Short stories for children - part of the literary treasures of Russia

Somehow it goes without saying that the short stories for children - this is exactly what they need.Firstly, children do not differ assiduity, secondly, a short story they understand, thirdly, the kids will be able to retell it.

Wonderful names

But short does not mean bad or written in haste.Short stories for kids written brilliant classics of Russian literature - Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Mikhail Lermontov.So many good works for children, and short and long, AK Tolstoy wrote.It is necessary to have a huge talent in a few words to tell a story that has a beginning and an end, it may be instructive, perhaps, sad or cheerful.Certainly, the ability to write short stories for children demonstrates the highest degree of ownership word and unsurpassed skills of the author.

How to write brief and talented, geniuses know

There are many stories associated with the writing of short stories.As a rule, the names of the writers in these cases always belong geniuses.O. Henry won the competition for the be

st short story.His miniature, consisting of several proposals had all the necessary ingredients for a full work - plot, the culmination and denouement.Hemingway argued that he would write the story of four words that touched readers.Do not bring it impossible to "sell the shoes for children.Not yet. "The first thing that comes to mind - the child died.Then you can think of to calm that Dad bought the shoes and did not guess the size.Kurt Vonnegut has even 8 of the rules for writing short stories.There are dozens of brilliant miniatures, including children.And then, to instill in the children a good taste, they have to read it talented authors.American writer J. D. Salinger said that even infants need to read a good fiction - they immediately calm down.But that infants, babies and more adults must respond actively, it is desirable to laugh.Therefore, large quantities are short funny stories for children.

complex world of children

Child laugh easy.It is difficult to write a story that mom and dad were thrilled.It is perfectly able to children's writer korney chukovsky.The sensation was his famous book "From two to five."This anthology, which contains short funny stories for children, and a unique "textbook detovedeniya."The book includes not only the treasury of children's literature, but also in the gold fund children's pedagogy and psychology.In this collection there are the immortal feedback: adults learn a lot about the world of children.And unique, touching, funny, talent shows as children learn about their surroundings.

Unclaimed Now

Enumerate classics, wrote short stories for children, can be a long time, here are some of them: Prishvin Nosov, Zoshchenko.Ushinsky wrote a series of short stories for children.For example, "bishka" - a fairy tale of the dog and the book, consisting of one of his short paragraph.No longer the "goat" and "Cow".But these tales are well known.

wonder why they do not read to children in kindergarten?Konstantin Ushinsky (1824-1871) - the founder of scientific pedagogy, his works for children to write a good, understandable language, causing kind smile, they are completely obsolete.

author of "Uncle Vanya" - children

little read and Chekhov's stories for children.Short works particularly good author (Anton Pavlovich belongs short phrase, which falls sister of talent).He wrote - short and talent, because I do not know how different.

However, the shortest of his stories ("My" it "" or the stunning "Yin and Yang") is still written for adults.But "Kashtanka", "Vanya," "White-fronted" - is not the story.The address on the envelope of the story "Vanya" - "In the village of my grandfather" -Actually became a byword and firmly entrenched in everyday language.

genius and noble

good cycle of children's works have the author of "War and Peace."They are known as "Short stories for children."Leo Tolstoy first talked to their children, then the peasant kids from Yasnaya Polyana.Besides short stories about animals have this great writer has a very short but lovely and instructive tales and fables that are included in the alphabet, released thick for village children.He made it accessible, informative and interesting.Short instructive fables - reinterpreted the works of Aesop.Not every Russian Count was concerned such a noble cause as education peasant children.And Tolstoy approached this matter seriously and responsibly, his children's cycles were designed to foster in children the desire to know the world, to develop a thirst for learning, to instill a love for such a pretty difficult task, like reading books.His short stories are complete works, touching and kind.They have no exhortations, but they are instructive.Yes, and it is not clear it would be if it had the world's greatest literature there was no less brilliant works for children.This is not about Donald Duck comics.This literature with a capital letter.