"Apples of the Hesperides": a summary of the myth

ancient literature includes many stories about heroes and their adventures, their battles and wanderings, the gods who helped the man, it remained indifferent to the cruelty.One of these heroes is Hercules - the legendary son of Zeus the Thunderer and the earthly woman Alcmene.But fame was not of divine origin, and his actions.Labors of Hercules (the apples of the Hesperides - the twelfth and final in a row) - this is the story of the incredible difficulties that had to overcome a hero.But first things first.

little background

Myth "Apples of the Hesperides" (summary of it given below) tells the story of one of the most difficult feats of the ancient hero.But before you talk about its essence, should tell us about the character.Hercules was the son of Zeus and the earthly woman.Before the birthday boy Thunder predicted his power over the world.But the jealous Hera, the wife of the god, it is not pleasant.Stealth and cunning she made so that Hercules went into exile and was forced to serve the king E

urystheus, cowardly and faint-hearted person.Fearing family member, the governor sent him to perform silly tasks, hoping that he did not come back.But every time Hercules was returning victorious.

new job

Myth "Apples of the Hesperides", a summary of which we will consider begins with the fact that the king is a hero to him immediately after his return.At this time, it sends Hercules on the edge of the earth, where no one knew the way.Eurystheus ordered at this time, so he brought him the golden apples from the Garden covenant.In the garden, which was looking daughter titanium Atlanta, grew a tree, nurtured, and a gift from Gaia to Hera on her wedding day with Zeus.The fruits of it could not snatch any of mortals, and go into the garden was forbidden.Hero had nowhere to go, he is once again going on a long journey to fulfill the order.

Myth "Apples of the Hesperides" says that Hercules first had to find their way to the secret garden.Whom he inquired, but no one, no wise old man or polubozhestva could not know.Forest nymph advised to ask the hero of the sea god Nereus.Catching his sleep on the bank and holding it in his hands (God resisted and tried to escape), the son of Zeus learn.Do not delay a moment longer, he went to the north.

Ā«Apples of the Hesperides": summary

Finally, Hercules got on the end of the world, where an unusual apple tree grew.In the place where a river Eridanus, and Atlanta was holding on his shoulders the vault of heaven.Shaking hands with titanium, he told him who he was and why granted.It turned out that the Hesperides is the daughter titanium, so he volunteered to help Hercules.

Myth "Apples of the Hesperides" says that Atlas (or Atlas) shifted on the shoulders of Hercules in the sky, and himself, straightened his back, went into the garden.For a long time it was not, the hero stiff muscles, and sweat poured forehead.It is only allowed to help Athens to withstand this weight.Finally he appeared titanium, carrying a shiny fruit.He offered to take them to Eurystheus, but Hercules figured out that the way Atlas tries to wriggle out of their work.Resorting to trickery, he returned to the sky on his shoulders Atlanta, raised apples and hurried home.


Myth "Apples of the Hesperides", a summary of which we are considering, the hero ends up returning to Mykonos.However, the king was not pleased Hercules and his offering apples he did not accept, and drove the servant.Hercules also gave the fruit to Athena, and she returned to the garden of their daughters Atlanta.

the final task of the king Eurystheus, Hercules was free.But fame has long been walking in front of him.Everyone admired the courage and strength, endurance and ingenuity of the hero, and he did not stop to help people.