How many strings in violin and arranged as a tool?

Classical music lovers appreciate the sound of each instrument, especially the violin.Sounds extracted from bow strings to affect a nerve, transmit a bouquet of emotions that the composer wanted to convey to the listener.Some want to learn how to play this instrument, and the other was just wondering how it works as a violin string, the name of each of them.


Violin consists of a body and the neck, along which the strings.Two planes, called decks, connected shells, making the tool base rounded shape.Inside the set ducky, transmitting sound vibrations throughout the body.It depends on the design of the sound, liveliness and fullness of tone.More accustomed to classical instruments made of wood, but there are electric, the sound that comes out of the speakers.Do you know how many strings of a violin?The answer is simple - just four, and they may be made of different materials, conductors, metal or silk.

name strings

Each of them has its own name and set to a certain tone.So, first the le

ft string produces the lowest sound - salt small octave.Usually it is core, entwined silver cantle.The following two strings do not differ in thickness, as are the first octave - is D and A notes.But the second over lived wrapped aluminum gold thread, and the third - a solid intestinal or extended from a special alloy.The right-most string subtle of all, it is tuned to the sound of the second octave, and is made of solid metal.
So now you know how many strings of a violin, as they are called and what it consists of.Although sometimes you can find five-stringed models with extra string.It produces a sound to small octave.


famous master of stringed instruments are produced not only the violin, but also cellos, and double basses.It was he who brought the instrument to perfection, both in form and in sound.Over 80 years of creativity he created about 1,100 musical instruments, of which survived about 650. Some of them can be purchased for personal use or as a museum piece.How many strings in Stradivarius violins?Just as much, and in the factory model - four.Master gave the instrument is the form in which we encounter it in modern life.

We hope that the issue of how many strings of a violin, do not put you in a dead end.Enjoy the sounds of beautiful music!