"Lenka Panteleyev": Characters and summary.

«Republic SHKID" - one of the most famous children's books in the Soviet literature.It is an autobiographical work written in tandem authors - Gregory White and Leonid Panteleyev (real name - Aleksey Eremeev).The book tells about the years he spent in a boarding school for troubled children.

But there is a book, which is inextricably linked with the "Republic SHKID", although not as well known.Summary of the story "Lenka Panteleyev" suggests that it is - the first part of the Novels as one of the main characters in these books - general.

«Lenka Panteleyev": events, times and characters

book is not too well known.Its existence known by those who love the "Republic SHKID" and interested in the life of its authors.Actually, at the "Republic SHKID" it can be, even without seeing the story, to reconstruct its summary.Lenka Panteleyev very brief mentions of her childhood, and major milestones coincide with the heads of the autobiographical novel.

«Lenka Panteleyev" - the story of the years prior to th

e events described in the "Republic SHKID."This is a story of childhood of the author, his wandering in the civil war-torn Russia.The picture of the world through the eyes of this teen - intelligent, kind, talented, but extremely restless and unlucky.Those interested in this period of history, will certainly be interesting to read the whole story, and her her summary.Lenka Panteleyev writes about what he had seen, and the world of children's eyes is very different from adult thoughtful analysis of texts of the time.

Lenkina family

Of course, the story was written at a time when, by definition, goodies were to be the Red Army, and the negative - the Whites.This can be seen, even just looking at a summary.Lenka Panteleyev just this side of a conflict feels sympathy.However, perhaps, she was absolutely sincere.

Lenka Panteleyev - the son of a retired military and music teacher.Understanding between the mother and the father was not.Former military conflict had severe character, mild and timid mother simply afraid of him.The family constantly quarrels in the end his father left, then to die far from home.

For a family fallen on hard times.Money was scarce, but it was necessary to ensure the boy the opportunity to properly attend prep school.Lenka - smart, talented child, he read a lot, wrote poetry, a good student, although it has behavior problems.

School and disease

In college, he met with Volkov - a boy from a rich family.They have common interests, and Lenka started to come on a visit to Volkov.There he heard that the Bolsheviks - spies and conspirators.Since before the boy realized that the housekeeper Stesha associated with the Bolsheviks, this new knowledge Lyonka scared.At home, he was able to unlock the chest with personal belongings Stesha and read letters and brochures, unable to really even realize their summary.Lenka Panteleyev decided that the housekeeper - a spy.He talked about all the mother, but she paid no attention to politics housekeeper, but the son of a thief named.Boy suddenly lost consciousness.Whether Lenka something really sick, whether the fever was caused by nervous stress, but the baby lay in delirium for 48 days.During this time there was a revolution, the country has received a new government.Recovered Lenka amazement realized that life is change.

Country Life

went to the village near Yaroslavl invited former nanny remained virtually destitute families of the pupil for the summer to stay.Exhausted by lack of money mother Lyonka accepts the invitation.On this journey home and begins dating a boy from the inside Lyonka revolution.

The village Lenka met with representatives of the Green Army - armed groups of unclear political beliefs.There he lived and Chairman of the Committee of the poorest villagers Cheltsov.Lenka befriended him and even selflessly tried to save from Green Army detachment, warning of the attack.Fortunately, help is not needed, but Lenka cold and sick diphtheria.The boy needed serious treatment.His mother tried to get him to a hospital in Yaroslavl, but it failed.City just took part of the White Guard, and the family was forced to hide in the basement of the hotel.During the fighting, they stole all the things in the red part of the city besieged famine, there was no water.

Lenka helped my mother as best he could: he went to fetch water, trying to search for products.They decided to return to the village, but the path has been detained by a detachment of the Green Army.All it has done, but a bag of money the family lost.Summary of the book "Lenka Panteleyev" is, in fact, a list of losses and endless wandering family.


By late summer, the desperate mother still found a job in a small town on the Kama River.She was offered the position of head of the music school.Life began to improve.But one day my mother took leave on a business trip to St. Petersburg.She left Lyonka the care of relatives.My aunt, who was to look after the boy became ill, and two weeks later Lenka realized with horror that the mother would not return.He followed her aunt, got the products, but when she recovered, it turned out that the boy was a burden to her.

boy tried to get into an agricultural school and even for a time there lived, belatedly realizing that this is not an educational institution, and a den.Then Lenka got to the orphanage, where escaped, then - even in a children's home.Finally, the boy decided to go look for her mother.

Since then, the summary of the story, "Lenka Panteleyev" - a list of places where the boy got in his wanderings and where always left.Lyonka Mota in the country, he was sick, he had stolen the things he learned to steal, beg and hide.There were people who helped the boy was given food and shelter, there were those who drove him away.Almost a year Lenka wandered until he was able to finally get to Peter.There he found his family, but, alas, bad habits, which he acquired during vagrancy, were fixed.Mother tried very long to cope with his son, but then admitted defeat.She took him to SHKID - school named after Dostoevsky's boarding school for difficult children.But from that point it begins a completely different book.