The most traumatic sport in Russia

Life goes very quickly, there occur different situations, stress, economic and political changes.Because of permanent employment people pay little attention to their health, but they all want to live a happy life.In accordance with research scientists and physicians know that to be healthy and long stay young and beautiful person, you need to constantly engage in sports.

However, apart from the use of, and may be injured.Specialists conducted a study of all the Olympic sports and acknowledged that the most traumatic type - boxing.

What is the danger

Many parents send their children to the sport in the hope that their child will reach the heights and become a champion.But they do not realize that it is not only winning, but also heavy loads and stresses to which the future athlete should be able to cope.Certainly, any parent will try not to give your child the very traumatic sport.For example, in boxing, many athletes are injured, concussions, fractures and dislocations of the upper limbs.As well

as almost every other boxer's broken nose, not to mention the split eyebrow.Their occupational disease can be called a problem with the central nervous system.Of course, not everyone wants to be a child chose the most traumatic sport.

Rating dangerous sports

As traumatic for second place put basketball.Mainly cause injuries are sudden movements, improper warm-up and, of course, physical contact with an opponent.Basically, the sport suffered leg frequent sprains, strains, torn ligaments.Occupational diseases all the athletes of the sport doctors call meniscus damage.In third place in the nomination "the most traumatic sport" football left.This kind of physical activity rather famous and popular with many men, but in today's world and women.Why is it attributed to the category of "the most traumatic sport"?The fact that for a year, according to statistics, the players receive up to one hundred and fifty different injuries.The athlete receives huge load, which has a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, resulting in this sport there are deaths.

Some results

above rating traumatic sports goes.Rightfully it may enter hockey, horseback riding, diving, gymnastics, acrobatics and many others.But statistics show that basically all the serious injuries of professional athletes between the ages of 17 to 19 years.Despite the danger and harm to health, many people go to professional sports, because the dream of a big win.