Exercises for the triceps for women.

Triceps - this is one of the muscles, which is always an inconvenience to any woman.It is unlikely that someone like that with age triceps more sag, and is starting to look quite shapeless.Meanwhile, the triceps is responsible for the movement of the arms and shoulders forward and backward, as well as uchuvstvuet in flexion of the elbow, which is why keeping it in a form only by means of home affairs can not happen.Another problem is the triceps that it responds very poorly to diet and, therefore, to make it prettier, will have to make some effort.That is why developed triceps exercises for women that will lead one of the most problematic muscles in shape.Using a series of exercises in conjunction with others, such as leg press or a hand, you can achieve good results for a very short period of time.

equipment to perform the exercises for the triceps (for women)

main attribute in a fitball exercises (this is such a big exercise ball), he is involved in a number of exercises.You also need the STEP (

low bench or chair, but you can connect imagination and, if it is absolutely tight, use a pair of volumes weighty books) and some weighted balls and a pair of dumbbells (You can use the signature stamp from the bar - it is the main exercise for the triceps, as without weightingachieve results not possible).

Technique exercises for the triceps (for women)

main principle of any exercise for the triceps for women is that they should not be overloaded.You should not exhaust themselves, making every day a few hundred repetitions of the same movement.It is sufficient to carry out comprehensive 2-3 workouts per week, supported by proper nutrition and problem areas immediately evaporate, giving way to a beautiful, decorated muscles without excess fat droplets.Each exercise is done without any sudden movements, calm and measured.This will prevent the joints and ligaments from very undesirable injury.

There are basic exercises for the triceps and they all affect different bundles of this muscle, so neglected at least one of them is not recommended.

  1. In the first exercise you need to lie back on the fitball, holding a dumbbell or neck from the bar.Once the initial position is occupied, dumbbells or neck should be deleted on the neck and lift straight up in front of him, fully straightening his arm.This exercise should be performed 10-15 times, repeating twice.
  2. starting position second exercise is similar to the first - lying back on fitball.In each hand you must take on a dumbbell and lift high above the breasts, pressing them together.We must now start breeding aside and mix until completely touch dumbbells.Make two sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  3. Starting position - sitting on a fitball, holding dumbbells or other weighting behind.The elbows are pressed to the head.Produced extension of the elbow (dumbbell rises up from the back, the elbows are at the same time on the same site).This exercise is done in two ways 10-20 times each.
  4. This exercise will require STEP in which to stretch his arms, while her back to him.Legs outstretched.Next is the elbow flexion with dropping down, but not touching the floor.Hands should be completely straightened and repeat the exercise 10-15 times, making two approaches.
  5. It's time to know each push.Hands rest on the STEP, spreading them slightly wider than shoulders, legs extended.Repeat flexion and extension (without touching the breast STEP) 10-15 times, after a short rest, exercise must be repeated.
  6. For the final exercise will require tape - expander and something like a bar, through which you can throw our shell.After the preparations should be taken in each hand at one end of the tape and set the hands at chest (expander should be taut), then straighten arms down, keeping your elbows from the body.Repeat 10-15 times, the two approaches.

Thus, performing these exercises for the triceps for women, the result can be seen in a couple of months.It only podhlestnet you for further action, and soon from flabby and powerless muscles will be over.