Statements about a man of great men, or talk about the Eternal

If the study work and activities of philosophers, writers and poets, we can see that in the "arsenal" of each of them there are statements about a person.And also about love, life, society, and so understanding. D. Well, to be considered the most popular of them.

one statement - the result of long observation and experience

Great people - a person who did not spend a day wasted.They are constantly engaged in important and difficult.They thought.Reflect, analyze.This is a very complicated process, but it gives you a lot.Where else could appear saying about the man?In order to say something really interesting, meaningful and truthful regarding this theme, you need to watch the people, their behavior, life in society.And, of course, the first thing to watch out for yourself.It is not so easy.However, the great thinkers succeeded.

"Usually people dream about what they think of the day" - said that Herodotus of Halicarnassus, the famous Greek historian.It is unlikely that such a conclusion could be

made spontaneously.It is also unlikely that the great leader said, it is only because he once dreamed a dream something, what he was thinking during the day.Maybe he asked other people about what they dream, or a long time to compare their own night vision with daytime thoughts.Nobody knows for sure, but one can say with confidence: scratch such statements about a person does not arise.

Philosophical reflections

Many great men loved to reflect on life.Especially those who are addicted to social psychology.However, in those days a science did not even exist.But many sayings of great men suggests the thought.For example, Abraham Lincoln said a good phrase.It goes as follows: "People are about as happy as they think they are happy."It makes you wonder.The phrase is simple, and it lacks straightness - all sounds very vaguely, but very clear sense of what has been said.The president was right.Everyone is concerned, to be happy.And many of us strive to achieve this happiness.But we all know how sometimes it can be hard.But even harder to "let go" of the situation and look at things easier.Perhaps it meant a great statesman.

simple truth

When discussing the statements of the great people who make you think, you should consider the following sentence: "People do not know what they want, but are willing to let themselves be cut to pieces to get this."Written expression - Don Marquez, renowned journalist and writer.Publicist noticed all right.After all, how familiar situation: people are rushing in search of happiness and well-being, they want them, but ... I do not know what it is lies.They do not have a specific purpose - and this is their main problem.It is impossible to achieve what even in thought did not exist.

Such statements about people, about life simple, but very clear.This is their zest.Perhaps for this reason, many expressions have long been winged phrases.

about human nature

statements about a person interesting by the fact that absolutely everyone can find in them something that concerned him.If not directly, at least indirectly.George Bernard Shaw, the famous playwright, once very correctly noted: "People are more interested in the fact that they are absolutely not concerned".Curiosity, excessive interest, habit "to climb your own business" - all this is embodied in only one short phrase.And Schopenhauer said that people call fate that foolishly themselves and created.The habit of making excuses, look for someone to blame, and the reluctance to admit their own guilt - that contain such statements about a person.This is the truth, who is not shy to show great figures.Perhaps it is because of this quality, and they went into the history of the world.Their statements about people, about life, love and society - they will long remain in our memories.