Summary "Petya Rostov" - excerpt from the novel "War and Peace"

In Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace" Petya Rostov is not the main character.But this chapter with a description of his stay in the unit, and the tragic death of Denisova fully show the inhumanity and cruelty of any war.We offer a summary of the "Petya Rostov" - 7-9 3 Heads of the 4 volumes.

Detachment Denisova

Since Petya Rostov fell to his regiment, and then in the army, he was in an excited and joyful state.However, he always thought that all the heroic happening out there without him.Therefore, learning about sending a man to Denisov, Peter began to speak to the general, it has to be by him.The request was granted, but with the condition in any case not to participate in the actions of companies, and by doing the job right back.So begins "Petya Rostov," an excerpt from the novel "War and Peace".

when Denisov asked the hero, if he could stay the hero mixed.Going to the party, Peter was sure that he was really there and then come back.But after seeing the French, and knew that this night is sure

to be an attack, a young man decided that they respected to this day - general rubbish, and Dennis and his friends - the heroes.Therefore, it is impossible to leave the unit in a difficult time for him.

Over dinner

Summary "Petya Rostov," goes on to describe the conversation that took place in the gatehouse.

The hut officers staged a table on which were vodka and rum, bread and roast lamb.Peter ate fragrant meat, and it seemed to him that at this moment he is in love with all the people.The young man turned to Davidov and asked to send him to the most important ... and give the command.During the conversation, he gave one of the officers a folding knife, and then remembered the raisins that brought with him: "I used to chew something sweet."And he promised to send coffee, which recently acquired the sutler.

Summary "Petya Rostov" continues the description awkward moment for a young man.He remembered the boy captive Frenchman hesitated and not ashamed to ask about it at the officers?Finally, blushing, yet I wondered whether you can bring it into the house.And having received permission from happiness and kissed Denisov, I ran into the street.

hover - so called captive soldiers - sitting around the campfire.Peter invited him to the guardhouse, I am sure that nothing bad will not make it.Indeed, fed the boy, dressed in a coat and decided to leave at the party.All this time the hero tried not to pay attention to the Frenchman, but wondered whether it was appropriate to give him money.

Meeting with Dolokhov: summary

Petya Rostov heard a lot about this man, and when he came into the house, the hero was struck by the simplicity of its appearance.Guards officer was shaven, his coat lapel adorned George, and on his head wore a simple cap.Dolohov removed his cloak and began to ask Denisov about the situation.We talked about the arrival of Rostov, the answers to the generals, the state of the enemy.After listening, Dolokhov said that it is necessary to know exactly the composition of the latter, because proposed to any of those present to go with him to investigate.Peter immediately cried out: "I am!", Which aroused dissatisfaction Denisov.

noticed the drummer, the officer began to speak of irrationality prisoners left alive.Denisov takes a different view, came to argue with him, during which Peter was thinking.He did not understand much of what he heard and took it all to the fact that large all know.This certainly has decided to oppose Denisov and go to investigate.Finally, Ddlokhov directly asked Rostov, "Going?".And the young man at the same moment gave an affirmative answer.

in exploration: summary

Petya Rostov and Ddlokhov dressed in a French form and, after passing the camp, went to the bridge."Getting - not damsya alive" - ​​the young man whispered.Suddenly there was a shout in French.Ddlokhov confidently said that behind with a friend from his regiment and would like to find the colonel.All said that the command is in the lord's manor, and the riders went on.

in the farm yard burning fire, which sat several men.Dolohov and they started talking.Are there many Russian on the road, what is the state of affairs in the army as prisoners in the unit - this is his summary.Petya Rostov - Tolstoy repeatedly emphasizes it - was afraid that now revealed their deception, but remained undaunted.And all the officer asked.Finally, he said goodbye and walked on the horsemen.The bridge Dolokhov to Denisov asked to convey that in the morning will need to step on the signal, and he remained on this side.

The night before the fight

Summary "Petya Rostov" continues the description of the feelings that swept the hero before an important event for him.

Denisov was very nervous waiting for the young man, because making sure that the intelligence was normal, I went to sleep.And Peter, still are under the impression, I went into the yard, where he told the Cossack who was sitting under the wagon on the trip.Then he asked to sharpen his sword and sat down beside him.Rostov suddenly seemed that he was in some kind of a magical world, where instead of the guardhouse was a cave, rather than fire - eye monster, and he was sitting on a high tower.Everything was unreal, and Peter closed his eyes.His head was played solemn music, which is becoming louder and clearer.Finally, he realized that it was a dream.Through slumber, he led the sounds, listening to their beauty.Just another kid, kind, open and far from the world of cruelty, which turned out to be - this may be the moment characteristics of the hero.

Petya Rostov awakened by voices Likhachev, sharpened sword.Jumping up, he saw the Cossacks preparing horses and out of the guardhouse Denisov.

In combat

sat in the saddle, Rostov Denisov asked again to give some task, the same ordered to stay close and do not meddle.However, when the alarm rang a shot, Peter rushed forward.He rode the bridge and did not understand where their own, and where enemies.Jumped to the crowd, saw the Frenchman squeezed pikestaff aimed at him.This further podzadorilo young man and shouting "Hurrah!" He rushed to where the shots could be heard the most.In the courtyard of the manor house I saw Dolokhov, ordering the infantry to wait.But Petya possessed a feeling that he did not listen to the officer, and with the same cry ran on.Suddenly, the young man became strange waving his arms, letting the reins and get off the saddle.The moment when the horse stopped in front of the smoldering fire, Peter fell.His arms and legs twitched, but did not move his head: a bullet pierced her.Thus died still very young Petya Rostov.

excerpt from the novel "War and Peace" ends so as to have a dead boy went Dolokhov and after the words: "Ready" ordered not to take the wounded.And riding up Denisov turned her pale face of the young man, then quickly turned and walked away, made a sound that resembled a dog barking.