Kuprin, "Taper".

In 1990, "Odessa News" published his new work Kuprin."Taper" - a summary of the story is offered in the article - about the issue of the art and its creators.The action takes place in Moscow and refers to 1885.At first glance, this is a common story of a poor musician.The task of the author has been more - to show how the case could change the destiny of man, and diligence, hard work and talent are the true beginning of life, aimed at serving people.

Preparing for the New Year

Rudnev in the house preparing to celebrate Christmas trees.For the first time in the twelve participated Tina, who was worried about the holiday unit.It was with its appearance begins the work of Kuprin.Taper, she said, has not yet come, and the guests should arrive already.The eldest of the sisters - they put on their clothes - was Lydia.She noticed with displeasure that the more noise and confusion in the house is because of Tina.All hope remained Tatiana, to distinguish between good and gentle nature.

House Rudnev

disorderly, hospitable and noisy - so characterizes family Arkady Nikolayevich in the story "Taper" Kuprin.Heroes, except the hostess, welcomes friends and strangers at any time.They always have someone staying for a long time.On holidays are not removed from the table: a crowd of visitors, especially young people, are constantly replaced by others.

Arkady Nikolaevich frequently lost in the English club, and when he returned with a good prize, organized fun trip out of town.His wife, Irina, a rich and noble princess by birth, did not approve of entertainment, so almost never left his room.Meanwhile, all his life was jealous of her husband that was understandable.Merry, the famous gourmet, a player, a lover of art, he looked after fifty handsome and had a reputation as a ladies' man.

It portrays his characters in the story Kuprin.

¬ęTaper": a summary of the episode on the preparations for the Christmas tree

Tina is not worried in vain.Arkady Nikolaevich loved to arrange everything in the best way.But this time there was a misunderstanding.By Ryabov, who usually plays at Rudnev, sent late, and his band he has been busy.The musician, appreciated the respect of the family, hoping to find time, but could not.As a result, the head of the family ordered to find a good pianist, that was not done.While the servants were looking for the extreme, there was Tatiana Arkadevna immediately having taken matters into their own hands.She has written several addresses from the newspaper and sent them Duniasha maid - said Kuprin.

¬ęTaper" - a summary of which you are reading - goes on to describe the first guests Rudnev and anxiety, especially Tina.Finally, Tatiana decided that, in extreme cases, will play itself, alternating with Aunt Sonia, which caused an ironic remark older sister.

Little musician

At this point, reported that DUNYASHA waits in front.Released to her Tatyana saw near the maid lean and pale boy with an ugly but expressive face.All betrayed him shy and proud man - said Kuprin.Taper said that he was fourteen, and it is quite cope with the task, as has spoken to the guests throughout the evening.When Lydia with irony and disbelief began to ask what kind of music he can play in the boy's eyes flashed anger and mockery.Tatiana and Tina immediately tried to correct the situation and pulled pianist in the room.

Excellent performance

saw the musician Arkady Nikolaevich too, at first hesitated, but when he heard "Hungarian Rhapsody", came to him and asked gently, not hard for him to play the whole evening.

celebration was in full swing when the hall went Arkady Nikolayevich and a stranger, all kind of stating that he was imperious, stubborn and could easily conquer any audience.He listened to the young musician playing a bored and Rudnev whispered something in his ear.At some point in the Jura I felt that the stranger standing next to him.He then asked once again play a rhapsody.The first chords sounded hesitant, but soon pianist completely gave music and already he knew better than never performed.A gloomy face of Anton G. becoming lighter.When Rhapsody was over, the stranger was not in the hall, and Rudnev came to the boy and handed him an envelope.On the objections of the Jura, he said that now there was a great Rubinstein and became interested in his game.

Soon the little musician in a shabby uniform, became known throughout the country, but never told anyone he was not that he talked a great composer in the winter evening - so ends Kuprin "Taper", a summary of which is given here.