Sasha Cherny, "Prisoner of the Caucasus".

offer a summary of the story "The Prisoner of the Caucasus."Sasha Black, the author makes his characters children first read Tolstoy's work of the same name.Their experience and embodiment of the history of the game in Zilina are the basis of the plot.


story begins an extensive exhibition.His characters live on the banks of a small river Krestovka, which flows into the Neva.On this spring day it was crowded - many came to the pier to enjoy the freshness of nature and experience the rebirth of life.This Visitors English rowing club, and rinse the laundry laundress, and mischievous boy and an old man in a punt, and very old grandmother on the balcony ... Peaceful life further emphasizes the thrill of girls, which continue to tell Sasha Cherny.Prisoner of the Caucasus - a summary of the work it will show - called in their soul empathy and compassion.

Inhabitants wing

Red kitten on a desk.Many books and portraits of writers.Ficus leaves with freshly scrubbed.Open the door to the dining room

, which could be seen a buffet with dishes, matryoshka on a tiled stove, oval table with children's drawings.So it describes the office, located in a wing of the long, Sasha Cherny.

¬ęPrisoner of the Caucasus", a summary of which you are reading, goes on to describe the sisters, Vali and Katyushas.Against the backdrop of universal joy they looked distressed and angry: the older, even a tear glistening on her cheek.The reason for this sentiment was that they finished reading the story "The Prisoner of the Caucasus" Tolstoy.

power of imagination

history Zilina sisters perceived as an absolute truth, and therefore caused great excitement.In addition, the house had neither mother nor baby-sitting, which would have explained: you can really torture people?Soothing one: the hero escaped, and so for him everything turned out well.And the day was so good that for a long time did not want to be sad.They are once again reminded of the story summary.Prisoner of the Caucasus (Sasha Black builds further on this subject), freed, able to capture themselves Tatars.And then painfully carve them, or show mercy and release on all four sides.Dean, in the opinion of girls ought to award a medal and teach literacy.Valentina figured out how to be baptized, and then she will marry Zilina.Happy that now everything is going so much fun, the sisters went to the street.

fun game

The garden Valya and Katusha stopped at the pits.They understood each other without words, was to distribute the roles.Everyone wanted to be Dinah, because at first they decided to stay and take the Tatars captured Bear, toddler janitor.Then they will be able to throw it into the pit, and then start saving.Kostylin to become Tuzik, runs next to the girls and wheeled tail.These were fantasies Wali and Katya, remembering summary."Prisoner of the Caucasus" (by Sasha Cherny said that the Bear immediately agreed to come into play) rushed to the rod forward, not wanting to be wounded.Girls Tatars had the power to take him prisoner, and drag to the pit.To make it softer, Valya brought a rug, and now captured "Jilin" and "Kostylin" is conveniently located in the pit.It remains to write a message to their relatives.Because Bear was still illiterate, did the girls.Sign with the ransom they took the janitor.Here are just prisoners behaved properly: they had fun and did not try to escape.So continues the story of Sasha Cherny.

¬ęPrisoner of the Caucasus": a summary of the outcome of the game

now Valya and Katyusha turned into Tatar girls.They brought toys out of the lodge and threw them into the pit: Bear had to exchange them for tortillas.Then, the three jewels in the kitchen patty, but two of them are on the move caught Tuzik, so the third gave "Zilina" on a stick.Then rescuer was lowered into the pit of a long pole, but the prisoners did not want to run.It helps neither shouts nor orders, and eventually sister also jumped into the pit and waited for the night.They remembered a summary of the tale: Prisoner of the Caucasus - Sasha Black is quoted Tolstoy - had to flee when the stars.And the shoes of boards has not stuffed.


When the mother returned with a nanny, they've been looking for the children.Yes, even the janitor brought incomprehensible plate with a record of redemption.Adults were alarmed, and ran out into the garden, where before they heard voices of girls out of the pit.And sister, and Bear, and Fido were very happy by telling that they - Prisoner of the Caucasus.

Valya and Katyusha went home, clinging to her mother.They did not understand how could such a story in the morning they seem sad.Now they perceived it as "cheerfully ... thing."Thus ends the narration Sasha Cherny."Prisoner of the Caucasus", a summary of which is discussed in detail, was the beginning of children's fun and memorable games.