"How the Steel Was Tempered": summary.

In 1934 Ostrovsky finished writing his novel, which brought him great fame.Consider his summary."How the Steel Was Tempered" - an autobiographical novel, divided into 2 parts.Each of them contains nine chapters that consistently portrayed childhood, adolescence, maturity and disease.We describe only the main event, a summary of the components.

"How the Steel Was Tempered": the beginning of the events of the novel

Pavel Korchagin, a cook's son, for the unworthy act (the boy poured the dough priest terry) expelled from school as a result he gets "in the people."The boy peered into the depths of life, found himself at the bottom of it.When the news that the king was overthrown, burst like a whirlwind in his small town, Paul was no time to think about studying.He began to work hard.Boy contrary to the prohibition chefs nemetchiny, surging suddenly hides, do not hesitate to weapons.When the Avalanche gang Petlurites floods province, he sees numerous pogroms, which completed the brutal killing.

Conversations with Zhukhrai

indignation and anger cover this young daredevil of the product "How the Steel Was Tempered."The boy can not refuse to help Zhukhrai, sailor, who was a friend of his brother Artem, who served in custody.Many times the sailor spoke kindly to Paul.He told him that the boy has all the data in order to become a good fighter for the cause of workers, but he is still very young, so has little concept of class struggle.Zhukhrai tells him that the fire started on Earth.Rebel slaves and should be spent on the bottom of the old life.However, the need for this brave lads, hard rock people, not mama's children.

Salvation Zhuhraya, Korchagin hiding Tony

following events going on summary."How the Steel Was Tempered" - a novel in which the main character Pavel Korchagin, muscular and strong, able to fight, rescues Zhuhraya from the convoy.For this he grabbed Petliurists denounced.Pavel fear layman, who defends his belongings did not know because he did not have anything.However, it took "ice hand" an ordinary human fear, especially when the boy heard from the guard that he was going to shoot.Pavel was afraid.However, he manages to escape, and the boy is hiding Tony - girl friend, with whom he is in love.Unfortunately, Tonya of "wealthy class" is intellectual, the daughter of a forester.

relationship with Tonya

Paul's novel "How the Steel Was Tempered", passed during the Civil War first baptism of fire, returns to the city.It was created Komsomol organization.Paul became an active member of it.Fails his attempt to lead the organization Tonya.The girl is ready to obey Paul, but not in all.It comes too dressy for the first meeting of the Young Communist League, and the main character's hard to look at it among the faded blouses and tunics.Paul becomes unbearable cheapest individualism of this girl.They both became clear the need to break.

Jobs Cheka

intransigence main character leads him to the KGB.It is headed in the province Zhukhrai.But the KGB work very destructive effect on the nerves of the protagonist.He often falls into a swoon, frequent pain contusion, and Paul goes after a short break in his hometown of Kiev, which falls in the Special Section, which is headed by Segal.

new love Paul

proceed to the presentation of the events of the second part of the novel, which created Ostrovsky."How the Steel Was Tempered" continues the description of the protagonist trip with Rita on the professor gubkonferentsiyu.Korchagin prescribed in this girl's bodyguards and assistants.Borrowing leather jacket Rita, Paul pushed into the car, and then pulls out the window a young woman.Rita was for him inviolable.It is his political officer, his friend and comrade, however, she was still a woman.Paul first felt it at the bridge, and therefore excites her a hug.Pavel Korchagin, unable to cope with her feelings, refuses to meet with the girl, who taught him political education.

construction of the narrow gauge railway, the disease

In the minds of the young man thought about personal relegated even further when he participates in the construction of the narrow gauge railway.The difficult times of the year - winter.The four shifts work Komsomol.They do not have time to rest.Bandit attacks delayed the work.There is nothing to feed the Komsomol, and lack of shoes and clothing.

serious illness ends up working for Paul.It combats fever.The professor and Zhukhrai his closest friends, thinking that he was dead, having no information about Paul.

Paul back in operation

protagonist, which created Ostrovsky ("How the Steel Was Tempered"), recovering from illness, is again in the ranks.He returns as a worker in the workshop, where hard work and tidying up, causing bewilderment to the authorities to clean and wash plant Komsomol.Across Ukraine, as in the town, continuing the class struggle.Enemies of the revolution caught the KGB, they suppress the attacks of bandits.Pavel makes a lot of good deeds, the meetings of the cell protecting his comrades and friends of the party - in the dark streets.


Pavel, killing himself and he witnessed many deaths, learned to appreciate every passing day.The protagonist taken as responsible directive own being statutory orders and the orders of the party.As an advocate, he is involved in the defeat of the opposition of the workers, calling the behavior of his brother "petty bourgeois."He is also involved in a verbal attack on the Trotskyists, who dared to speak out against the ruling party.He did not want to listen to, and in fact, Lenin said that one should make a bet on young people.

meeting with the professor Rita

After the death of the leader of thousands of workers in Shepetivka became Bolsheviks.Paul has advanced far ahead of the respect of party members, as it is imperative to mention making summary.

"How the Steel Was Tempered" Ostrovsky - a work which focuses on the meeting of the hero with his lover in a few years.One day he found himself next to the professor Rita, a member of the Central Committee, at the Bolshoi Theatre.She was surprised to learn that Paul is alive.He said that he loved her.However, Rita has been a friend and little daughter.

Illness Paul

protagonist of the sick, and carefully examined in the sanatorium of the Central Committee.But immobility led to serious illness progresses.The main character is not able to save any hospital and nursing home.Korchagin, wanting to "stay in the ranks," begins to write.

describing a summary of the chapters ("How the Steel Was Tempered"), it should be noted that good good woman during his illness are near the main character Dora Rodkina, Ty Kyutsam.Paul is thinking about whether he lived for 24 years.Like an impartial judge, the protagonist of his life tested.He decided with great satisfaction that she lived not so bad.

This ends the summary."How the Steel Was Tempered" - the product of volume and all the details of the plot in the same article does not cover.In the original novel, you will find many interesting details that reveal the psychology of the characters and philosophical thought of Ostrovsky.

Now you know what, "How the Steel Was Tempered."The writer died two years after the publication of the work, in 1936, from a serious illness.This novel, as already noted, is autobiographical.