Other characters in the book about Alice Selezneva

talented national writer Kir Bulychev (Igor Mozheyko) - "father" of Alice Selezneva, a girl from the future.The heroine of the many fantastic stories and genuinely loved children and adults.The author described her adventures - in outer space, the depths of the Pacific in the 20th century and the legendary era.Also interesting are the numerous characters of the book about Alice Selezneva.


first story about a girl from the future is narrated in the first person.In the role of the narrator speaks Alice's father - Igor Seleznyov, the professor cosmobiology, director KOSMOZOO - zoo, which is inhabited by only animals from other planets.Dad almost alone brings up her daughter because their mom Kira - the space architect and build houses in other galaxies.The professor loves his daughter and forgive her many transgressions.

stripes - a brave captain of the spaceship "Pegasus", visited many space missions, fearlessly faced the dangers always been faithful companion.

Mechanic Green - another me

mber of the crew of spacecraft "Pegasus".It can fix anything - earthlings and technology, and any alien machine.Pessimist and curmudgeon, but a good and easily appeased.Everyone knows that the Green muttered out of habit, but always at the decisive moment is near.

Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich - Director of the famous reserve of fairy tales, in which live the real Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf, Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, Baba Yaga, Puss in Boots, the seven dwarfs and Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Scheherazade and other fairy-tale characters, whose InstituteTime brought back from the past, from the abandonment of legendary era.

Pasha Geraskin - a classmate and friend of Alice.The character is a frivolous, an adventurer by nature, always gets in history, but has never been seen in cowardice or misconduct.Resourceful, cheerful and upbeat.

Arkasha Sapozhnikov - classmate and another friend Pasha and Alice.Discretion, very diligent, a good student, dreams of becoming a biologist, his experiments already attracted the attention of scientists.But if friends call Arkashu with him, the adventure he never misses.

Jawad twins Masha and Natasha, Ilya cups and the other guys - classmates and friends of Alice, with whom she visits the station of young biologists involved in the space race and sent into the past in search of artifacts.

This is not all the characters from the book.Alisa Selezneva - very sociable person.In the words of her father, she made friends with a rattlesnake.Therefore, it has a lot of friends in various parts of the Earth and the universe.


alien characters are very interesting books about Alice Selezneva.Professor of Archaeology Gromozeka Chumaroza the planet looks like a huge hairy creature with six tentacles and eight good heart.Very fond of valerian and after her drink a whole bottle full of steaming pleasure.The emotional and touchy, violently expresses his feelings.Strangers often scared Gromozeka taking his monster, what a sentimental archaeologist very offended, and then his eyes running through the hairy chest large steaming tears.

Space Pirates rats and Merry have - notorious villains.They dream to conquer the universe, but so far they have nothing.

Rrrrr - archeologists from the planet Brastak.Externally similar to conventional kitten, but without a tail and with a single huge orange eyes in the middle of the forehead.

Iria Guy - Vester inhabitant of the planet.From earthlings it differs only in the fact that at the feet of her six fingers, and eyes lilac.Iria - a very interesting character.Her father Samaon Guy - a talented designer, always dreamed of a son, and therefore raised his only daughter fearless strong warrior.Iria childhood was devoid of dolls and sewing, but is fluent in all kinds of weapons, different types of struggle and knows how to survive in extreme conditions.Iria has completely changed after she married Tadeusz Polish cosmonaut.She moved to Earth, changed spacesuit on the airy dress and instead sports cooks her adored husband and beloved daughter Vandochke delicious and healthy soups.

fantastic characters

In stories about the adventures of a girl from the Earth there are udivetelnye heroes as Guy-up - a reasonable spaceship from his point of view, the people of legendary era - the heroes known to all from childhood fairy tales, the robot Werther - an employee of the Institute of Time, the robotPoseidon - the employee long-range reconnaissance, over many years of working with people, "humanize" got character.

These and other fantastic characters of the book about Alice Selezneva introduce diversity into the narrative.All of them have not only the mind and character, but also animated by the author, know how to love and hate.


book character of Alice Selezneva - it's not only people, aliens, or fantastic creatures.In the stories there are many interesting plants and animals.

Govorun - two bird beaks and incredible memory that speaks the voice of those who hear, able to fly in a vacuum.

Sklissy - flying cow from the planet Sheshineru.

Stray bushes - move with the help of the roots and long-distance love, to be poured sweet compote.

Apelyabloki - plants from the planet Penelope.They look like ears, but instead of grain they are real apples.

Mangodynya - hybrid melon and mango.Fruits of the type and size like a melon, and the taste and the only bone in - like a mango.

Shushi - shy six-legged creatures the size of a five-year child and dragonfly with large eyes.Gourmet and sweet tooth, read and talk.

indicator - ball on the thin legs, which changes color depending on the mood.

Bronte - brontozavrik, hatched from eggs, accidentally found on the bank of the Yenisei River in the permafrost.

Martian mantis - insect with Mars breathes any atmosphere, while walking crunches knuckles, very suspicious and resentful.

These are just some of the rich list of amazing animals and plants in the stories McGee.

being born characters of books about Alice Selezneva

author he showed amazing imagination, creating all the wonderful and unusual heroes of his books.According to his own statement, the people and the characters are not written with a specific person, and represent a collective image.The main character Alice - namesake of his daughters, but they have the same names.According to Igor Mozheyko, it has the perfect character for the girls of the 21st century, which is quite different from his own daughter.

listed, not all the characters of books about Alice Selezneva.They very much, they are incredibly interesting and varied.