Mustai Karimov: biography and work

Mustafa Karimov Safich (for his works he signed pseudonym Mustai or Mustai Karim Karimov) - famous Soviet writer, poet and playwright, in 1963 received the title of People's poet of Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, and in 1979 - the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labor.Thanks to his active creative work, in 1972 he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.A little later, in 1984, he became the winner of the Lenin Prize.Mustai Karim was a member of the Second World War.Since 1944, it consisted of the CPSU (b).

Mustai Karimov: biography

Mustafa Karimov was born October 20, 1919 in the village Klyash that was in Ufa district Safarovskoy parish republic of Bashkiria (now Bashkortostan, Russia).His father was an ethnic Tatar and peasant of the middle peasants.The parent family had 12 children.Childhood Mustafa took place in the difficult years of collectivization.Tatar people was full of doubts and worries, but still lived expectations and dreams of its best future.

Thanks to his mother, had heard a lot of folklore Mustai Karimov.His biography indicates that he was always impressed by the legends and stories.He loved life in the village and gatherings around the fire when the environment itself possessed to tell a lot of interesting and exciting stories.


Then Mustai Karim went to school.After graduating from it, he began to study at the Bashkir Pedagogical Institute.Timiryazeva on the faculty of the national language and literature.However, something Mustai Karimov wrote.Biography of the poet is evidence that by this time he managed to print a collection of poems titled "The detachment moved" (1938).

In 1941 he graduated from the Institute and was immediately drafted into the Red Army, where he received direction in Muromskoye School of Communications.So then looked Mustai Karim (photo before the war below).

In the same 41-m his book of poems "Voices of Spring".At the beginning of May 1942 the writer was sent to the war in the 17th Motorized Infantry Brigade.Serve it went a second lieutenant, was appointed head of communications artdiviziona.

wounded and demobilization

In war, too, the writer got a lot since he was seriously wounded in the chest and spent nearly six months in a military hospital.Then he was discharged for disability Red Army soldier Mustai Karim.Brief biography further points out that it has already been advanced as a correspondent for the front-line periodical publications, in particular newspapers "Soviet soldier" and "For the honor of the motherland."In 1945 he was awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War, 2 nd degree and the Order of the Red Star.

biography (brief) Karim Mustai

Literary critics admit that the real talent Mustafa was discovered just in time of war.After the war, a writer with his head immersed in a creative and engaged in social activities.His original art could not attract a huge number of readers and the special attention of critics.

Mustai Karim gets to work actively in the Union of Soviet Writers BASSR and that makes an enormous contribution to the education of a new generation of young writers of Bashkortostan.Soon he became chairman of its board.He then worked as secretary of the Union of Writers of the RSFSR.Being a part of the Writers' Union, he repeatedly became a delegate to the Party Congress.

Public work

Mustai Karim was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.Then he held the post of deputy chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.Then he worked for some time in the Committee of the Lenin Prize, as well as in Peace Committee and other organizations to work with the public.A little later, the writer was being a member of the Presidential Council of the Republic of Bashkortostan.Almost all of his public activity was aimed at nurturing the idea of ​​humanity and goodness in society, as well as the sincerity and freedom in the heart of every Soviet citizen.

That this was all Mustai Karimov.Biography, or rather the writer's life, cut short when he was 86 years old, this happened in the cardiology clinic in Ufa.The reason for this was a massive heart attack, and an old battle wound probably also played a role.His funeral took place on 23 September 2005 at the Muslim cemetery in the city of Ufa.The last way to spend a lot of people came to him: his family, close friends, admirers of his talent, and colleagues in social and literary work.The solemn funeral ceremony was organized at the highest level.It seemed that the whole country came to a standstill, a moment of silence to honor this great man.

Famous works

he published under the name Kareem Mustai.His works are immortal now for the Bashkir people.There are over 100 prose and poetry anthologies and more than a dozen fascinating dramas.The great man was Mustai Karim.Photo of his monument in Ufa you can see below.

most famous works, which were released, entered the collections of poems, and poems "The Return", "Black Water", "time", "Europe-Asia";as they include the play "Salavat.Seven dreams through reality "," The Rape of women "," Aigul Country "," Do not leave the fire, Prometheus, "" On the night of the lunar eclipse ";story "trivet" "Long, Long Childhood", "Pardon", "Village attorneys", "The joy of our house" and so on. d.

Many of the works of this outstanding writer translated into different languages ​​of Russia and the world.In 2004 it was filmed novel "Long, Long Childhood" directed by Bulat Yusupov.

Mustai Karimov won a large number of awards and medals, including two Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of Lenin, the Order of Honor, and so on. D.