Gorky, "The Legend of Danko": summary

Romanticism, fortitude and incredible love of freedom - a legend of Danko.Summary of the story of Maxim Gorky "Old Isergil" often includes a retelling of the freedom-loving Danko, although in this work, there are other interesting characters.

Romance and love of freedom

All Works of Maxim Gorky, which were written in the early period of his work, contain a lot of reflections on the meaning of life.The author appears to us the sublime romantic who is in love with powerful people.Beautiful and a cautionary tale - this is the legend of Danko, a summary of which is given below.

narrative structure

Gorky wrote this amazing story, a parable in 1895.It consists of three independent parts.In the product there are two main characters - the author himself, on behalf of which the story is told, and the old woman Izergil, who told him stories on the beach.Legend of Danko, a summary of which is necessary to know every educated person, structurally consists of three parts.This is the story of Larry, the son

of the eagle, which has no internal rod, cold and full of pride.This is the legend of Danko, who is ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom.And the third part - a story about the hard life of the Old Isergil.

arrogance and pride

analysis of the legend of the story of Danko Gorky is not quite complete, if the first did not talk about the first hero of the story - Larry.He is very proud and freedom-loving, but he thinks only of his own advantage and convenience.He wants to enjoy all the benefits, but it does not give anyone in return.He is extremely selfish, his unbridled desire to overwhelm, he did not know of compassion and did not know what real love is.

daughter of one of the elders rejected his feelings, and he is in a fit of rage kills her.People are punished him - expelled from their society away, doomed to eternal wandering and loneliness.He begins to miss, the only thing he yearns with all his heart - is to find death.He was even ready to kill himself - but fate has doomed him to immortality.People leave him alone in the desert, soon from him is only a shadow on the ground.

Life old woman

ability to empathize, to find the most ordinary things in an element of romance and lofty sentiments - this appears to readers early Gorky M. Synopsis Danko, this beautiful legend, the author anticipates a story about the life of the Old Isergil.The second part of this remarkable story is somewhat autobiographical character.Old Isergil led a stormy life, she traveled a lot and saw a lot of people.She herself had a mad pride and loved to play on the feelings of the people to use them to achieve their goals.When she loved a man, give something back to this passion once and for all, I was ready for this man for everything.She could not even kill a man, to free his beloved from captivity.But the feeling was quickly extinguished, then she turned back to someone who has recently been so dear to her.

And only at the end of the life of an old woman realized that happiness - it is not in the passions, not in strong feelings, and in the quiet of family life, when there are a beloved husband and children are welcome.Alas, life has passed, but nothing that the old woman not.

live for someone

Yet most importantly, a key place in this story takes the legend of Danko.AMGorky could so shrill and frankly describe the story that she ever entered the world literature as an example of the style.

Long ago, evil enemies decided to expel people from their native lands, and sent them to live in deep forests.No one dared to complain.And only the brave Danko young, courageous and indomitable, he decided to get people out of the woods.His energy, he inspired people and led them in a hard way.At first, people were energetic and confident.But their strength ebbed, the storm began, willows crowd louder murmur arose - why we embarked on this difficult path?In their troubles they accused Danko, who persuaded them to go on the road.And not to go further, they decided to kill smelchaka.Kak do in this situation?To persuade?Persuade?Beg continue going forward?No.Danko, this bold, handsome, ripped out of his chest his heart, raised it above his head.He highlighted the way the people.And it was so striking that the people went after him.Forest ended, the goal is achieved, here it is, the freedom!

But people here have forgotten about Danko, as if he was not his merit that they have found long-awaited freedom.

moral and output

This is just a small beautiful romantic retelling of the story summary.Gorky, the legend of Danko which has become very popular and has become a proverb, very subtly and beautifully describes all aspects of the human soul.The dark corners of it, where there is a place of pride, narcissism, fear, and the bright side of human nature, as for high-end hero is ready to sacrifice his life.

In this amazing story is the most important thing - the wisdom of life, the destiny of man, the good that does not always win, and the evil that disguises itself in decent clothes.To live not for themselves, but for others - that is the main message of a literary work.And even if it did not appreciate the people around you at once.But it is imperative your soul - to sacrifice himself for the sake of freedom.

After all, in essence, three heroes - and the old woman Izergil, and Larry and Danko - very similar to each other in their spiritual qualities.All of them are proud, purposeful, all live more passion.But a lot depends on where to direct your energy, how to dispose of his gift, how to apply their makings of a leader.

Larry decided to dedicate his life only, do not take rejection.As a result, he was expelled from the society and received the worst punishment - alone.
Old Isergil, overwhelmed by passions, was ready to make sacrifices, but it is too soon loses interest in her lover.And in search of its second half, she never found love or peace.

Only Danko, this brave brave, not afraid to give his life for others.Freedom and independence for it stood in the first place.And for a sacrifice of the dominant concepts, he was ready to give the most precious - their lives.

this reason became very popular legend of Danko.Summary of the story "Old Isergil" does not convey the beauty and elegance of style.And it is worth noting that in this work, Maxim Gorky appears as a virtuoso possession word.

beautiful, touching, sad and at the same time, life-affirming story propelled by Maxim Gorky on the literary Olympus and became an instant classic of Russian literature.