"The Executioner": summary.

Kuprin Alexander began writing at the turn of the century.It was quite a difficult time for Russia, and for Europe.Therefore, one of the leading themes in his work becomes a proclamation of humanistic ideals, the immutable and fundamental for all ages.In this context becomes relevant the study of the human soul, caught in the middle of the imperfect world that drew both light and dark side of it.

In 1990, the writer published in "Don Speech" story "Ingolshtadsky executioner."Reviews of the people of the people of this profession have always been negative, but it was such a person becomes Kuprina personification of kindness and responsiveness.A specification of the time and place of the action it is allowed to re-create the natural life situation fits into a certain historical space and attracting the attention of readers to the immutable values.

On the turn of the century

story "The Executioner" - the name later simplified - begins with the difficult political situation in a small town in Bavar

ia - Ingolstadt.By the end of 1199 throughout Germany waged a relentless struggle between two powerful groups: Guelph supporters of the Pope, and their opponents, Ghibellines.It involved residents of the country, starting from the duke to simple peasants.Often the enemy turns out members of one family, and intrigue, treachery, mercenaries become quite commonplace.It seemed that nature itself had to do with the confrontation between people.Such a harsh winter and bound all life frost did not remember even the old-timers, and many people saw in the sky the huge fiery cross, the two moons.All this is to convince astronomers and charlatans foretold end of the world, but such talk has always excited the society.So begins the story A.Kuprin (you read its summary).

«Executioner": a mysterious stranger

date is indicated clearly what is happening.On the night of Christmas to the walls of Ingolstadt came weary traveler.Dressed in a fur, but a ragged coat and fedora, he often turned his back to the wind and tried to catch my breath.The situation is complicated snowdrifts in which people sometimes linked to the knee.At first glance, clothing gave a complete picture of his personality.However, the appearance of a stranger rather poor little match the heavy boots and a sword hidden under a suit, points out that it is not just a burger or a small tenant.

Many stories Kuprin differ dramatically and emotion story.These features can be seen in "Executioner".The traveler who stops at the pit on all sides surrounding the city, noted with displeasure that the bridge had been raised.But he apparently knew the terrain, as immediately went further.After about two hundred yards along the moat, the stranger began to steadily climb down, utaptyvaya front of snow.It took at least an hour before he was on the other side.Getting out of the pit, a traveler found in his pocket a rope from it built a solid loop, which threw a barb palisade.A few minutes later he deftly climbed over the fence and was in Ingolstadt.

inhospitable hosts

City seemed to be extinct.People on the street were not, and all the gates and doors was locked.Only here and there through the cracks in the doors and shutters penetrated light of the fire.

story "The Executioner" Kuprin continued describing failed attempts to find a place for the hero of the night.First, a stranger came up to the big house and knocked on the door.We had to wait a long time.Finally, the owner asked irritably through the door, who is the devil brought.At the guest's request to let him into the house, he categorically refused and swearing.To heighten the fear has threatened to pull the dogs.On this traveler said swearing and said, "Look, Mr. Mayor, that you sing a different tune tomorrow."Not such a simple vagabond turned hero of the story - this conclusion sums described the conversation and its summary.

«Executioner" continue the dialogue guards who overheard lurking in the door niche traveler.They talked about what life in the city became very bad after the expulsion Ghibellines Duke Henry, and that they are willing to do anything for his return.These words caused a satisfied smile from a stranger who looked strangely at fever-ridden face.

old custom

traveler walked around the whole city, but everywhere and close to the house a rich and a poor shack - heard in response to the request to put to sleep only to abuse.This behavior of local residents explained the words of one old woman.She said the unexpected guest that tomorrow is ready to take it and feed the most delicious dishes.But today, on Christmas Eve, so, along with a guest, she will admit to his house all his troubles.Not a soul around Ingolstadt no pity on frozen, hungry traveler - this is the conclusion which brings the story of the work and its summary."Executioner" shows how popular superstition could cause unhappiness.Viator already quite exhausted: his legs would not obey him, and his eyes were closed on the go.A little more - and he could fall to the snow, never to rise.

standing alone in the house and its inhabitants

Finding shelter hero of the story came to the Danube itself.Suddenly, away from buildings, he saw quite big and solid house, stands out against the background of poor shacks built on the outskirts.Around him there was no fence, so a stranger could walk up to the window, not shuttered, and look inside.In the room, he saw the following picture.At the table sat a man, tall, with broad shoulders and neck, with huge hands.Everything in his appearance betrayed "the terrible physical force," - said Alexander Kuprin.But the thing that caught my eye traveler - very dark, mottled wrinkled face.The stranger it seemed as if he had never touched a smile.Next to the table was a teenage girl, and ministered to the owner.

host country

traveler knocked on the door and received permission to enter.He was in a very hot room and smelled of fried meat.Suddenly, the owner broke abuse, from which it followed that today and tomorrow, he does not intend to work.But seeing that oboznalsya, I hesitated.He never refused a guest, which acknowledged master in the shelter, but expressed concern about the wisdom of his stay here.This meant that the visitor will leave the house immediately, as soon learns, who lives in it.However, tired and hungry traveler did not ask questions, but only said that he does not care about training the owner.Sitting at the table, guests proceeded to the meal.


eats meat stranger did not immediately notice that the owner stands in the middle of the room and sits down to the table.He started to say that he feels uncomfortable because someone else interrupted repast.But the man refused to join him, and for some time a guest had left him alone.Only after a while, when the traveler is satisfied, drank fragrant wine and felt the bliss after a few days of wandering, he looked back at the owner.That gives him a sense of gratitude and a strange pity.Suddenly, the stranger got up from the table, introduced himself: "Henry II, Leo Anna ..." and commanding voice ordered the landlord to give his name.The latter fell before him on the floor and cried helplessly that he was Charles Eisenman, a local butcher.Reviews of his lesson was not exactly good.This explains why he was afraid to introduce soon.

Unexpected outcome

Duke frowned at first, but immediately took out his sword and struck the flat owner's shoulder.This procedure was a knight.So ends the story - you've read his summary - "The Executioner."It only remains to add that Karl von Eisenman died as a hero, defending his Duke.After the death of the former executioner of the city of Ingolstadt stopped and his family, as he had no sons.

Features novels

Kuprin stories often tell of the personality endowed with the best moral qualities.Moreover, they are carriers of unremarkable appearance people.A similar situation can be seen in this work.

in troubled world full of cruelty and human indifference, to help a stranger comes to the traveler all the despised and rejected by the executioner.By occupation, and obedience to the will of another, he is forced to take the lives of the condemned, because it seems heartless.But hostility and hatred-ridden Ingolstadt that have been forgotten concepts of honor and duty, only one Eisenman is capable of compassion and humanity.He does not die a complete stranger, and in response to the governor of Saxony evinces him respect, recognizing the right to a dignified death and forgiveness - an important moment for the Middle Ages.

So heroes stories Kuprin proclaim the love and trust of the people, the greatness of their thoughts and actions.