Memoirs - is ... the meaning of "memoirs"

Memoirs - a wonderful occasion to tell future generations about the veracity of the events of his time.This self-analysis, identify causal relationships of life.The emotional intensity of the narrative will feel the spirit of the era, to understand the author's thoughts.Relevant experience makes memoirs invaluable example for future generations.

origin of the word

word "memoir" is derived from the French memoires, which translates as "memories."This word first appeared in 1896."Encyclopedic Dictionary" FA Brockhaus and IE Efron talks about genres of memoir literature.

Memoirs - a nonfiction.They are characterized by first-person narrative - a participant or a witness described events.Memoirs - a kind of confessional prose.They convey the mood of the era, people's worldview and culture of the country.They are able to talk about the events of that time, the author sees them.

autobiographical confession of a man shall estimate the perception of its time: the people around them, their status and

habits, attitudes and thoughts.Memoirs can be attributed to the genre of biography, historical fiction, essay.But the documentary, reality brings memoirs to personal diaries, letters, notes.

What's memoirs?

Memoirs - a note by a real person.His subjective perception of facts, events, relationships, people.Memoirs have always been a source of recreation for a certain period of historical pictures.

In such literary confessions, in addition to personal relationships, you can read about the aesthetic, spiritual preferences of people of that time.That is their subjective opinions differ memoirs of historical chronicles.They are interested in how a particular person perceives reality.But it sometimes interferes with the perception of time.Estimated human perception can be biased.Therefore, it is important for the identity of the author of the literary confession, his education, mentality.

With the advent of writing was interesting person to write down their thoughts, take notes about the events.Memoirs formed as a genre in XVI-XVII century, when we realized the uniqueness of every human being.The value of the author's thoughts became the impetus for writing literary confession.People through their personal opinions passed fragrance time.

who wrote a memoir?

particular value are the memoirs of generals, politicians.They help to play arena battles or political conflicts.Court life, diplomatic intrigue, religious scandals described in the essays of Marguerite de Valois, the Duke de Rohan, La Rochefoucauld, Louis de Conde.Even the executioners in the XVI century, wrote his memoirs.

in the Napoleonic era, almost all the generals and close to the emperor left behind an interesting literary notes.

Russian memoirs begin their story since the Time of Troubles.They are the usual chronology of events.Under Peter I the massive surge of documentaries has led to confrontation notes Peter and Sophia.Later, military campaigns, the capture of the cities described by contemporaries of the king.

Next genre is increasingly gaining momentum.In Russia, the board of each of the kings and queens explained their approach and relatives.

When Catherine II memoirs found a clear design.They are credited with the manners of time, political differences are social characteristics.

Nowadays literary confession became an important part of well-known persons.The actors, the military, politicians, diplomats, doctors, mediums trying to leave a mark in the literary work.G. Ford, A. Christie, D. Rockefeller, T. Okunevskaya, Mikhail Gorbachev, G. Vishnevskaya, M. Vlady - description of life events, interesting meetings and reflections able to absorb the genre of memoirs.

Why write a memoir?

meaning of the word "memoir" means reasoning, memories of a particular person.Thinking about his past life, people tend to sum up, trying to justify himself or to regret their behavior.In old age often comes the desire to write about their lives, to share with a new generation of their mistakes and victories.

for famous people literary confession - an occasion to talk about the exciting or important events and fateful encounters.Someone seeking to describe your hard way, someone is trying to justify himself, someone is trying to make some money for a comfortable old age.

most often written memoirs to relive their youth, to remember her milestones, funny or sad moments.