Summary of the "Diary of a Madman."

topic of this article can be as simple as possible, calling it briefly and standard: "Diary of a Madman."Summary".Gogol, however, this attitude does not deserve.He - a classic, so seek and find in his writings fresh trivial thoughts - it is rewarding.Why did he come to write this story?

If "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" Nikolai wrote that he loves, in "Diary of a Madman" he mocked something with which he faced, but that does not priemlela him "a living soul."

Gogol - a connoisseur of the bureaucratic world

twenty-five Nikolai Gogol knew inside life of petty officials of St. Petersburg firsthand.He arrived in the city of Peter the thirsty immediate literary victories, had to serve some time.Enthusiastic career officer he did not cause, rather, we realized the futility of such a "mouse life."However, it would not have been Gogol classic without making lemonade out of lemons offered to him by fate.

Supervisory writer, becoming an insider in the St Petersburg office, collected material for a stor

y.Summary of the "Diary of a Madman" is the theme of this article.

General information about the product

story is written in the form of a personal diary of the protagonist, the small clerk, chief clerk at the Department Aksentije Ivanovich Poprishchin.It has no chapters.There is a clear date of entries (there are 11), they follow from 3 October to December 8th.Behind them appear on the record, written in the chronology of aberration (of 9)."Mad chronology" begins from 43 April 2000, continues in martoktyabre, then "day without number", one of the free month, the number of no month and year, and so on. D. However, sometimes there are in this flight of fancy word "February" givesus some reason to believe that the last entry is still done in February, following the start of the year diary.

Thus, summarizing the above:

  1. non-standard written "Diary of a Madman."Summary of chapters of this work, so it is impossible to write (no titles).
  2. diary covers the period of progressive megalomania Poprishchin for 5 months.He begins with the appearance of hallucinations (talking dogs) and ends interned him in a madhouse.

plot narrative

Summary "Diary of a Madman" should begin to 03.10.1833, when Poprischin, watching out the window cabinet for rainy weather, which appeared out of the coach sees and entering the building department of the young unmarried daughter of his boss Sophie.She brings with him a dog Magee, who enters into a conversation with other dog - Fidelkoy following the two women pass by.Girl like a poor clerk.

Intrigued, he leaves the room, and the ladies should know that those living at Kokushkin bridge house Zverkov on the 5th floor.By the way, the real house: it lived on a familiar joint service Gogol official.

What is this story?Summary of the "Diary of a Madman" in our presentation follows the logic of the narrative classic: love finally emerged kills man had already gone mad from the quarrelsome collective frustration hopeless labor, poverty and despair.

But let us return to the logic of Gogol's story.The next day, when the main character normally cleans and repairs the feathers on the desk of his boss, the chief of department, the study includes all the same, Sophie.Raising uronenny her handkerchief Poprischin already clearly feels the love.

He starts over the next month, not controlling himself on the girl absurdities attentions.Head of the Department deducts him for it, and puts in place.Lovestruck But it does not stop.He wondered if Sophie feels affection for him.

Confused Gogol's writing style as much as possible adapted to the personality of the protagonist.Nikolai beat the impossible, but we have such goals put in front of him is not.Our summary of the story "Diary of a Madman" notes detail the logic of insanity.Puzzled Aksenty again enlists the aid of the above dogs (much as his friends in the book!).

first he comes into the house of his boss in the hope to find out from Magee something about Sophia but tactful tactfully silent dog.Then Poprischin should Zverkov house, where on a bunk Fidelki finds scraps of torn letters."Brilliant" Poprishchin mind realizes that this correspondence above two little dogs, which in its essence is similar to the ladies' gossip.From the letters of a poor clerk learns bad news: his boss was awarded the Order at Sofia has a well-founded views kammerjunker heat, and she sees him even with irony, sarcasm and open, calling the "turtle in the bag."

trying to distract Aksenty reading newspapers.However, the effect is the opposite: unrequited love, paradoxically, makes him deeply to go through (obviously, there is a split personality) the renunciation of the throne of the King of Spain.He associates himself with the monarch.The disease is included in megalomania.It is after three weeks of absence from the habit is to work, however, it behaves inappropriately (monarch because dignity does not imply any notice there Director of the Department).The working paper he puts down his new signature - "Ferdinand VIIIĀ».Then the "King of Spain" sneaks into the house of Sophia to reveal to her his feelings came to a philosophical conclusion that the ladies on the big bill, features a nice one.

After that sick person hospitalized, but he is not aware of what happened, considering shaven patients madhouse Spanish grandee and wondering why they are beaten with sticks.

arguments copyright style

our article reveals not just a summary of the "Diary of a Madman."What matters is how the product is made.You probably read it.The protagonist, chief clerk of the Department Aksenty Ivanovich Poprishchin falls into altered states of consciousness (is suffering from delusions of grandeur), which allows it to Gogol mouth relate solely to the bureaucratic nuances outlook, with a stunning artistic power to sneer at the emptiness of souls, "in the service of Sovereign."The story featured, in addition to the main character, three quite distinctive way of petty officials - Petrushevicha, Schneider Kaplunov.Petrushevich like Gogol, because he is behaving appropriately in social status: he is not a walker on the balls of the "office plankton XIX century" and "bostonchiki."There are unpleasant and bribes Zakatischeva.The image of Sophie's ironic, "he ringing up empty soul" and something in tune with Sophia Famusov of Griboyedov "Woe from Wit".Images of the characters at the time of writing - completely live, causing appropriate emotions of readers.


What thoughts burst into our analyzes the "Diary of a Madman" summary?Gogol - primarily talent knows no time limits, no genre.He jokingly and worked like Mozart, admiring the brilliance of their thoughts, created entire genres, then got the development in different types of literature and the arts.Suffice it to recall his "terrible place" written in classic style thriller ... But now it's about her.

Who of modern classics uses the device altered consciousness of the protagonist, an open great Gogol?That's right, Viktor Pelevin.

enough to recall his novel Ā«Generation P", where Vavilov Tatar moving on canvas works in a similar way: one testimony, obtained in an inadequate state to another.Excuse me, so why is now venerable literary critics in all seriousness say that the father of Russian postmodernism is Pelevin?Whether it's rigging by the author?

It Gogol story "Diary of a Madman" used an unusual technique - combining the real world with imaginary for maximum artistic effect, but it is, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) ahead of his time.And, following this logic, we come to understand that Nikolai half a century ago, has developed the art style, and then received the name of postmodernism.