Snowball - six-fingered cat Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway - the person is not fully disclosed.Even out of all his written work published only a fraction, and 10 thousand pages of text is still waiting for the opportunity to provide the reader itself.But the name of American writer remembered not only in connection with the literature.He was still a lot of different interests, one of which - the boundless love of cats.

appearance of a kitten

This story had its beginning in 1920, when a young Ernest came to the island of Key West, which is located near Florida.This place has sunk down in his heart, so eleven years later, he bought a house here, which became the home of the writer until his divorce from his second wife Pauline.Here he created some of his best works - "A Farewell to Arms"and "For Whom the Bell Tolls."Also in the house we grew two sons of the writer.

was here and there was an unusual kitten, for which Ernest had brought his friend from Boston - Captain Stanley Dexter.The cat was out of the Maine Coon breed.But its main featu

re was the fact that he had six toes on the front paws.In general, these cats are often kept on ships because superstitious sailors believed that they bring good luck.

Who was six-fingered cat Hemingway

This little ball of fur marked the beginning of a long history of the cat in the writer's life.He became known as the first six-fingered cat Hemingway.Name the writer picked up for him for long.He was white, which explains his nickname - Snowball and in English - Snowball.Writer immediately loved it.About this difference should tell apart, and now a few words about the breed Maine Coon.

biological reference

breed these cats originated about 150 years ago on the farms of Maine, and from there the name, which literally translates as "Manx raccoon."They really like the large size of the animal, and a bushy tail.Maine Coon cat -poludlinnosherstye.A characteristic feature is their tufts of hair on the tips of the ears, like a lynx.The body of the Maine Coon, muscular, built, rectangular muzzle, with developed cheekbones.Coat color is different, the most popular black tabby.

If we talk about the nature of coon cats, they can truly be called a gentle giant.They are immensely kind and peaceful.Very fond of the host society, but at the same time and need some personal space.This is a manifestation of such traits as independence.Despite the size, the Maine Coons just love acrobatics.Six-fingered Ernest Hemingway cat, Snowball, was like that.Not surprisingly, this breed - one of the most sought after in the world of Siamese cats and exotic.

Unfortunately we do not maintain a clear picture, which would be captured this six-fingered cat Ernest in all its glory, but there is a picture of a kitten, which is like two drops of water similar to the famous snow.


That Snowball - six-fingered cat, not a fiction or a legend.He really had 6 toes on the front paws.How can we explain such a deviation?Scientifically it is called polydactyly.A similar phenomenon is found not only in cats, but also humans.In addition, the fingers and sometimes six, and seven, and normally the cat should be five in front paws and four on the back.

Polydactyly is not a disease, and the gene mutation.And this sign will always be dominant, so almost all the cats, whose father was a six-fingered cat will also have an extra finger.This also applies to the second and third generation.

Other cats Ernest Hemingway

Six-fingered cat Snowball was the first but not the last pupil of the great writer.Ernest Hemingway is so imbued with love for cats that soon in his estate strutted about twenty individuals.And they were of all kinds: thoroughbred and there, huge and tiny, black, white, striped.Perhaps they reminded him of other members of the cat family -gratsioznyh lions, whom he met during the African hunting season.However, their most cherished cats Ernest sentimental feelings.

Once Hemingway cat Willie had to shoot when that was hit by a car that did not suffered.He wrote about this in a letter to a friend as follows: "I had to shoot people, but I had never shot someone I knew and loved has been eleven years. And especially not to someone who purred with two broken legs."

Snowball and his descendants

Six-fingered cat Hemingway became the founder of an entire dynasty, which now resides in the famous house on Key West.Offspring Snowball account for more than forty.Each has one or two extra toes on their feet.In general, the house-museum alive and seventy representatives of the cat family.

great writer initiated an interesting tradition: each cat or cat, he gave the original name after famous personalities.For example, at one time lived under one roof, Harry Truman, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill.Although the writer has long been dead, the museum staff follow suit.Therefore, on the island of Key West live and Sophia Loren and Charlie Chaplin, and Pablo Picasso.

Around the estate there is a whole cat cemetery where deceased cats, including the legendary Snow - the first six-fingered cat Ernest Hemingway.

Thousands of tourists from around the world visit the island with the aim not only to get acquainted with the life of American writer, but also look at the unusual offspring Snowball.This six-fingered Hemingway cat, whose name, of course, well known to fans of the writer, was the founder of a family of polydactyl that pleases visitors with its purring.