Summary of the "Russian character" A. Tolstoy

«Russian character!Go and describe it ... "- with these wonderful, heartfelt words begins the story" Russian character "by Alexei Tolstoy.Indeed, is it possible to describe, measure, define what is beyond words and feelings?Yes and no.Yes, because to speak, to talk, to try to understand, to learn the essence of everything one needed.This, if I may say so, the impulses bumps and turns that make life a perpetual motion machine.On the other hand, no matter how much we did not talk, we still can not reach the bottom.This depth is infinite.How to describe the Russian character, which words to choose?You can on the example of the heroic feat.But how to choose which to prefer?After all, so many of them, it's hard not to get lost.

Alexei Tolstoy, "Russian character": an analysis of the product

During the war, Alexei Tolstoy creates a wonderful collection "Stories of Ivan Sudareva", consisting of seven small stories.They are all united by one theme - the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, one idea - admirat

ion and worship of patriotism and heroism of the Russian people, and one of the main character, on whose behalf and conducted narrative.This is - a seasoned trooper Ivan Sudarev.Last ends the whole cycle, it is the story of the "Russian character".Alexei Tolstoy with it summarizes what was said earlier.He - a bottom line to everything, what was said above, all the arguments and thoughts of the author about the Russian man, the Russian soul, Russian character: the beauty, the depth and strength - is not a "vessel in which a void," and "fire flickeringin the vessel. "

theme and idea of ​​the story

From the first lines of the author refers to the theme of the story.Of course, we will focus on the Russian character.Quote of the product: "I just want to talk to you about the Russian character ..." And here we hear the notes not to doubt, but rather regret that the shape of the product is so small and limited - a short story, which is not elected by the authorspan.A theme and title very much "meaningful."But nothing to do, because I want to say ...

ring composition of the story makes it distinctly clear idea of ​​the work.And in the beginning and at the end we read reflections on beauty.What is beauty?Physical attractiveness is clear to everyone, it is on the surface, it is necessary only to lend a hand.No, she did not care about the narrator.He sees the beauty in the other - in the soul, in character, in his actions.It is especially evident in the war, when death is constantly beside spins.Then people become better, person 'peels which have only nonsense, husks, like skin, dead skin after sunburn ", and does not disappear, and persists only one - the kernel.It is clearly seen in the main character - in a silent, quiet, simple Yegor Dremov, his elderly parents, in a beautiful and faithful bride Catherine, in a tank driver Chuvilova.

exposure and tie

Duration of the story - the spring of 1944.Liberation War against the fascist invaders in full swing.But she was not an actor, but rather background, dark and harsh, but it is clearly evident, and paint amazing love, kindness, friendship and beauty.

The exhibition provides a summary of the main face of the current story - Yegor Dremov.He was a simple, modest, quiet, low-key.He spoke little, especially not like "rant" about the military exploits so shy talking about love.Only once casually mentioned his bride - the girl a good and true.From this point you can begin to describe the summary of the "Russian character" of Tolstoy.It is noteworthy here that Ivan Suzdal, which is conducted on behalf of the narrative, met with Yegor after his terrible wounds and plastic surgery, but in the description it is not a single word about the physical shortcomings of fellow.On the contrary, he sees only the beauty, "spiritual affection," admires him when he jumps off the armor on the ground - "the god of war."

continue to disclose a summary of the "Russian character" of Tolstoy.The plot of the story - it is a terrible wound Yegor Dremova during the battle of Kursk.His face was almost ssazheno, and even in some places could see the bone, but he survived.He restored the eyelids, lips, nose, but that was a different person.


climactic scene - the arrival of a brave soldier home on leave after the hospital.Rendezvous with the father and mother, the bride - with the closest people in his life, turned out not the long-awaited joy and bitter inner loneliness.He could not, he dared not admit to old parents that stands before them a man with a disfigured appearance and a strange voice is their son.It is impossible to The old mother's face quivered desperately.However, it cherished the hope that the mother and father do recognize him, without explanation guess who came to them, and then it will be broken by this invisible barrier.But this did not happen.We can not say that the maternal heart of Mary Polikarpovna really did not feel anything.His hand with the spoon while eating, his movement - the seemingly minute details did not escape from her gaze, but she still has not figured it out.And here still and Katerina bride Yegor, is not something that has not recognized it, and at the sight of the terrible face-masks and sat scared.It was the last straw, and the next day he left home.Of course, there was also resentment, and frustration, and despair, but he decided to sacrifice their feelings - it is better to leave, fenced off, so as not to frighten her most loved ones.Summary of the "Russian character" Tolstoy does not stop there.

denouement and conclusion

One of the main features of the Russian character, Russian soul is a sacrificial love.That it is the sense of true, unconditional.Love is not for something or for something.This irresistible, unconscious need to be always close to the man, take care of him, help him, sympathize with it, breathe with it.And the word "close" is not measured by physical quantities, it is intangible, subtle, but incredibly strong spiritual thread between people who love each other.

mother soon after the departure of Yegor could not find a place.She guessed that the man with a disfigured face is her favorite son.Father doubt, but still he said that if the visitor is really his son, a soldier, there is no need to be ashamed, and be proud of.Then he defended his true homeland.His mother wrote him a letter at the front and asks him not to torment and to tell the truth as it is.Touched, he admits to fraud and asks for forgiveness ... After a while, to his regiment and his mother come, and the bride.Mutual forgiveness, love without words and loyalty - that's a happy ending, here they are, Russian characters.As they say, like the simple-looking man, there is nothing remarkable in it, and become a trouble, the days will come harsh and raised it once great power - of human beauty.

Summary "Russian character" of Tolstoy, of course, can not convey the subtlety and depth of the story, so it is strongly recommended to read the original.