Yevgeny Bazarov.

In the novel "Fathers and Sons" origin Bazarov described in precise detail.Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev tried to give all possible aspects of his character in certain behavior and actions.In order for the reader to feel a significant difference and saw a "contrast" between the characters, he introduced into the storyline of other characters that were the exact opposite of Bazarov.What was he really?Tell you later in the article.

life story

Origin Bazarov in the novel plays an important role.His parents were strict in human beings, the father worked as a doctor and considered this a very prestigious profession.So when Eugene grew up in the family was not even the question of who he will learn.

mother presented an impoverished noble family, and her behavior it could be clearly traced.No refined manners and excessive pathos.

These features and the mother picked up Bazarov.Though he loved his parents immeasurably, he still had to leave the house and return to teaching after only three years later.Eug

ene decided to take this step because of the fact that his father's teachings hinder career and self-development.

Excessive rigor and care have led to the fact that Bazarov kept to himself, but at the same time was a self-confident person.

Ethnicity, described by the author, also has been a stumbling block in life Bazarov.He regarded himself as not particularly attractive, but his facial features were forced to attract attention, and his smile was too calm and expressed the mind and self-confidence.

peculiar behavior

Origin Bazarov in the novel "Fathers and Sons" nonrandom, the author wanted to show how one can be detached from society and at the same time put yourself head and shoulders above the rest.

addition overconfidence, Eugene did not follow the rules of etiquette, and different excessive brutality.

At university he met with Arkady Kirsanov, his manners were the complete opposite of Bazarov.It is not that the friendship of his much changed, but it has made it much softer and more tolerant towards people.

relationship between Eugene and arcades and formed the basis of the novel, it was a conflict "between the two worlds."Family Kirsanovs belonged to the liberal-conservative flow and market - to the Democrats.

In fact, these uneasy relationship open throughout the nihilistic nature of the work that nurtured all his life Yevgeny Bazarov.The origin of his personal convictions and the nature of the whole depended on the people around them and their relationship to it.

favorite children

Although Eugene and features easy rudeness, but around a young boy loved.In the novel "Fathers and Sons" origin Bazarov described as the appearance of a man who combines negative and positive qualities at the same time.Moreover, they appear very bright.

peasant children who were around him, just tuck behind him.For example, a neighbor boy Mitya admitted charm Bazarov and noted that he feels when a man loves children.

As a doctor Yevgeny Bazarov, the origin of which helps to understand the meaning of a particular product, was great, and his approach to the patient is different.The contact between him and the client arose immediately.

Friends and loved him and marveled at how he could easily bring any conversation back on track, and that he bribed, and covered all of his shortcomings.

His friend Arkady amazed diligence Eugene.He could drop everything and run to work in order to help others.

But the primary goal was to make the young man as a character, which could take the reader, despite the rudeness and complex.

main feature of Bazarov remained ability to love, in spite of all nihilistic beliefs.Author is revealed in a beautiful romantic line with Anna Odintsov.Her independence and willpower bribed and charmed Eugene.But for all the works of these two enveloped indecision.

She was not ready for a serious relationship and lost in doubt, and the young man could not go to take the plunge and confess her feelings.Blame both, but Bazarov all the time was looking for an excuse for his actions.

Spirit Russian human

Bazarov, the origin of which was laid out on the items was a supporter of nihilism - a man who denies all norms of behavior, traditions, values, morality and culture.He adhered to these allegations: life has no truth, no action is preferable to any other, and there is no higher above us creator.

For the author, it was important to convey the spirit of the nation, to the man who is in another country and the reading of this work, was able to understand how diverse can be a Russian.His indestructible character likable people from different strata of the population, it does not matter - you are poor or rich, you can reach out to anyone.

In many ways, the author tried to find positive features, particularly in the nihilism that fond of Yevgeny Bazarov.

The most important thing to aspire to the nihilists - it "happiness", but how much is reasonable to follow that path - it is a moot point.In any case, the goal was achieved, and readers were able to make certain conclusions.

Opinionated Yevgeny Bazarov, the nihilist, the origin of which is very influenced the formation of personality, plays an important role in the work.His image in the novel contains the totality of the character traits of people of a similar type, and shows how excessive rudeness and indecision may affect the destiny of man.