What is comedy?

Each of us certainly can in your own words to explain what a comedy.However, if you're trying to express definition of this concept on paper, faced with difficulties, because an explanation such as "this is when funny" sound too easy.

known that understanding of the comic related to the rites of antiquity.

What is comedy in literature?The definition of this concept, we will now try to bring.

subject of comedy, its types

subject of comedy can be considered to give an ugly desire for beautiful, silly - for smart, petty - for the noble.

Literature species secrete high comedy and puns.For high species include such works as "Don Quixote" M. de Cervantes.

Types comic

Before you begin to understand what a comedy in the literature, we first consider the kind of comic.

These include: humor, irony, satire, sarcasm, grotesque.

Humor can be defined as Nezlobnaya laugh.

irony - it's a joke, which is based on the criticism.Among Russian writers Pushkin irony is often used, for example, in the poem "Eugen

e Onegin": "The girls are jumping in advance", "The village is happy and horny."

Sarcasm is the highest degree of irony in the Greek language means "ditch the meat."

Satire is a method of reproducing reality, the task is unpleasant criticism.

Grotesque easily distinguished from other types of comic because it is difficult to separate from the funny terrible, terrible.This kind of comic character Gogol ("The Nose") and Mayakovsky ("Bug", "bath").

What is comedy in literature?Determination

Comedy scientifically - a special kind of drama in which the conflict or opposition to specific characters are allowed.

Fighting comedy is different in that it:

- does not lead to serious consequences;

- aimed at small, mercantile goals;

- it is funny ways and means.

Subjects comedy

In order to fully answer the question "what is a comedy," you need to understand the peculiarities of its subjects.

It certainly depends on your needs and the needs of the class, which is its creator.Of course, the makers take into account the interests of those to whom it is targeted.

worth noting that the comedy is very heat resistant to time.For example, since ancient times to present day preserved in the scheme of intrigue comedy of love when parents oppose the union of young people, but they forced him to adopt a third person, which helps young arrange happiness.

Types comedy

To answer the question "what is the comedy" need to understand what types of this genre can be identified.

The first type, which must be said - is a comedy of manners.It depicts human characters, their confrontation.

Now understand, what sitcom.It caused some laughter ridiculous actions, the behavior of the characters.

History Comedy Comedy

existed in antiquity.The most famous writer of that time considered Aristophanes.Information has reached us about 11 comedies written by this author in 425-388 years.BC.e., such as "Clouds", "frog".For typical of ancient comedies ridiculing human vices, clear tracking of the author's assessment of what is happening.

In the Middle Ages there is a sideshow (small comic play), farce (a light comedy with external comic features), Sot (sharp satire) fastnahtshpil (carnival game).

the Renaissance is characterized by attention to the human nature.Among the authors of that time the most famous Shakespeare ("The Taming of the Shrew," "Midsummer Night's Dream").The main idea of ​​the author's works is the idea of ​​the domination of nature over man's soul.

The Age of Classicism ridicules human vices, ignorance (Moliere's comedies, such as "The Imaginary Invalid").

Education calls comedians appeal to common sense.

Romantic era gives us a comedy based on the idea of ​​the impossibility of perfection in the world.In the XIX century, the comic features associated with notions of aesthetic ideal, which includes a common conception of human life.In Russian literature, this trend is evident in the works of the immortal D.Fonvizin, ASGriboyedov NVGogol.

For the literature of XX century characterized by social and comedies (Mayakovsky, Bulgakov).

This article in detail considering that such a comedy.It should be noted that this genre is the most popular these days and enjoys a special love, because, as you know, laughter prolongs life, and the chance to see the comical in life makes our everyday lives easier and brighter.