A short list of the works of Pushkin for children

It's no secret that Alexander Pushkin is the founder and systematizer Russian literary language.It is also called the sun of Russian poetry, but few people think why.


This great Russian poet was a true patriot of his homeland.He hated serfdom, considered him the greatest problem of Russian society.According to him, this system also did not allow adequate education and training of the younger generation, like serfs, and the upper class, because children - the future of the foundation of society, the people.

Pushkin criticized imitation of everything foreign, strange fascination with language, when its vast country has not really been studied and are not acquainted with.Russian poet loved sincerely, with all my heart, and that love pervades everything he wrote Pushkin works, known to children and adults.

Actually, most of his works for children was not written specifically for them.For example, the tales were due to the fact that the poet loved and carefully collected folklore.The fir

st list of Pushkin for children left at the beginning of the twentieth century as an attempt to systematize the heritage and convey to the young generation.He was called "Pushkin for children" and more than one hundred different works by the author: poems, novels, stories, essays.This article compiled a short, but the main list of the works of Pushkin for children.

Tales, favorite childhood

All of Pushkin's fairy tales are rooted in folklore, which the author carefully collect, organize, process and adapted to the reader, in some cases, the source remained only the characters or details.Thanks to the tale-entry to the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" "There stands ..." every child knows about the oak with a gold chain on which walks a scientist cat, as well as mermaids, Vityaz squirrel with golden nuts, a hut on chicken legs and other wondrousthings.

basis of the plot the author took from folk tales, some things changed, something added, and the result is a delightful story of brave heroes and incredible events that will appeal to even the youngest readers."The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights" is very similar in meaning to "Snow White" by the Brothers Grimm, other nations also slip related subjects.But Pushkin's tale riddled with distinctive national Russian flavor.Just as "The Tale of the Priest and His Workman Balda", "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish," "The Tale of Tsar Saltan and his glorious and mighty warriors Prince Guidon and the beautiful Swan Princess", "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" - the mostthe best works of Pushkin for children in this category.The heroes of Pushkin's fairy tales are hard-working, kind and simple-minded, spirituality and integrity - their main features.

little about poems

The list of works of Pushkin for children definitely need to add "Song of Wise Oleg".The author refers to the history of ancient Russia.He is very detail depicted in the work the military way of life, customs and traditions of the people of that time.Old Russian epics also inspired Alexander Pushkin to write the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila", in which he refers to the "Tales of olden times."

evil sorcerer stole the beautiful Lyudmila and Ruslan hero goes disembarrass favorite.The plot clearly folklore.It is noteworthy that all the characters come true, realistic, there is no absolute good or evil, all the actions of the characters have a strong motivation and a sense of what distinguishes all the works of Pushkin for children.

For older children: poems

in the school curriculum certainly explored many of the works of Pushkin.Poems for children, he did not write separately, but almost all of his lyrics are simple and accessible perception of readers of all ages.It affects the most important topics for teenagers and young people: freedom, homeland, the first feeling of nature.Pushkin delightful pastoral poetry, which is riddled with tenderness, warmth and infinite love of the Russian nature.

List of Pushkin for children will be incomplete without such classic poems like "Oh, the sky breathed in the autumn", "Winter Morning", "village", "To the Sea", "Caucasus" and others.His poetry is distinguished by clarity and simplicity of language, emotional and colorful image, spirituality, everything is always popular with children of all ages.