 400 years BC!And his remarks about my mother show that, in fact, nothing has changed since then.He said: "Children - are anchors that hold a mother to life."The phrase is simple and clear to everyone.Even if a woman's life is all bad, she still gather strength and will to live, work and act in order to raise their children, to give them a decent education, food and shelter.She would not abandon them.Because my mother - a synonym for the word "love."By the way, this is also a quote, and it belongs to Ernest Leguve, French writer.

Mother's premonition - a unique phenomenon

Mom still feel.It is familiar to each of us.The child, who happened something bad can come home and try hard to behave as normal, positive, cheerful, but still his mother begin to worry and ask about what happened.And even if the answer is no, it does not believe it.Mario Puzo, American author, said: "Mother - they were the police.Always anticipating the worst. "It is hard to disagree.And I must say, it is a mystery.Apparently, it's really the parent intuition.And, of course, experience.After all, as the saying goes, the mother's heart can not be fooled.

By the way, this statement is an explanation.Almost every mother feels that her child was a trouble.Because this connection is - special.She's a womb.Anxiety felt by heart - a kind of signal coming from the subconscious.Communication at the spiritual level between the mother and the child forever.And it's amazing.

Profound statements about the mother greats

American writer and public figure by the name of Theodore Dreiser belongs to the following phrase: "A mother's love is selfish, unselfish and all-powerful.She did not depend on anything. "Even to think it is not necessary to explain the meaning of what was said.It is already clear that this mother, who was waiting for her child, she loved him just like that.It - its piece.In the first 9 months of her heart was beating him.She just can not help but love this creation.

Statements about the great mother in the majority simple.S. Dzheyet said that no one ceases to be a child for as long as he has a mother.And indeed, this is true.Even if a person is 50 years old, to his mother, he will always remain a child.Many people do not understand, especially teenagers, but with age comes the realization of this simple truth.

way, individual attention I would like to note the statements of the mother of children.They are very naive, but therein lies its charm.Such phrases are sincere.Children are not able to come up and say what they really feel: that the love for the mother kindness, affection, tenderness.And these words - the most pure.They are the mothers of the greatest gratitude for their efforts.