The best way to increase your biceps - lifting barbell biceps

Sports - the lever, right clicking on that, you can make the body stronger.Nowadays, young people often forget about gyms and athletics.However, there are guys who are selflessly engaged in powerlifting and bodybuilding.These are the kinds of weightlifting, which came to us from America.Like everything else would be there, athletes involved in sports such a huge build up muscle mass.Classes are meant by a great workout with weights.For example, powerlifting, the athlete can do bench press with the weight of the projectile 200 -300 kg.How do you mean?However, such high results are achieved through constant diligent training under a special program.

Each athlete chooses the direction in which it operate.Almost all of the exercises require athletes to biceps arms were well developed.Now there are many dietary supplements, you can always go online and download the training program, in a city full of gyms.However, not many of us can boast the volume of the biceps 45, and even more centimeters.What's the ma


basic exercise to pump this muscle group is to raise the bar for biceps.When the set operate forearms, shoulders, trapezius muscles and, of course, he biceps.In order to successfully hand pump, you will need only a bar and a few pancakes.As you can see, raising the bar for biceps very practical matter.Most often athletes perform exercises while standing.In this round take undergrip.This is the most common configuration of this exercise.

During set back keep straight, do not help yourself torso.Otherwise, the load will "eat" the shoulders.Must quickly raise the bar, and lowered slowly.Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.Of course, the curl, standing - an effective way to significantly increase the weight of the biceps.Among the athletes is a very popular exercise, but few people know that there are several types of work with the shell.Focusing on the forearms, making the rise of the upper rod grip.This exercise is similar to the lessons on the bench by Scott.

Another method, which is used by pumping biceps - this work with alternating narrow grip barbell.Between the palms - the width of half the shoulders.So great is studied outside of the biceps.Wide grip better weight increases inside of the biceps.These exercises are recommended to make an experienced athletes as an additional load on the hands.

Many athletes prefer to lifting barbells biceps, using Scott's bench.The athlete sits down, leans torso of a special device, the shell takes up.This athlete elbows should be clearly documented on the bench.In the process of work only flexor hand.The athlete can not help themselves any body or back.There is a maximum effect of pumping the lower part of the biceps.

drawing up a program of studies, exercises for the biceps and chest are planning to carry out in one day.It is necessary to alternate sets.That is, do the bench press, and then lifting the bar on a biceps standing.Then you can work out the upper torso, using the wiring using dumbbells.After taking the bar and pump biceps on the bench by Scott.To finish the biceps, you can use dumbbells.It is best to do supination (twisting).The training must include a minimum of two - maximum four - exercises for biceps pump.If you are working on weight, reps per set should not be more than 6-8 times.During drying, start practicing with more weight and a smooth transition to the lighter configuration, thus significantly increasing the number of repetitions.

Work on your body - daily toil.However, you will get not only muscles, but also tempers your body.