"The Captain's Daughter" - a novel or story?

Genre works of Alexander Pushkin "The Captain's Daughter" is difficult to define clearly: some researchers believe that this story, while others define it as a novel.The author believed that "The Captain's Daughter" - a description of the historical epoch in the fictional narrative.However, naming the genre does not give a definition.

So, try to answer the question of "The Captain's Daughter" - a novel or story.

Synthesis genres

As you know, Pushkin worked in various genres.However, in this work, his skill level is beyond our comprehension.We can not clearly answer the question of "The Captain's Daughter" - a novel or story.

According to researchers of the writer contradict each other.It is difficult to understand what is the "Captain's Daughter" - a novel or story.Having defined the genre of the work, we will stand before the question about his character.After all, the novel and the story can be love, historical or family.

So, let's see how this book shows signs of various genres.

Ā«Captain's Daughter" - a story?

Most studies that define the product as a novel, based primarily on the fact that it is very small in size, and its events span a short time period.Those who share this view also point to the ordinary person Grinyova Peter and his entourage: these characters can not be heroes of the novel.

Indeed, this work is much shorter than traditional novels, written by the classics.But again confronted with the question of what his character, and a small amount of narration still can not exclude that it is a novel.Consider all the possible definitions of the genre.

historic nature of the work

Undoubtedly, "The Captain's Daughter" - a novel or story historical orientation.Pushkin tells us about the period of the reign of Catherine the Great, namely the events of the rebellion headed by Emelyan Pugachev.To write "The Captain's Daughter" the author has done a great job: familiarized with historical documents, talked with survivors witnessed that time.Very carefully he wrote Alexander Pushkin novel "The Captain's Daughter."Summary works rarely conveys just how accurate the description of the life of the author of the gentry, like expressive speech Pugachev, full of proverbs, parables, characteristic of the Cossacks.

However, determining that this work has a historical focus, we can not respond clearly to the question of "The Captain's Daughter" - is still a story or novel.

product of an educational nature

course, "The Captain's Daughter" has featured the work of an educational nature.

At the beginning of the story of a young nobleman Grinyov before us a sort of ignoramus, noble little boy, caressed her parents.At the end of the book in front of them - a real man who has experienced a lot and changed a lot in a short period of time.He learned to overcome the dangers and with dignity out of difficult situations.Most of the works of Peter Green are on the road, which is very typical for the work of an educational nature.

So, "The Captain's Daughter" - a novel or novella educational focus?

Ā«Captain's Daughter" - a work of love

It should be noted that the love story is definitely present in the plot of the book.The main character falls in love with Masha Mironov, he has a rival - Shvabrin.However, the theme of love is not the primary, relationship Grinyova Peter and Mary, rather, serve as a background against which the author shows how the personality of the protagonist.

Psychological component product

great importance Pushkin gives the inner world of the main character, his experiences, feelings, emotions.That internal dialogue Peter Grinyova help us understand the causes of some of its actions, to assess changes in his personality.

Memoir excellent form of presentation does that help the reader to assess how changing world of the protagonist at the end of the work.

So here we can conclude that this book describes certain historical events, it shows the personality of the protagonist, and the story really is psychological and tells us a touching love story.

However, we did not answer the main question: "The Captain's Daughter" - a novel or story? "

I must say that, as in the case of clarifying the nature of the narrative, and the determination of its genre can not make an unambiguous conclusion. Withon the one hand, "The Captain's Daughter" - is increasingly focusing on a fairly short period of the life of the main character that characterizes the work as a novel. However, the fate of the heroes of this book are linked to historical events, which is characteristic of the novel. In addition, it is known that Pushkin wrote"The Captain's Daughter" under the influence of the events of the time and tried to see the issues that united the recent past and the present, which also allows you to define the product as a novel.