How to write a book.

Write a book - the dream of almost every intellectually developed person, but not everyone is ready to be taken for its implementation.Some believe that this must have a minimum of literary talent, others believe this was a futile exercise.And in vain!Each of us can be the author of his own work, which will be customized to reflect the aspirations and views of its creator.

Share your creation with the world dream of every aspiring writer, but the majority of the manuscripts are incomplete.Why is that?Much depends on the proper organization, the ability to follow through.This article is intended to answer the question of how to write a book.Step by step guide will help navigate to the author, will show how to act from the moment of conception of a new product.The book can be both artistic and contain useful advice on a particular theme.Without a clear understanding of the structure of the work can not be competently approach to work.How to write a book?

Step by step guide: how to start?

First of all it is recommended to carefully consider and plan the future masterpiece.Even if you do not plan to sell his creation, you should be ready to clear structure.Properly drawn up a plan will help you to fall away from the target at the crucial moment, forget about the necessary and essential chapters.You may find it difficult to immediately determine how to write a book.Step by step instructions, without a doubt, will decide.In forming the plan can distinguish several days.Take this time to think about the beginning, middle and end of the work.Important complication, the development of the plot, the culmination of the action, denouement.All of these components must be clear to you as the author after the preparation of the plan.

«Incubation" ideas

Any plan must first "mature" in the mind of the writer.Sometimes you have thoughts may be formed over the years, gradually mutating and acquiring other features.Generally perceived as a mature idea inspiration comes and shows the willingness of the author to immediately begin the process of creativity.It should be remembered that this time should not be missed.

Even if you do not have an idea of ​​what the outcome of your work, start writing.In the process of creating a new project author must "enter" to get used to it.If you are seriously thinking about how to write a book, step by step instructions provided in this article will help you.

alignment of events in a "skeleton", which is the plan of the future work, you must add the "meat" that is carefully thought-out plot and its component lines.What will happen in the novel, the story or a fairy tale?The author, who wants to be successful, must be able to respond quickly and meaningfully yourself these questions: "Who are the main characters, what is the main conflict?"Thus, the problem of how to write a book, step by step instructions could solve.

Try as much as possible to imagine the main actors involved in the plot.And, of course, the main character.The latter, no doubt, be of interest to the reader, but primarily to the author himself.Because if you is immaterial what the writing, and then from the readers should not expect much enthusiasm.Personal interest creates reciprocal feeling, it is transmitted from one person to another.Yes, very difficult it is the question of how to write a book.

the steps: choose what genre?

This is a very crucial point, because just having the correct view, you can decide in advance their own interests and the commercial success of the product design.If you are administered in large meditation components of the process of how to write a book, step by step guide advises to select a genre to explore the direction of your wonderful creations make him a detailed plan and then we act in accordance with the steps shown.

Many novice writers questioned whether the value is in what genre they are working.The unequivocal answer can not be here.Everyone knows that the detective novels and women's easier to sell, but deep philosophical works will help your self-realization, and eventually also will bring considerable profit.

Approximate dates

you as the main organizer of the business should make itself a rough plan of the book.It is clear that it is impossible to foresee all the circumstances, but should at least see what you go step by step.Work is desirable every day at a set time for it.Mode - a great thing.If the discipline to move to the desired goal, the probability of achieving increased several times.

Experienced and held the authors argue that since the beginning of the creative work of the first fruits to take several years.Some even thought that success requires not less than ten thousand hours.

How to write a book?Step by step instructions, tips, writers who have already taken place, have to bring results.Otherwise, think - all you have done right, you have the patience and forbearance?

Instead of conclusion

Create a book - an exciting and interesting to do.It is a colossal work, which sometimes does not get instant gratification.Unfortunately, the results of literary activity rarely seen immediately.In most cases, it takes a long time.The more a person is ready to develop their talent, to invest in themselves to improve the ability of the individual, the more likely he will see significant benefits of its activities.