French press makes a line of separation triceps biceps more clear

Exercise, cut dividing line between the clear triceps and biceps, especially when lifting your hands up - it is the French press.In addition, more effectively manifest the muscle fibers, improving the so-called "banding" triceps.The long head of the triceps will look great, and when you look at the hand side, thanks to extension of the hands of the head, in addition, this exercise, subject to regular performance, would greatly increase the power of shots and strikes the ball from behind the head in volleyball, basketball, badminton and tennis.French press helps make straight punches in boxing more powerful, hone skills in gymnastics, improve records in the sprint and pole vault.

French press with dumbbell sitting.A method of performing.

Starting position: keep your hands raised, lower the dumbbell behind your head, and then as slowly as possible, with no sudden movements raise the dumbbell to the starting position.So continue to raise and lower weight, while at the top of the hand must remain in an

upright position.If folding dumbbell - pre-check the reliability of secure locks.

French bench sitting.Technique.

  • Sit on the bench with a backrest (horizontal).Take a dumbbell with both hands and just hold it over his head on his outstretched hands.When the weight is too large, need help mate.Dumbbell bows so that the disc was in the palms, thumbs - on the handle, with the palm should face up.This is the starting position for this exercise.
  • hand (part of the shoulder to the elbow) should be placed at the head, but perpendicular to the floor.In a semicircular path inspiratory dipped dumbbell behind your head.Continue to exercise until forearm touches biceps are not and will not have the feeling that the triceps are stretched like a string.Lift up the dumbbell, the maximum straining triceps, without pause.Important: perform movements only forearms, elbows and shoulders remain perfectly still.
  • return to its original position dumbbell triceps strained, raise their hands, and, breath do only overcome the most difficult part of boost or when the arms are fully extended.
  • At the time of finding the highest point in the hand, make a very brief pause and strain muscles stronger.
  • repeated exercise French press as necessary.


  • to back does not round, it is necessary to fix the S-shaped, the natural curve of the spine, lumbar muscle straining.
  • should get stuck only in flexion and extension arms at the elbows, not moving the elbows for the duration of the exercise.Also it must be fixed legs, shoulders and torso.
  • To achieve the maximum reduction in the elbow muscles and the long head of the triceps, which account for the load in an exercise, you need at the top is completely straighten arms.
  • Do not use excessively heavy weights, which can cause rounding of the back, and, as a consequence, cause injury.
  • Inclination elbows forward when the exercise is fraught shift focus triceps load on the spine, causing possible to lose balance.
  • We do not recommend this exercise for those who have shoulder joints are not flexible enough, when the arms from elbow to shoulder straight up vertically and comes with an incredible force as to bend and straighten arms.
  • When the exercise is difficult to perform while sitting, it is performed in a standing position.Relief comes in the performance when you turn to the work of other muscles - stabilizing the torso and legs, which allow to hold the weight over your head in balance.

recommended before performing the French bench sitting in the simulator, first make a narrow grip bench press, presses downward extension in the slope of hands with dumbbells.

addition to the above exercise equipment, there is a French press with dumbbells, running on an incline bench, and other exercises that can perform both beginners and masters.Perform 8 to 12 repetitions 3-4 sets.

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