Who helped tithe-Havroshechka fulfill the whims of the mistress

¬ęKroshechka-Havroshechka" - a fairy tale, which is known to many, if not all.Processed popular imagination AN Tolstoy.But there is an option retold A. Afanasyev.Most popular edition of Alexis.In general, he was a great storyteller.

Etymology nickname

Who is Kroshechka-Havroshechka and is talking about the name of the main character?One critic wrote that it gryaznenko little girl.Obviously, he's right.This is our Cinderella.To suggest that the nickname Havroshechka was not from the word "sow" is hard.This is now the pig Peppa ice cream in a cafe eating, and in ancient times to call hardworking orphan svinushki only because all the dirty work around the house lying on her shoulders, and she slept in the unsanitary crannies at the collectors and processors of Russian folk tales, and had no idea.And just Havroshechka does not sound so sweetly and with such sympathy as Kroshechka-Havroshechka.The tale has been its name for future readers to the main character.

tale characters

What is a fairy tale?There are many definitions.We can say that this work, usually in prose (especially folklore), with a happy ending and magical content.As a rule, the tale is intended for a children's audience.There is a beautiful sculpture I. Ginzburg, which is called "Fairy Tale".Quite a lot of folklore explored this genre, made up a common classification of fairy tales.According to her "Kroshechka-Havroshechka" - Russian fairy tale, magic.How does it work?All the fairy-tale characters are divided into types.In each tale, but good and evil characters, there are wizards and magic items, and donors have wonderful helpers.The tale is so arranged that the good hero necessarily someone or something to help defeat the evil, and evil must be punished necessary.

villains and good assistants

so happened that many Russian (and not only) personifies evil stepmother tales.The image became a household word.But in our case, an orphan taken by strangers, brought up and tortured work.The hostess is very angry, husband-old man - an obedient tool in her hands.The host's daughter, as in a fairy tale "Cinderella", also carriers of evil.But who helped tithe-Havroshechka?Burenushka the cow.The image of the beloved, popular and nominal.The cow - the only thing a poor woman in this world, it all hurt and only listens Burenushka, pities and helps.

Classical samodurka

Who helped tithe-Havroshechka wash floors, cook or wash?No one.It can be assumed that the girl grew up beauty - otherwise why would the landlady so bleached and not appreciate the gratuitous labor?However, with the daughter she was not very lucky - the first was with one eye, a third as much as the happy owner of three.It should be noted that this non-standard appearance daughters built the main intrigue of the tale.Furious witch-mistress ordered Havroshechka, in addition to all other work, even weave fabric, bleach it and roll up into rolls.Here's a whim.She understood the unreality of the order and ran crying into the cow fur.But the landlady is also understood the impossibility of the task, because immediately after receiving the first batch of fabric attended to the question of who helped tithe-Havroshechka?With a view to finding she ordered the maid weave cloth more One-eye, and sent to follow the process.

fatal distraction of the protagonist

Burenushka (and by all appearances, it is - a good magician) Havroshechka taught how to put down a spy.Again the hostess left with nothing - only one eye closed under gentle persuasion.History repeated itself fully with Dvuglazgoy.But with the number of Three-eyes did not leave because Havroshechka forgotten about the third eye and did not say the magic spells "Sleep eye!".That's the culmination of a fairy tale - the owner of all podsmotrevshey third eye daughter finds out who helped tithe-Havroshechka and how.Probably, the fact that the fatherless did not do anything, but only got into one ear of the cow, and the other got out of the finished rolls and collected, brought a demon-possessed of passion, otherwise why would she kill a cow-sorceress who wove and wove to?

Happy fabulous end

Compliant grandfather once ran to sharpen knives and Havroshechka - Burenushke to cry.Man can understand - again to be one among the hatred and anger, in addition, lose his savior and friend.It is a pity that the cow sacrificed itself.But then Burenushki from seed in the garden grows a tree-tale - the golden twigs, leaves silvering.And here comes a new hero - a strong man.Obviously, it was predicted that it will be a good wife, the girl who gave him self-leveling it with a magic apple tree.It is understood that the host's daughters ugly golden branches all six holes and a povydrali.Bull's-eye gave a strong man-Kroshechka Havroshechka.Author folk tale takes us to a happy end - the good rewarded and evil is punished, it is difficult to imagine that the owner of a wedding Havroshechka daughters survived.And as neighbors laughed!Tale in the embodiment of Tolstoy and Alexander Afanasyev written presentation fascinating language, it is filled as someone said, "poetic lace sayings" that entered the everyday language.