Memories and opinions on Lermontov greats : the thoughts of writers, philosophers and poets of the brightest representatives of Russian literature

Mikhail Lermontov is one of the brightest representatives of Russian literature.He wrote a very thoughtful speech, great poems, dramatic poem.This is not just a writer or a poet - a person with a capital letter.And many of his followers and contemporaries composed whole utterances about Lermontov.The most famous of them are worth considering.

Thoughts Belinsky

very interesting statements about Lermontov, Belinsky owned.But before you start looking at them, it should be noted that Vissarion was a revolutionary democrat, and more, he wrote under the influence of conciliation.So what are some of his statements on Lermontov contradict each other.Belinsky was a complex man, and his thoughts - respectively.But the less interesting they become.

Interestingly, many of the works of Lermontov became what Belinsky helped get rid of agitated his delusions.This was said by many scholars, literary critics of the Soviet era.However, Vissarion did not write any articles devoted to Lermontov.Although it is not

just about.But his statements about Lermontov show that this man had great respect for the writer.He writes that his work - this is not melancholy, disbelief and dreary, but the real power of thought and detailed analysis.It's served as a weapon in the fight for an entirely new ideology.For that, without which we would have to create anything new.Belinsky felt it very thinly.

He also pointed out that this verse to the poet was merely a means of expressing his thoughts, which, despite its depth, struck the simple truth.It should cite one of many statements Belinsky.He, like many other figures did not hesitate to compare this with the great poet Alexander Sergeyevich and put it this way: "Pushkin - intimacy and grace, and Lermontov - a sharp and stinging strength steel transparency and incredible ease of expression."Many critics, studying the statements of Lermontov belonging Vissarion claim that he sympathized with him more than Pushkin.

Opinions great

Considering statements of poets Lermontov, it should be noted attention to the words that belong to publicists.These people are in a special way to the question of criticism and analysis of the works of other authors - more meticulously, carefully and objectively.For example, Alexander Herzen, Russian writer and philosopher, said that Lermontov - is one of the prophets of our Russian people.Nikolai Chernyshevsky confidently declared that the writer and his work has played a huge role in the literature and in the development of social thought.He and his close friend Dob almost knew by heart the lyrics from the pen of Lermontov.

Foreign leaders of the great Russian poet

It is worth noting that there are statements about Lermonteve mngochislennye owned by foreign writers, translators, and philosophers.The famous German poet Friedrich Bodenshtedt, for example, was a great admirer of Lermontov.He said that artistic truth, which is why so masterfully expressed in his works, one can not penetrate.Bodenshtedt argued that Lermonov though a subjective poet, objectivity he was not to occupy.He was able to reflect the truth of their time in their own works, showing all his cheesy and good features.That's what the great poet spoke German writer.

Ivan Turgenev and his memories of Lermontov

Not all the great statements on Lermontov as interesting as those that belong to no less than the great literary figures of Ivan Turgenev.He recalled with pleasure his meetings with Mikhail Yurevich.Ivan Turgenev wrote that he had seen him only twice: "His appearance was something gloomy, tragic and sinister in it felt an evil force and brooding contempt. From swarthy face and dark motionless eyes exuded passion. Power, comes from Him, everyone present felt. His eyes did not laugh when he laughed. "And that's not all, he writes about Lermontov, Ivan Sergeyevich.But one thing can be stated with certainty.Absolutely all the figures of the time, and later - they respected Mikhail Yurevich.This is truly one of the brightest representatives of Russian literature of the XIX century.