Drink raw eggs for the muscles - it's easy, useful and safe!

Women love the ears - and the eyes too.Sometimes, the fair sex are willing to give everything for that to come out with a stunning brunette having a nice pumped up torso.And by the way, it is not always helpful - have huge muscle mass, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, at times achieved such beauty undermining their own health, but ... Lawless Heart, and his eyes, as experience shows, too.Anyway will stop men's views on the chiselled figure with magnificent breasts and female - on the beautiful body of Apollo!In principle, this phenomenon is quite understandable: the sportier and proportional figure of a potential partner, the more chances he has to be healthy and make healthy offspring - so inherent nature, and against it, as we know, not poboreshsya.

So, creating your own body - bodybuilding.This sport only a half-century, but it has already gained fans and those who want to join it.In our culture of bodybuilding move beyond professional gyms, little kinship with the crime and given rise to a new subspeci

es of Homo sapiens male called "Lyuber."And so fond of this new way of compatriots, but rather, compatriots, that the popularity of bodybuilding has gained momentum in just a few months.

What you need to do to build muscle?One visit to a little gym - so you can buy a good shape and lose weight, but provide only the amount of calories, and should not be less than 4000 per day."Bullies" know well: the protein in muscle growth period necessary as air.You can buy and clean proteins, but they have side effects, are expensive, and not always available - for example, in pharmacies in small towns.And about the eggs for muscle growth knows almost everything.Some particularly zealous bodybuilders use them for 2-3 dozen a day.Raw eggs muscle really helpful - their protein perfectly absorbed by the body and does not know the replacement of any pharmacy, either in nature.However, the question arises: is not it too risky to such zeal?After all, as we said many times Elena Malysheva, eggs contain cholesterol - and this is very harmful in large quantities.But, as shown by further studies, raw eggs for the muscles more useful than harmful.Egg cholesterol will not have much effect on the body affected by severe stress, if parallel bodybuilder does not use steroids.But in a combined cholesterol and other products can be a very undesirable result: bonding in some lumps that can clog arteries.What can you recommend?Separate the egg yolks - for some training can be free and easy to master this science.

Raw eggs for muscle growth are reluctant to consume and those who had read articles about salmonellosis.Yes, indeed, infected by the eggs without cooking this muck can be, if the egg is already infected, dirty and stored in shady conditions.To begin with: the shelf life of eggs - one week.Before the use of shell eggs must be washed, as well as keep the refrigerator in a proper clean.And, of course, do not drink the egg with a suspicious look and smell - that's all simple rules to prevent infection.In general, the nature of man it is necessary to use raw eggs.For the muscles have clear benefits, but also for the digestive system also has advantages: less exposed to egg handling better and better it will be acquired by the body.

concluded: raw eggs for the muscles bring invaluable, they are good for the cardiovascular system, and in general for the whole human body.However, if there is a constant exercise, then eat more than one egg a day is not worth it - too good in nature can very easily turn into its opposite.For those who actively "sculpts" his body, the eggs are irreplaceable, and best of all it is in its raw state.