Speedway Ice: available about the unknown

Speedway on ice is one of the varieties of motorcycling.The main difference from the usual and motocross racing circuit is a track, which is oval with a diameter of about 260-400 meters with an icy coating.

As a sport speedway definitively rooted in the twenties of the last century.After about 15-20 years, and has proved to be ice speedway - the first race of this nature have been carried out in the USSR in 1940.

speed on the speedway track, as a rule, is in the area of ​​70-80 km / h, and over short distances up to 110 km / h.Because of the high speeds, poor traction and increased traumatic ice speedway and the competition in this sport are recognized ekstrmalnymi.Perhaps it lies in the lack of prevalence of such a spectacular sport.

Basically Speedway is a classic and winter.In winter, the left and right sides of the little motorcycle wheels equip spikes whose length is strictly regulated - no more than 28 mm from the tire.Spikes mounted on the left side is, as the movement is counterclockwi

se.For winter speedway for safety necessary to have a protective wing on wheels (to prevent possible injury).

Ice Racing: Speedway

In Russia the first competitions were held in 1940.And in 1960, it has already been held Peoples' Friendship Cup with teams team of Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Finland.The first world championship was held in 1966, and that 20 years later the championship under customary speedway.

Unlike Speedway cinder surface, ice speedway involve a huge health risk.Spikes on the wheel may touch a fallen party, causing him severe injuries.Among other differences from standard speedway can distinguish 2-valve engines (instead of 4-valve at normal speedway), the gearbox is equipped with two speeds for better cornering, no fairings, there are front and rear suspension.

rules of competition

How are competition-Speedway?Racing on ice are on track with the participation of four people.Each member of a special color.Rules can be exchanged between riders starting lane of a team.The competition consists of four rounds, with the athlete for a false start rule of arrival.

For winning places give points: in the first place - 3 points, for the second - 2, for the third - 1 point for fourth - 0 points.The number of arrivals in the team competition of about 15, in the individual championship - from 18 to 21.

If the competition for ice speedway team, the riders perform 13 races on the draw, and in the last two coach is free to decide what to put athlete.If the results of the draw the rider need to go to start twice, he has the right to rest between races for five minutes.In other cases, the participant need to get to the start line in two minutes, otherwise it will be excluded.


The equipment includes racing suit made of dense material helmet with goggles, which are changed after each round, gloves, shoes with an iron heel on the left sole (because of the traffic counterclockwise to maintain the balance necessary to put a foot).

also includes the protection of knee pads, elbow pads and a vest torso.There are cases when you do not observe safety athletes greatly injured or killed during a motorcycle racing on ice.Speedway is not for nothing is an extreme sport.Part of the fall always accompany the competition, because the pavement is specially designed for skilled drivers.

for speedway motorcycles are divided into 3 classes:

  • 125 cubic centimeters;
  • 250 cubic centimeters;
  • 500 cubic santimetroy.

speedway as a sport in Russia

The USSR ice speedway has been sufficiently developed, which can not be said about the present time.Today, the position of the speedway in Russia and the CIS countries is poor, despite its apparent availability.Accordingly, it is reflected in the sports results: the team the Russian national team for a long time does not take prizes at the world championships, and in 2009 alone won the fourth place in the team, and this year in Berlin, our team has become the undisputed champion, beating the team of Austria and the Czech Republic.