Summary "Maxim Maksimych."

Mikhail Lermontov - an outstanding classic of the 19th century, who wrote many famous works.One of the most successful of his works is the poem "Hero of Our Time".All the work is divided into chapters, each of which is designed as detailed as possible to reveal the character of the protagonist.This article provides a brief retelling of the chapter "Maxim Maximovich."

narrative is the name of a traveling officer.The rating is given by what is happening, rather than from the direct participant in the events, which is a hallmark of the chapter "Maxim Maximovich.""The hero of our time" - a work that combines several completely different to each other points of view.


narrator, after a short trip through the Caucasus Mountains, stop in the hotel, which is run by three disabled.The circumstances are such that he is forced to spend a few days here.The officer is waiting for the so-called "Okaz" (a cover consisting of a gun, and half an infantry company which protects the carts), but it is, unfort

unately, has been delayed.

On the second day of his dismal stay at the hotel on the horizon appears a cart from which a familiar narrator, Maxim Maximovich."The hero of our time" - a work in which there was a place and really positive hero.This retired captain, a simple and kind person.It conducted on behalf of the narrative in the first chapter of the poem ("Bela").

officer Maxim offers Maksimych stay in your room, but that he agrees not hesitate.

narrator says that he was very lucky, because the captain was able to cook well, and after that poor food, which was served at the hotel, pheasant Maxim Maksimych seemed particularly delicious.Everything else after dinner the men were carried out in silence, as they were not quite talk about.

Full product gives a detailed description of each hero, but such details do not include a summary.

Maxim Maksimych distinguished from other character qualities such as friendliness and sociability.They will be trampled, and the protagonist of the poem.

old friend Petchorin

long silence interrupted by the sound of bells.In the courtyard there is a cart with people, followed by an empty carriage, similar to overseas.Behind her is a well-dressed waiter, having manners spoiled servant.Maxim Maksimych officer questioned him.From the conversation it becomes clear that the occasion has finally come, and this carriage belongs to Mr. Pechorin.

The captain was surprised and pleased to recognize visitors to his friend, with whom they had to go through a lot.Maksimych Maxim can not wait to see him, but the servant said Pechorin stayed the night with a friend of Colonel.Old Captain unable to hide his frustration and displeasure.He asks the waiter to convey to the owner that the hotel was waiting for him captain.

Waiting (summary)

Maxim Maksimych overcomes burning desire to see a friend.Throughout the evening the old captain did not find a place.Every minute he is waiting on the horizon appears vot-vot wagon from which will Pechorin.However, his expectations are not destined to be fulfilled so soon.Storyteller find it difficult to persuade Maxim Maksimych go into the room and go to bed.All night he spends in undisguised anxiety.

long-awaited guest

morning the captain has to go to the commandant for, but urges the narrator call him at the first appearance of Pechorin.After some time, he finally appears and immediately gave the order to prepare for departure.

Portrait Petchorin

narrator describes the appearance of the hero readers.It turns out that a man of strong build and medium height.Very neat, with aristocratic manners.The officer noted some peculiarities of gait Petchorin he is not waving his arms while walking, reflecting the secrecy of his character.Sitting, Pechorin very stooped, a feeling that his back is not a single vertebra.Their skin is white and tender hero, as a woman, which means noble origin.In addition, the narrator notes blonde hair and jet-black eyebrows and mustache, indicating the breed.In short, Pechorin has an attractive appearance and, of course, women like.He has a high forehead with traces of wrinkles that did not spoil its appeal.In conclusion, the narrator notes white teeth, deep brown eyes that never smile, even if the owner laughs and curly hair.Looking Petchorin one may seem sad, and others - evil.

narrator presents the reader just such a portrait.You will find in the article only the summary.Maxim Maksimych same way does not describe in detail the officer.


Everything is ready to leave, when suddenly resorted breathless captain.Pechorin meets his rather cold than causing some confusion the old man.It turns out that he is making his way to Persia, and does not intend to stay here.Maxim Maksimych trying to bring an old friend to talk, but he does not go to the contact and finished only generalities.On the question of what to do with the records that the captain carefully guarded all the time, Pechorin casually waved his hand and leaves.


narrator asks Maxim Maksimych give him write Pechorin.Frustrated by the captain angrily throwing paper on the ground, and the officer quickly collects and takes to itself, without waiting for the old man changes his mind.

Pass all the bitterness and sadness that felt old captain, unable neither summary.Maxim Maksimych stifle anger and sense of uselessness.

After a while, the time comes to leave, but the captain was not going along with the officer.On the question of why he is responsible, you need to settle some business with the commandant.It is evident that the old captain is angry, and the officer in some degree sympathize with him.He understands that he discarded the veil, which blanketed the eyes of captain, in his year is not replaced by anything.

officer leaves alone.In conclusion, it should be noted that the head of "Maxim Maximovich" very interesting in its content, the more detail you can learn about the many events taking place in the poem.