"Kroshechka-Havroshechka": a summary of the tale

Russian people - it is astonishing the keeper of the treasure, which is called folklore.They include riddles, nursery rhymes, proverbs, sayings, and most importantly - the fairy tale.

Russian folk tales - "Kroshechka-Havroshechka", "Geese-swans", "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf" (it is not the whole list) are known to every child and adult.They are built on the basic pattern: first, the hero finds himself in a difficult situation, then it makes a magical thing, then he fights with disabilities, and all ends well.Some Russian fairy tales have counterparts in other countries, but nevertheless, they are unique and interesting.

One of the most interesting tales - "Kroshechka-Havroshechka", a summary of which we now consider.

fate of orphans

fate of the abandoned girls are not all the time is described in Russian fairy tales.So Kroshechka-Havroshechka falls to the evil mistress.She does not have parents, it grows in the family, which it watered and fed.The hostess has three daughters - One-eye, Dvu

glazka, Three-eyes.They tithe-Havroshechka have to work.

So living patient and meek Kroshechka-Havroshechka.Summary can not do without a second main character - Spotty cow.

Subsequent events

From morning to night tithe-Havroshechka to work: a place to clean up, wash the hostess and her daughters.Hostess girl gives an impossible, impossible burden.Kroshechka-Havroshechka always comes to the mass of orders in the field, embracing cow Pestuhu and complains about her destiny.Pestuha - the only fairy tale characters who genuinely sympathizes poor girl.Cow comforts tithe-Havroshechka: "Climb, - he says - in my right ear and come out to the left."So did the girl, and a miracle happened!Canvas weave themselves and bleached.Then the hostess decided that this is no accident.She sent the eldest daughter first, then the middle, followed by younger trace the tithe-Havroshechka.Three-eye third eye has seen, what makes a girl.Then the hostess told me to immediately kill Pestrushka.

Last mandate Spotty

I learned about the order Kroshechka-Havroshechka, ran to his favorite cow and began to cry.Spotty calmed her and told her not to eat meat, and collect seeds and bury them in the garden.The girl did so.In addition to meat cows hostess did not give her to eat, but Kroshechka-Havroshechka suffered.She gathered all the bones in his favorite handkerchief and carefully planted in the garden.

wonderful fairy tale ending "Kroshechka-Havroshechka┬╗

Summary tale comes to an amazing climax.In place of the buried bones cow appeared wonderful apple.Most sweet and delicious apples grown on it, and the whole village was surprised and extolled.It so happened that in one of the serene days past the apple drove the prince.He wanted to taste the apple, and he said, daughters hostess that marries the one who will bring him all the desired fruit.One-eye ran - apple tree branches tore her face.Ran Dvuhglazka - ruffled her apple spit ran Three-eyes - could not reach the fruit.As soon as the Kroshechka-Havroshechka, apple she leaned over its branches, and the prince gave the girl an apple.He married her.

This is a summary of the fairy tale "Kroshechka-Havroshechka."Fans of Russian folklore notice that all fairy tales have a happy ending.It happened in the fairy tale "Kroshechka-Havroshechka."Summary confirmation: Prince picks up the girl in his palace, and they live happily ever after.

Tales - is one of the most valuable treasures belonging to the Russian folklore.They need to know both children and adults.They bring in people kindness and honesty.Tale "Kroshechka-Havroshechka" learns to be patient towards people, to respect other people's labor.And to be kind and unselfish, that happiness is sure to come, and if evil is to answer the good, the good will return to double size.