"Okkervil River": a summary of the work of Tatyana Tolstaya

unbearable dullness of life.Where to run?How to escape from it?And maybe dispel using colored dreams?Everyone has their own recipe, which, however, does not guarantee a full recovery and is accompanied by a lot of side effects, such as more viscous, deep disappointment.As they say, we treat one thing, but there is another, no less serious.On this mountain, and the treatment in question in the story of the modern writer Tatyana Tolstaya "Okkervil River" (Summary of the product should be on).


1999.The publishing house "Horseshoe" comes a new collection of short stories by Tatyana Tolstaya rather unusual name "Okkervil River", a summary of which is given in this article.Needless to say that the book was a great success in a wide range of readers.Why is that?As they say, the reason does not like to walk alone and takes a myriad of friends.Therefore, the reasons why the book so quickly found its reader and fell in love with him for many years are many, and one of them - the undoubted talent o

f the author, Tatyana Tolstaya, its poetic style, a bit self-willed, full of epithets, metaphors and unexpected comparisons, it kind of humor,her mysterious, romantic, sad, magical world that comes into collision with a cruel mortal world where something meaningless, oozing melancholy, then gets on with him quite amicably and peacefully, suggesting philosophical reflections.

Synopsis "Okkervil River", Tatyana Tolstaya

The collection includes a story titled "Okkervil River".In short plot of the story is simple.He lives currently in a large "wet, flowing, wind beating at the windows," the city of Petersburg, someone by the name Simeonov - nosed, an aging, balding bachelor.His life was simple and lonely: small flat, boring books with translations of some rare language, and for dinner - vyuzhenny interwindow of processed cheese, and sweet tea.But is it really lonely and bleak as it might seem at first sight?Not at all.After all, he has Faith V. ....

In the story "The River Okkervil", a summary of which can not convey the beauty of the product, its shining, eclipsing half the sky voice coming from an old gramophone, every night telling him words of love, or rather not him, not him she so ardently lovedbut in reality, only to him, only him and her feelings were mutual.Loneliness Simeon Vera Vasilievna was the most blissful, most welcome, most late.With him no one and nothing could match neither the family nor the comfort of home or wait for him here and there, Tamara with her matrimonial snares.He needed only immaterial Vera V., beautiful, young, long pulls on a glove, a small hat with a veil, mysterious and slowly walked along the embankment of the river Okkervil.

Okkervil River (a summary of the work you are reading) - it is the terminus of the tram.Name enticing, but Simeonov never been there, did not know her surroundings, scenery and did not want to know.Maybe it's "quiet, picturesque slow as in a dream world", and can ... That's exactly what "may", probably gray, "marginal, vulgar", once seen, will harden and it will poison their hopelessness.

One autumn

Summary works "Okkervil River" does not end there.One autumn day, buying another rare plate with charming romances Vera Vasilyevna had spekulyanta- "crocodile" Simeonov learns that the singer is alive and well, despite his advanced years, and lives somewhere in Leningrad, though in poverty.The brightness of her talent, as often happens, quickly faded and soon faded, and with it flew away into oblivion diamonds, husband, son, and two flat lover.After this heartbreaking story of two demons in my head started Simeonova serious dispute.One preferred to leave the old woman alone, lock the door, sometimes slightly opening it to Tamara, and continue to live "without the expense" love in moderation, longing to measure the extent of the work.Another, on the contrary, demanded immediately to find poor old and bring happiness to her his love, attention, care, but not for free - instead he finally takes a look in her eyes full of tears, and sees in them only the immense joy and a long-awaited love.

long-awaited meeting

Said - done.Street Address Booth suggested desired address, however, casually and somehow even insulting - just five cents.Market helped with flowers - small, yellow chrysanthemums, wrapped in cellophane.Bakery offered fruit cake, a decent, albeit with a thumb print on the surface of the jelly: Do not worry, the old woman sees bad and probably will not notice ... He called.The door swung open.The noise, the singing, the laughter, the table piled high with lettuce, cucumber, fish, bottles, fifteen laughing and white, awesome, rouged Vera V. telling anecdote.She has a birthday today.Simeon unceremoniously squeezed at the table, picked the flowers, cake and forced to drink the health of the birthday girl.He ate, drank, mechanically smiling: his life was crushed, his "magic diva" stolen, or rather, she gladly gave themselves a steal.On the one she had, beautiful, sad, though bald, but the Prince has exchanged?Fifteen deaths.

Life goes

turns out, the first of each month, fans of amateur Vera Vasilyevna going at it in a communal apartment, listening to old records and help than they can.Asked whether he Simeon private bath, and if so, bring him the "magic diva" to bathe, because there are common, and she loves the passion for bathing.A Simeonov sat and thought: Vera V. died, had to return home to marry Tamar and have every day hot.

The next evening brought to the home of Simeon Vera V. - bathe.After many washings she went all red, steamed, barefoot in a bathrobe, and Simeonov, smiling and braked, went to rinse the bath to wash off the gray pellets and pull out the drain clogged gray hair ...


We read a summary of the "River Okkervil '(Thick T.)?All right.And now advised to open the first page of the story and begin to read the actual text itself.About the dark, cold city, about bachelor feast spread out a newspaper, about ham cutter, about precious interview with Vera Vasilyevna, who so blatantly and unceremoniously tried to destroy ... Tamara.The author spares no ink makes savory strokes, sometimes even too much, prorisovyvaya every detail, capturing the tiniest details, full-bodied and convex.Do not admire the impossible!