"Ivan": summary.

Vladimir Bogomolov - Soviet writer, who was the Great Patriotic War from beginning to end.At the front, he served as commander of the department of intelligence, therefore, about the horrors of war Bogomolov knew firsthand.One of the most famous works belonging to his pen, is the story "Ivan", a summary of which is offered to your attention.

suspicious persons

deputy battalion commander, senior lieutenant Galtseva raise middle of the night.The reason for this is the detention of the boy who discovered near the banks of the Dnieper.The questions the child does not respond, only said his name is Ivan Bondarev, and asks about him reported to headquarters.Galtsev calls his supervisor and reports about the boy.But his words are not taken seriously.The detainee continues to insist on the call to headquarters and even called a few names of people who need to report on its appearance.Galtsev rings again, this time he reported everything to Lieutenant-Colonel Gryaznov.He orders the boy to feed, clothe, provi

de paper and pen, and keep secret information about its appearance.Galtsev fulfills all that is required of him, and continues to monitor Bondarev, who thinks intently taken out of his pocket spruce needles and seeds, and then writes the data.

then lieutenant goes to the river.Here he reflects on how could a weak boy in ice water to cross to the other side, if it is not possible even for an adult male.


After some time comes Choline, a young dark-haired man.Seeing Ivan, he immediately rushes to embrace him, as if the nearest person.From their conversation Galtsev understands that Bondarev crossed the Dnieper to be lazy, but did not find the boat, which was hidden for him Choline and Katasonov (platoon commander of the reconnaissance nicknamed Katasonych).He drifted several kilometers farther than expected, Ivan.Summary of the story tells what happened next.

Choline Galtseva secretly asks them to fit the car and while looking for transport lieutenant, Ivan wears a brand new shirt, which flaunts the order "For Courage".Choline and Ivan leave.


Three days later Galtseva Katasonov there, little man, like a rabbit, silent and shy.Within two days, he examines through his telescope the enemy shore.

Galtsev decides to ask him about Ivan, what Katasonov says that the boy is driven hatred of the Germans.At the mention of Ivan's eyes begin to platoon commander luchitsya kindness and tenderness.

second meeting with Ivan

Three days later comes back Choline.At the Galtsev they go to inspect the front.The lieutenant was ordered to help in every way choline, but he was not really like it.Galtsev sent to the infirmary to check newly arrived paramedic.She is a cute young girl who, as recognized Galtsev in peacetime would very much like him.However, the war that he can not afford, so talking to her dry and severely.

Returning to his dugout, Lieutenant finds a sleeping choline and a note asking him to wake up.Galtsev does as he is told.After some time in the dugout comes Ivan.Summary does not reflect all the details of the boy's appearance for the second time at the Galtseva.

Bondarev in a good mood and very friendly.While the boy is resting and watching magazines about the scouts, Choline and Katasonov talk.Galtsev learns that night they plan to smuggle Ivan on the enemy shore.

boy notices from Galtseva knife, which he really likes.Ivan asks him as a gift.However Galtseva the knife went from dead friend, he keeps the knife as a memory and can not give it.Lieutenant Bondarev make promises like a knife and give him at the meeting.

Choline, Katasonov Galtsev and go see the boat at the time, Ivan left alone in the dugout.When he returned, the boy Galtsev is in an excited state.Start talking about the life of Ivan.It turns out that Bondarev was the death camp and survived.Mother, father and little sister were killed before his eyes.Ivan was nothing left in the heart, but hatred for the Nazis.This feeling permeates the entire story "Ivan", a summary of which is presented here.

Death Katasonova

Returns Choline.Seeing that he had come alone, Ivan asks him about Katasonova.He replied that that was urgently summoned to the headquarters.The boy wonders how Katasonov could leave, not wishing him luck.All the intricacies of the relationship between Ivan and Katasonychem can not fully convey summary."Ivan," Bogomolov - is not only a product of the war, but also about human relationships.

During the conversation, it appears that choline changed his mind and decided to take a Galtseva.They negotiate the details of the plan.

dressed, Choline and Galtsev waiting for the boy.That again does not accept any clean clothes and dressed in torn and dirty.The bag of food he puts that in the event that does not cause suspicion among the Germans.

They hit the road.Galtsev soon learns that Katasonov died, he was shot when he got out of the boat.Choline could not afford to have learned about it before an important job, Ivan.Summary is not intended to replace reading the full text of the work, it is important to remember.


cross the river, choline, and Ivan Galtsev carefully camouflage the boat and sent the boy to the rear of the Germans.They themselves while waiting to if Ivan did not get to go, and will need to come back, they could cover it.Having spent some time in the rain in the middle of the river, the men returned.

Friends do not forget

time passed.Galtsev not forgotten his promise to do for Ivan knife.He always carries it with him, so when the opportunity through Gryaznov Choline or pass it on to Ivan.After a while Galtsev meets lieutenant colonel and appeals to him to pass the knife on that dirty tells him that the lieutenant should forget about the boy, because the less they know about people, the longer they live.

Galtsev soon learns that Choline died covering the retreat of his fighters.A Gryaznov was transferred to another unit.What was all over, you know, reading the summary.

"Ivan" Bogomolov VO - work, recounts the events of World War II without embellishment and romance.Reality permeated every word of the story.

war is almost over.Galtsev is when the German surrender in Berlin.There, he and his men finds a car with German documents.Going through folders Galtsev suddenly finds a case of Ivan Bondarev.In documents written that he was caught, tortured and then shot.

Ivan - one of the many heroes of children who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the motherland.For example, Zina Portnov, Leonid Kotik, Alex Chekalin, the commander Ivan Sobolev.Summary of the story, unfortunately, is not able to list all the names of the brave heroes of this terrible and cruel war.However, each of us must remember them and be grateful for the peaceful sky over your head.