Summary of the "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" by Leskov

offer you a summary of "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" - Nikolai Leskov essay, first published in 1864.At the beginning of the narrative, the author notes that sometimes you can find such a character, which even after a while you can not recall without emotion.Among them is the heroine of the work, which is the nickname given to her after the case of the tragic events.

main character

Katerina Lvovna, the wife of a merchant Izmailov was a pleasant woman of twenty-three years.Married for fifty years it was given, but a wealthy Zinovy ​​Borisovich because of poverty.The new family was still living old father in law, Boris T..My husband was already married, but the children - Katerina Lvovna they lived alone for five years - had not.

Izmailovo kept the mill, and the head of the family was rarely at home.His wife suffered from loneliness.The guests did not like to travel, as was brought up in a simple family and accustomed to freedom, but here everyone was watching her behavior.Depressing and accusations

of childlessness.So sadly lived future "Lady Macbeth" Leskov.

In summary, it should be said, and that in-law and her husband got up early, drinking tea and expenditure on business.And Katherine L. hanging around the house and yawned.If you fall asleep for an hour and, after the same boredom, from which wanted to strangle.It was not until then, until the dam burst.At the mill was a lot of work, and Zinovy ​​Borisovich for a long time did not come home.My wife missed first, but soon felt free - her husband never loved him and affection for him had not experienced.Since that time, we began to change the fate of the heroine.

Discover and love affair with the clerk: summary

«Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" goes on to describe a meeting with Sergei.Once the hostess decided to go into the yard, where she heard laughter.It turned out that there have decided to weigh cook Aksinya.A handsome young man cheerfully joined in the conversation.And then do wish the hostess know your weight, saying: "Three pounds."He added that it may be on hand throughout the day to wear and do not get tired.The woman felt fun and decided to continue the conversation that ended with Sergei hugged her.Flushed mistress came out of the barn and asked the Axinya long if this is done with them.It turned out, Sergei drove the former owner of the relationship with his wife.

And one night - my husband still had not returned - the clerk knocked on the door of Catherine Lvovna.At first I asked for the book, and then began to complain of boredom.Finally, bolder and hugged the frightened owner.Since then, all the nights spent in the bedroom Sergey Katerina Lvovna.

First offense: summary

«Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" by Leskov wrote based on real events: the daughter poured into the old man's ear boiling wax, why he died.

Did not have to be concealed from her father Katerina Lvovna.A week later, Boris T. saw through the window, like someone coming down the pipe from the window of the bride.Jumping out, he grabbed the steward's legs, the order otstegat and locked in the pantry.On hearing this, the daughter begged to let go of old Sergei.However, having heard the threats he made the decision.Already in the morning Boris Kalashnikov was not: on the eve of fungi eaten cooked mistress, and poisoned.And his death was the same as that of the poisoned rats.The story of the fungi are normal, so the old man was buried without waiting for a son - the one with the mill somewhere for left.The young mistress and her lover back safely healed.

Way to Happiness

one crime often leads to another.This will tell a summary of "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk."

next victim was Zinovy ​​Borisovich.Heard about the adultery of his wife (Catherine L. did not hide due to a clerk), he came at night, unnoticed.The young woman who could not imagine life without her lover, took the second desperate decision.To him, Sergei pushed the hostess, more than once that if there was a merchant, then their relationship would become equal.Night returns deceived husband was brutally murdered lovers, buried in the cellar.

Traces of blood in the house washed away.The driver, driving Zinovy ​​Borisovich in the evening, said the merchant drove to the bridge - he wanted to go on foot.As a result, they declared the mysterious disappearance Izmailov and his widow won the right to manage the property and was expecting a child.

Summary "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District" - a story about another crime.A few months later we learned that Izmailov have another heir - a minor nephew.Soon cousin Boris Kalashnikov Fyodor brought into the house of a relative.Again, Sergei began to repeat that it is now necessary to divide the inheritance and capital reduction will affect their happiness.Katerina Lvovna that soon she was to be the mother decided for another murder.That's just hide it failed.

Parishioners gathered at Vespers in the Izmailovo church, talking about the mistress and her lover.The most curious to see the narrow slit in the window of the room where he lay sick boy, and decided to spy on what was being done.This happened at the very moment when Sergei kept Fyodor, and Catherine L. covered his face with a pillow.On the screams came running to the entire district.And soon the bailiff spoke about the murder of a merchant, who was immediately removed from the cellar.

On the way to Siberia

Summary of the book "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" concludes with the last weeks of the life of the heroine.Unborn child she left a relative of her husband's successor.It is the very same with Sergei flogged and sentenced to hard labor.But the woman feast for the very fact that her lover was with her in the same party.Small jewels and money, handed down from the house, she gave the guards and receive short visits, but began to notice that Sergei cold to her.A point in the relationship set new acquaintances.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the party joined them from Moscow, which turned out to hunt men and young Fiona Sonetka.From the first Mrs. L. Sergei caught during one of the visits.But the relationship began a clerk at a Sonetka.Soon it came to the fact that Sergei began openly mock Ismailova and said that never loved her.And now that Mrs. L. is not the merchant's wife, she told him, and certainly not needed.

when the party was loaded onto the ferry, distraught and humiliation of the heroine seized stood by and laughed at her opponent's leg and passes over the side.Saving women failed: Katherine L. Sonetka not given opportunities to swim to the lowered into the water and drowned hock with her.