" Feast " : summary ." Feast " ( Nekrasov ) as the head of the poem "Who Lives Well in Russia ? "

Nekrasov's poem "Who Lives Well in Russia" was created for more than ten years.It so happened that last, the fourth, was the head of the "Feast."In the final, she finds a certain finality - it is known that the author has failed to implement the plan fully.This is manifested in the fact that the author implicitly calls the happiest man in Russia.It Grisha, who decided to dedicate his life to serving the people and the homeland.


In the chapter "Feast" the action takes place on the banks of the Volga River, on the outskirts of the village Vahlachina.There is always the most important events took place: and holidays, and violence against the delinquent.Great feast organized already familiar to the reader Klim.Near vahlakami, which included the elder Vlas, parish deacon Trifon and his sons: nineteen Savvushka and Gregory with a thin, pale face and thin, curly hair, sat down, and seven main characters of the poem "Who Lives Well in Russia".We stayed here as people waiting for the ferry, the poor,

among whom were so quiet pilgrim praying mantis.

Local farmers gathered under an old willow is not accidental.Head of the "Feast on world news" Nekrasov connects with a plot "last-', which reported on the death of Prince.Vahlaki began to decide what to do with meadows that now they were hoping to get.Not often, but it happened that the peasants fall to corners of the earth are blessed with meadows or fishing line.Their owners do not feel dependent on the mayor, collected taxes.That vahlaki want to pass meadows Vlas.Klim announced that this will more than suffice for the payment of taxes, and, and dues, which means you can feel free.This is the beginning of the chapter and its summary."Feast" Nekrasov continued response speech Vlas and its characteristics.

kind-hearted man

so called elder vahlaki.He had a justice and tried to help the peasants, to protect them from the cruelties of the landowner.In his youth Vlas all hoped for the best, but any changes are carried only one promise or prophecy.From this mayor has become an unbeliever and sullen.And then suddenly everyone's fun and embraced him.He could not believe that now, though, comes a life without taxes, sticks and serfdom.Kind smile Vlas author compares with a sunbeam, get rich all around.And a new, previously unexplored feeling came over every man.To celebrate, put another bucket, and the beginning of the song.One of them, "cheerful", performed Grisha - will now be given to its summary.

«Feast" includes several songs about the plight of peasant life.About

bitter lot

At the request of the seminarians gathered remembered folk.It tells the story of how helpless the people to those who influence.So the landlord stole a cow from a peasant, the judge selected the chickens.The unenviable fate of children: girls waiting for the servants, and boys - long service.Bitter sounds in the background of this story is repeated refrain: "Nice people living in Russia holy!".

vahlaki then sang his home - about serfdom.The same sad: cheerful folk soul has not yet been invented.

«corvee": summary

«Feast" tells the story of how life is vahlakam and their neighbors.The first story is about Kalinushka whose back "decorate" the scars - and often heavily flogged - and the stomach from the chaff vspuh.In desperation he goes to the pub and wine suppresses grief - this Saturday goes around comes around his wife.

Next tells the story of how the inhabitants have suffered at Vahlachiny landlords.Day worked as hard, and at night expecting messengers sent for the girls.From shame no longer each other's eyes stare could not exchange a word.

neighboring farmer told how in their parish landowner decided to whip everyone who strong a word to say.Namayalis - because without peasant way.But getting freedom narugalis plenty ...

Chapter "Feast" continues the story of the new hero - Vikentiy Alexandrovich.First served at the Baron, then moved to the tiller.He told his story.

the faithful lackeys

Polivanoff Jacob bought for a bribe village and lived there for 33 years.He was famous for cruelty: to give his daughter in marriage, he immediately chased the young and carved.With other landowners was driven not been greedy, I drank a lot.Jacob's lackeys, who faithfully served him from an early age, for what was hitting the heel in the mouth, and the gentleman in every way holil and pampered.So the two lived to old age.Steel from Polivanova legs hurt, and no treatment helped.They were equipped with play cards but to her sister in the landlords guests to ride.Yakov he hated his master and took them to the guests.Until then everything went peacefully.Yes, only grew the servant and nephew Gregory wanted to marry.When he heard that the bride - Arish, Polivanov was angry: he laid eyes on her.And the keeper of the groom recruits.Jacob greatly offended, washed down.A gentleman was uncomfortable without a faithful servant, whom he called his brother.This is the first part of the story and its summary.

«Feast" Nekrasov continues the story of how Jacob decided to take revenge for his nephew.After a time he returned to his master, he repented and became more serve.That was the only gloomy.One took slave master to visit his sister.On the road suddenly turned to the ravine, where the forest slum, and stood under the pines.When I started to unhitch the horses, frightened landlord pleaded.But James merely laughed angrily and said that he would not dirty their hands murder.Secure the reins in the tall pines and his head in the noose ... The gentleman shouted, rushing, but no one hears.A slave above his head hanging, swinging.Only the next morning saw Polivanova hunter and drove home.Punished master only lamented: "I have sinned!Execute me! ".

dispute about sinners

narrator stopped, and the men began to argue.Some regretted Jacob others - master.And they decide who is the most sinful: publicans, landlords and peasants?The merchant Eremin called robbers, which caused resentment among Klima.Their dispute soon escalated into a fight.Reconcile merchant and peasant decided hitherto sat quietly praying mantis Ionushka.He told his story, which is and will continue to summary chapters "Feast."

about strangers and pilgrims

Ionushka started with the fact that homeless people in Russia are many.Sometimes entire villages begging.Such people do not plow and reap, and sedentary farmers hump barns name.Of course, come across the wicked among them, such as the pilgrim-a thief, or pilgrims, deception approaches to the mistress.Known and an old man, who undertook to teach the girls singing, but only spoil them all.But more often strangers - people unmalicious as Fomushka who live godly, girded with chains and eat only bread.

told Ionushka and Kropilnikove who came to Usolovo, accused the villagers of impiety and urged them to leave the forest.Wanderer asked to submit, then taken to jail, but he insisted that all the waiting in front of the mountain, and even more serious life.Frightened residents were baptized, and the next morning in a neighboring village the soldiers came, and from which went usolovtsam.Thus was fulfilled the prophecy Kropilnikova.

The "Feast" Nekrasov also includes a description of the peasant hut, which stood Zakhozhiy wanderer.The whole family is busy working and listening to measuring it.At some point the old man drops his sandals that are repaired, and she does not notice that pricked her finger.Even children and listen to freeze, his head hanging from the shelf.So do not even acquainted with Russian soul, she is waiting for the sower, which indicates the right way.

About two sinners

And then told Ionushka of the robber, and pane.He heard the story from his father in Solovki Pitirim.

rampaged 12 robbers led Kudeyar.Many people are robbed and killed.But somehow woke up in Ataman's conscience, he began to see the shadows of the dead.Note the time of Captain Kudeyar, beheaded lover, disbanded gang knife buried under an oak tree, and gave the stolen wealth.And he began to sin otmalivat.Many traveled and repent, and come home and settled under a tree.God took pity on him and proclaimed: receive remission once cut down a mighty tree with his knife.A few years hermit cut oak width of three girth.And somehow I pulled him rich pan.Glukhov smiled and said that we have to live by his principles.He added that worships only women love wine, many slaves ruined, and sleeps quietly.Coverage Kudeyar anger, and he plunged his knife into the breast Pan.At the same moment I fell a mighty oak.Thus, the poem "Who Lives Well in Russia" shows, as a former thief is forgiven after the punishment of evil.

On peasant sin

Ionushku listened, thinking.And Ignatius reiterated that all the same great sin - the peasant.Klim was outraged, but then also said, "Tell me."That's what kind of story heard men.

One admiral received from the Empress for faithful service in the possession of eight thousand souls.But before his death the elder handed the casket, which was his last wish: to release all the serfs at will.But came a distant relative, who after the funeral, called his old age.Learning about the casket, he promised Gleb freestyle and gold.The greedy mayor testament burned and condemned all the eight thousand souls to eternal bondage.

buzzing vahlaki "indeed a great sin."And before them all their past and future hard life.Then fell silent and suddenly tightened together "hungry".We offer a brief summary ("Feast" Nekrasov seems to be filled with age-old suffering of the people).There is a tortured man to strip of rye and calls it "Dozrey, mother, eat a loaf mountain will not let anyone".If your gut starved sang a song vahlaki and went to the bucket.Grisha suddenly noticed that the cause of all sins - lining.Klim immediately shouted: "Down with" hungry ".And they talk about lining, praising Grisha.


It was dawn.Ignatius found sleeping at the logs and Vlas called.We went the other guys, and making out a man lying on the ground, began to beat him.When asked strangers for that, he replied: "I do not know.But because of Tiskova punished. "So it turns out - again told the world, then there is him wine.Then the hostess endured cheesecakes yes goose and all pounced on the food.Vahlakov cheer the news that someone was going.

on the cart appeared familiar to all Ovsyannikov - soldiers earn playing the spoons.They asked him to sing.And once again poured bitter story about how a former soldier tried to get a well-deserved retirement.However, he received the wound measured inches and rejected: second-rate.Klim podpel old man, and the people on the penny so for a groschen lumped him a ruble.

End feast

only in the morning began to disperse vahlaki.He took home his father and Savvushka Grisha.They walked and sang about what people's happiness is freedom.The author introduces the story of the life of Tryphon.Economy he did not keep, eating what others share.The wife was caring, but died early.Sons learned in seminary.This is his summary.

«Feast" Nekrasov completes song Grisha.Bringing parents to the house, he went to the field.I remember him alone songs that his mother sang, especially the "Salt."It is no coincidence.Bread could have vahlakov ask, but only buy salt.Forever I sunk into the soul and study: Economy underfed seminarians, taking all yourself.Well aware of the hard peasant life, Grisha has fifteen years decided to fight for the happiness of the poor, but the native Vahlachiny.And now, under the influence of what he heard, he thought about the fate of the people, and ideas poured in a song about the massacre of the landlord, about the hard fate Burlak (saw three loaded barges on the Volga), about squalid and abundant, mighty and impotent Russia, salvation ishe saw in the power of the people.Lights spark, and raised a great army, comprising in itself invincible force.