Your online coach: how to build lower abs

To see the effect of the training component of the lower rectus abdominis, have to work hard.If done correctly, you'll look great in a bathing suit or a bikini.Upper "cubes" in our time it is difficult to surprise, but raised the lower abdomen muscles are less frequent, but because of their happy owner becomes a magnet for looks, either envious admiration.How to build lower abs?

To see the results, you need to work in two directions.First, you should remove the fat, otherwise no one will be able to enjoy the results of your efforts as beneath inventory they will not be visible.Secondly, attention should be given proper training in order to pump up the bottom part of the press.

Giroux -

battle will have to start all the same with diet.Moreover, if the fat in the lower abdomen enough, will have to refer to aerobic exercise.To help you cross-country skiing, swimming, running moderate-intensity walking (if the initial weight is very large).In the lower part of the stomach is delayed most of the fat,

to get a nice relief, will have to torment yourself a low-calorie low-fat diet.Record eaten, studies prove that the recording lose twice as much weight as compared to pretend to be "approximately", for the same period.During intensive slimming power load can be engaged, but the muscles at the same time will not increase.For muscle growth requires a positive balance of calories and weight loss it must be negative.So first grow thin, then certainly refer to the training of the muscles of the lower press and protein-rich diet.During weight loss, strength training is needed to speed up the metabolism, so supplement their program of good dose of "iron".

Principles training

So, we have come close to answering the question, how to pump up the bottom cubes press.Before we talk about specific exercises, it is necessary to say a few words about the training of this area of ​​the body.The muscles of the lower part of the press, most people are rather weak, so they are easy to overload.Often inexperienced athletes start to do the exercises correctly, but quickly tired, and in the case includes very different muscles such as the thighs.As soon as you feel that you have begun to hurt the wrong muscles, stop the job and relax, perhaps in the form of training other muscle groups such as biceps.During the day, try to keep the correct posture, plunging stomach.First, it may be only a few minutes, but eventually you get used to, and your muscles will work all day.Do not concentrate purely on the lower press.Most newcomers are only interested in how to build lower abs without having to worry about how much will be proportional to the resulting look body.However, the opposite sex like men harmoniously composed, so do not forget about training muscles in the arms and legs.Faster - not better, on the contrary, the best results are obtained from working slowly.

top exercise:

So, how to build lower abs: specific exercises.You will need a big and heavy fitball meditsinbol, and for one of the exercise - the simulator block.Some exercises involve the lower and upper press.

3. It should lie on your back, stretch your arms in length and pinch fitball between shins.Then raise your legs so that they are created with a floor angle of 90 degrees, raise up your hands and take these hands the ball, and then lower the arms and legs.Next you need to raise your hands to the ball, lift the straight leg and pass the ball from hand to foot, and then lower the arms and legs, not letting the ball.Do 15-30 times before fatigue, preferably 2-3 series.

2. Lie on your back, hold the ends of the legs fitball, bend your legs and keep your lower leg so that they are parallel to the floor.Hands meditsinbolom should be behind your head.Then slowly raise your hands and feet, and bringing together fitball meditsinbol.Just slowly lower the arms and legs.15-30 times, 2-3 series.

4. It is necessary to fix the ankle straps, holders of a block simulator, attach them to the free end of the rope passed through the bottom rack.Start with a small amount of cargo on the simulator.Lie feet from the machine on the back and raise your hips so that they made a sex angle of 90 degrees.Then, struggling to push his legs breast, so that the coccyx has been raised by a few centimeters.Lower the leg to the starting position and repeat 15-30 times, 2-3 series.As the fitness, you can add more "iron".

So, now you know how to build lower abs.There are other exercises, but these - are extremely effective and are popular.Sporting success to you!