Effective exercises for buttock augmentation

rounded buttocks female sexuality and give the figure a wonderful attraction in the eyes of others.If nature has blessed you this figure closer to the ideal exercise help to increase the buttocks.Do them every day, and after a short period of notice that your ass starts appetizing rounded.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, place hands pull ahead.Exhale and slowly start to squat.When your hips are positioned parallel to the floor, stop, pull the coccyx back as much as possible, straighten your back.About 25 seconds are in this position.Then, with the breath slowly straightened.Repeat the exercise, but a little harder for him.When you sit down completely, you do not stay in a static position and start to perform springing motion.Moving on up - down, you will provide an additional load on the glutes.Follow the "spring" of at least 20 seconds, then stand by inhalation.

arrange legs as widely as possible, expand the inner side of the foot forward, hands on the hips position.As you exhale, bend you

r knees and squat down as deeply as physical preparation will allow.Then post your pelvis forward and tighten your buttocks.Hold the muscle tension of about 20 seconds.On the inhale, stand, rest 20 seconds.Be sure to do exercises to increase the buttocks 2 more times.

Get on your knees, toes rest against the floor, place the palm of your hand on your belt.On the exhale, lower your buttocks closer to the soles of his feet, but is completely not sit on them.On the inhale post pelvis forward and take the starting position.Make 10 - 20 repetitions.You can also slightly complicate exercises to increase the buttocks: doing the squat, start springing motion for a few seconds.

Lie down, bend your legs, feet set up the width of 10 cm from each other.With the breath lift the pelvis up and tighten your buttocks.Hold for 20 seconds, then lowered completely to the floor.Repeat at least 15 times.

Starting position is the same.On the inhale, lift the hips.Move the weight on the left foot, straighten your right leg and lift.Within a minute, perform springing motion, lowering, lifting the pelvis.Exhale completely lie.Repeat the exercise for increasing the buttocks resting on the right foot.

Roll over on your stomach, place your hands along the body.On the exhale, lift your right foot, sending the sock.Hold it for 25 seconds.On the inhale lower leg.Give yourself some rest.The next time you exhale, lift the other leg up and soak posture as 25 seconds.

Get on your knees, get down to the forearm.Take any leg back, bend at the same time the knee.On the inhale, lift the leg up, exhale and lower it to the floor.Do 2 sets of 25 repetitions.Perform the exercise on the other buttock.

Train gluteal muscles, as well as any other power load must end complex stretching.

Sit down, legs straighten completely, pull the socks.With breath raise your hands.On the exhale, tilt the body to the legs.Put your palms on the foot or lower leg, point the chest to the hips.Hold for 1 minute.On the inhale slowly straightened.

Lie on the floor, your arms as you want.With an exhalation bend the right leg at the knee joint, with a breath-Get knee for left leg and try to reach them to the floor.At the same time, do not release much shoulders off the floor.Lying in this position for 1 minute.Exhale untwist the waist and lie down on the floor completely.Perform the stretch on the left buttock.

These physical exercises for the buttocks, you can include in morning exercises or run as an independent power load.