Lermontov, "Ashik Kerib."

Tale "Ashik Kerib" Mikhail Lermontov wrote during his exile in the Caucasus, where he immediately became interested in the study of folklore.And no wonder.Nature proud of the Caucasus, with its beautiful and picturesque landscape of mountains and babbling rivers in the valleys served as a true inspiration for the poet.Once he had heard very ancient oriental legend about love so impressed him that he decided to recreate it in its artistic treatment.Now, many are wondering about where to find a summary of the "Ashik Kerib."It's enough to read this article.This is where you can find a short story of this original and very wise piece.

Lermontov, "Ashik Kerib."Summary plot

Once, many years ago, in the city of Tiflis was a rich merchant.And he had much of all wealth, but the most valuable treasure for him was his daughter rasprekrasno Magul-Megeri.One day she fell in love with a very poor boy Ashik Kerib, but even he could not dream of a luxurious bride, because all he could - is to play the saz and his

songs glorify the ancient warriors of Turkestan.

But once, when he slept under a vineyard, very close to him came Magul-Megeri that just walked with her friends.

poor Ashik immediately admitted that the beauty of love, wishing that she could never marry him.But Magul said that his father give as much money as they have enough for two.However, the man was very proud and did not want to be dependent on her father, then to avoid accusations.

little distracted from the story a fairy tale, certainly, we note that with great interest and love Lermontov wrote "Ashik Kerib."Summary further shows that the story is developing very rapidly.Events unfold in unexpected ways.

Wanderings in foreign lands

Enamored guy decided to get away from these places and start to wander in exile in the hope of ever getting rich.He swears to his Magul-Megeri that he would return for her as soon as the rich.She gives him a period of seven years, and if it is time for it will not come back, she would marry a rich Kurshud Bey.

guy wandered long and barely earned its livelihood.But once he heard the sweet singing of the great Pasha, who took him to his serve in the palace.

Expected riches and honor

Then decorate surprising twist Lermontov "Ashik Kerib."Summary continues that Ashik Kerib suddenly became rich and forgot his promise.Magul-Megeri seeing that allotted time comes to an end, the merchant sends to distant lands and gives him a gold dish to find its owner.And seeing a dish Ashik Kerib immediately thought of the beloved and immediately zasobiralsya off.But, alas, the time inevitably going forward, and he knew he just did not have time to the appointed date.In desperation, he wanted to fold over the cliff, but suddenly appeared a rider on a white horse Haderiliaz (George) has decided to help him.And Ashik Kerib minute miracle was in Tiflis.Magul-Megeri was already in a smart dress, crying in despair, but ready for the wedding with Kurshud-Beck.And then suddenly there was her lover, who upset all the plans of the groom.But no long mourned, Kurshud-Beck quickly betrothed new bride - sister Magul-Megeri.So all were satisfied and happy.

«Ashik Kerib" Lermontov and Armenian records parable

Regarding this tale was a lot of controversy.All disputes: and lermontovedov and folklorists, and Orientalists - about the origin of this legend parable.Some believe that its plot is taken from Azerbaijan Dastan, the Georgians found there own characteristics, the Armenians gave their version and recording.But we, the readers, this question is not very much and it is important.Now this work is translated into different languages: Armenian, Azeri, Kabardian, Georgian and so on. D.

That's what a thorn loaded Lermontov "Ashik Kerib."Summary - this is only the smallest part of this well-known work, so it's worth to read it completely.After Lermontov always been able to create a masterpiece that will be counted more than one generation of people.