Deltoid muscle.

Who does not dream about men athletic?The image of the perfect man is always associated with broad shoulders.Beautiful shoulder girdle is formed by the deltoid muscle, which give this part of the body manly appearance, make the shoulders wider, and hands - relief.That's shoulders and arms tend to pump up the guys in the first place, wanting to look and effectively draw the attention of girls.Even those men who did not give the nature of the broad bone in the shoulder, can increase them, pumping deltoids.

its name deltoid muscle was due to the triangular shape and the similarity with the Greek letter "delta".With the participation of the muscles we raise and lower the arm;allot shoulder to the side, forward, backward;We do shoulder rotations.As you know, the delta has three muscle bundles: front, middle and rear.

well-designed Delta - is not only aesthetic, but also the prevention of injuries of the shoulder girdle.Developed deltoid protect the shoulder joint from injury and strengthens ligaments.Tr

ain Delta - a laborious and lengthy process that is due to the complex structure of the muscles.No exercise can not fully load all of the fibers of the deltoid muscle, so to get a harmoniously developed shoulder is necessary to use a variety of different exercises that act on different beams.

deltoid training consists of basic exercises and isolated.Basic exercises while working on more than one bundle of muscles, and affects only the isolated individual bundles and fibers.Basic exercises are more effective than isolation, and should form the basis of training.Isolation exercises include training as required when the lag in the development of the individual beams.8-10 repetitions in one approach is the optimal amount of muscle building.

to perform exercises for the deltoids are using barbells, dumbbells or a special simulator.

Basic exercises.

One of the best exercises, thus creating a powerful deltoid shoulder, is considered military press, which is working more and triceps, and upper chest.Running bench press with dumbbells or barbell out, sitting or standing.Of great importance is the exercise technique.Military press is aimed at the elaboration of front and middle delts.Standing or sitting to take the post and hold it at chest level, raise the barbell above your head, fully straighten your elbows, without disturbing.Return to the starting position.

Breeding hands with dumbbells in hand.Feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells in the lowered hands, palms directed toward the thighs, arms slightly bent at the elbows.Raise your hands through the sides up to shoulder level, palms turn and at the top facing forward.Slowly lower the arms down to the elbows do not bend, follow the dumbbells at arm movement.

Bench Arnold - a basic exercise in which all involved deltoid shoulder, but especially the front and side of the beam.The exercise is performed with dumbbells sitting on a bench with a back.The back should be firmly pressed against the back of the bench, feet flat on the floor and the floor bent at 90 °.In the initial position the hands with dumbbells are at the neck, the elbows to the body lie in one plane, are directed towards the palm of the body.Raise the dumbbells up until arms fully extended, while the head is lowered, chin parallel to the floor, eyes directed forward.At the level of the top of the palm began to unfold, to the highest point they were sent forward.In this position, stretch the delta and gradually lower the arms to the starting point.

Another basic exercise designed for the development of medium-beam - a thrust to his chin.The work included not only the deltoid muscle, but also trapezoidal.Starting position is standing up, chest out, back bend, rod in the lowered hands on hips, narrow grip from above.Strain the deltoid and trapezius muscles, pull your elbows up, throwing them to the side, moving the elbows, not oven or forearms.At the highest point of the elbow should be raised above the shoulders, upper arms make a horizontal angle of 30 °.At the top of the maximum stretch of the delta and trapezius muscles.Slowly return to starting position.

isolation exercises.

for front delts.To the front of the head of the delta perform barbell presses because of the head, arms straight ups with dumbbells forward.

for rear beam.Rear head Delta is well worked out such exercises as breeding hands with dumbbells in hand, standing in the slope;Rod dumbbell from a prone position on his stomach on the bench.

exercises deltoid muscles can be trained and block devices, but work with weights and gives a more tangible results.