Proper nutrition for muscle growth

If an athlete does not know anything about food, it does not build muscle.It would seem - what's the connection?Train more increases the load - and the muscles will grow by themselves.But this is not true, proper nutrition for muscle growth is of great importance.While we are talking about nutrition, which differs from what and how to eat an ordinary person, not occupied grueling workouts.It needs an individual approach to each athlete based on his or her age, gender, intensity loads physique.

Proper nutrition for muscle growth must necessarily include not only the fats, proteins and carbohydrates, but also vitamins and minerals.The daily menu athlete should be varied and include foods from all groups.This dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, fats, confectionery and flour products, fruits and vegetables.Dairy and meat products have been essential in the diet, as they help to build more muscle mass.The protein you need to consume a day from this calculation: 2g multiplied by its own weight in kilograms.

If you do not know how to eat during training, your exercise can burn the stored energy - and then they lose their meaning.Carbohydrates provide energy throughout the body and must be consumed properly.Carbohydrates are divided into two groups: fast and slow.Before the second training needs that are digested more slowly and, therefore, longer will keep muscles toned.They include products such as potatoes, rice and oatmeal.Fast carbohydrates are also needed, but they need to eat after a workout, it will give your muscles the energy depleted in the course of exercise.These include honey, jam, raisins and pastries.

If you give a general definition of how to eat to sportsmen, the most important thing to know - in the diet should be a variety of food and the need to take at least five times per day.And we must remember that the muscles are increased during rest, not during training.Conclusion: we need a good rest as muscle growth depends on the right balance the power of physical activity and recreation.And we can not forget about water, or with insufficient intake of water in the body muscles will simply collapse.

Many people believe that fats are not necessary in the diet.This is fundamentally wrong.Proper nutrition for muscle growth must necessarily include fats.They contain calories needed for a person regularly engaged in the gym.Moreover, the absence of fat can affect sexual function as testosterone synthesis impossible without fat.Their consumption should be metered and the extent to not get overweight.If the athlete uses eggs, nuts, cheese, vegetable and seed oil, the amount of fat is sufficient.

Proper nutrition for muscle growth must necessarily include fruits and vegetables, juices, it is best if it's fresh.With fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer-autumn season is no problem, but in winter and spring have to lean on dried fruits - raisins, dried apricots, figs contain enough nutrients.In addition, a balanced diet does not exclude the use of multivitamins.And, of course, in the diet should not be any fast food and too thermally processed foods.

General recommendations for a balanced diet for athletes include advice to eat less salt and sugar, animal fats as much as possible to replace the plant.Tasks that should be decided by the power: to ensure a sufficient amount of calories, vitamins and minerals, reducing the layer of fat, and thus, increase the body's muscles.The result should be achieved an optimal hormonal balance, which will achieve maximum results.